Ordinary Time is when we are invited to see the great insight and beauty in the small ordinary elements of our lives. When we look closely we see that the most familiar things are filled with mystery, wonder, and beauty. Allow the peace of the natural world to fill you and bless you today.
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Gaelic Blessing

Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you
Deep peace of the shining stars to you
Deep peace of the gentle night to you
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you
Deep peace of Christ the light of the world to you
Deep peace of Christ to you

My children, it can be argued, wreck my stuff. NB: ;-P #thatswhywecanthavenicethings —But—my kids also help me (among so many other things, one tiny example—and they, better than anyone else) to not take myself and “my stuff” *so seriously* (with the net result, I think, I hope;)) that I and my stuff overall improve. (Knowing someone will get to my art supplies before I do if I wait too long is great incentive to #justdoit :) #dailydrawing #artistmom #homeschool #arthouse #familystudio #economy #patience #generosity #love #gratitude #pruning #seasons #learning #togetherisbest #applesapling #saint #ruth #liturgicalyear #churchyear #biblical #namesake #nimbus #indiaink #coloredpencil #doodle (with more to color, later #practicepracticepractice)

Happy feast of Saint Benedict!
Our Ben has been beaming all day and crazy excited for his feast day cake! His older brother decorated it for him last night 🖤
Did you know that one of the uses of the Saint Benedict medal is for a timely and healthy birth? #nowyoudo May he intercede for all pregnant women, especially those nearing birth!
The medal is full of meaning but I especially love the super hardcore powerful meaning of the letters on the back. The medal actually contains a prayer of exorcism! The letters on the cross stand for the Latin that is translated, “May the holy cross be my light. May the dragon never be my guide.” And the letters circling around the edge stand for “Begone Satan. Never tempt me with your vanities. What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself.”

At the Young Adult Retreat Day last weekend, we practiced "Visio Divina" where we took our cameras and looked for God's presence and wisdom all around us.
Maybe do this yourself today: go on a walk and take a few pictures of what is calling out to you. You may be surprised at what profound insights and beauty can be found in the ordinary. #OrdinaryTime #Liturgicalyear

"Talitha koum" is what Jesus speaks in today's Gospel passage, "Little Girl, I say to you, arise!" The child had been dead and Jesus called on her to rise up alive again! Where are there places of darkness and death in your life? In our society? How can you respond to Jesus' call to rise up into life from those places?
#Ordinarytime #liturgicalyear

Guess whose feast day is tomorrow...? (Hint: it's a double feast!)

Our wee nature table fairies 💚🌱💚🌈💚☔️💚🌸💚🍄💚🌿💚

I love this quote of John the Baptist for today. I think it is truly wonderful that John the Baptist's birthday--falling 6 months before Christ's--also falls around the summer solstice. Christmas, of course, falls right around the winter solstice. The winter solstice marks the time of the year where the days begin to increase in length, and the summer solstice marks the time of year where the days begin to shorten. So, quite literally, "he must increase, while I decrease." There is beauty in the liturgical year.  I hope your celebrations were blessed.
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"On the vigil of St. John the Baptist, and on St. Peter and Paul the apostles, every man's door being shadowed with green birch, long fennel, St. John's Wort, Orpin, white lillies and such like, garnished upon with garlands of beautiful flowers, had also lamps of glass, with oil burning in them all night; some hung branches of iron curiously wrought, containing hundreds of lamps lit at once, which made goodly show." 🌞 John Stow, "A Survey of London," 1598
It's the feast day of St. John the Baptist, celebrating his nativity & tied to Midsummer, just as Christmas six months after is tied to the Winter Solstice. 🌞🌱💫 Wishing you a wonderful St. John's tide!

Today is the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist -a day when we remember the importance of calling, naming, and blessing. Just as John was a gift of grace to his parents, what are some gifts of grace in your life? John's birth was blessed with a clear sense of calling and purpose, what are some ways you feel called to love and serve God in the world?
#Ordinarytime #liturgicalyear #johnthebaptist

Wishing you a happy Midsummer & Saint John's Tide!

We were not able to have a fire tonight, so we made do with candles as we celebrated St. John’s Tide Eve and Midsummer’s Eve. We read about St. John the Baptist, enjoyed a tasty berry tart, and read a retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. #celebratingtheseasonswithchildren #liturgicalyear #stjohnstide #midsummerseve

I hope you all had a beautiful solstice yesterday! 🌞🍓🌿
Here's a little Midsummer celebration scene I made a few years ago (swipe to see the day & night versions)...all the pieces like the lantern, candles, shortcake, garland, St. John's Wort, etc. can be moved around. 💫 The illumination of the lantern and candles was painted on clear plastic, so light shines through them...and light also shines through pinholes in the backdrop of stars. 🌌 .
I did a very limited print run of this cut-out scene, with all the pieces ready to be assembled. 💫 I'll have a few of them available at Fairyfest at @lakewoldgardens on Sunday - 'Events' link in profile!

Sunday is officially Midsummer & St. John's Tide!
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This was the last line from today’s Gospel. I think in this age of social media and practically instant engagement, it can be hard for us to do things in secret, as God asks. Do you find this a struggle? I know for me, pride can sneak in there. I think every post needs to have a purpose behind it, not just to share and get likes, at least not a prayerful post. It definitely made me think. I certainly don’t want a few likes to be my reward. 😊

What God is really asking for here is humility. God asks us to quietly pray for the sake of praying, to conversing with Him, grow in our relationship with him.
This is also a great reminder that we never know what someone else’s faith walk is. Someone you’ve known for 20 years may pray daily and it just never came up. I think we do have a responsibility to let others know our faith, but for some, a quiet prayer life can be all they can give.

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On this Father's Day, we are grateful for our Father God and for the many fathers who have loved and guided us through life. In this season of Ordinary Time, may we appreciate and bless all the small but mighty acts of love we witness in those around us, especially from our fathers and father-figures.
#OrdinaryTime #liturgicalyear #FathersDay

A Blessing for Fathers:
Let us praise those fathers who have striven to balance the demands of work, marriage, and children with an honest awareness of both joy and sacrifice. Let us praise those fathers who, lacking a good model for a father, have worked to become a good father.

Let us praise those fathers who by their own account were not always there for their children, but who continue to offer those children, now grown, their love and support. Let us pray for those fathers who have been wounded by the neglect and hostility of their children.

Let us praise those fathers who, despite divorce, have remained in their children's lives. Let us praise those fathers whose children are adopted, and whose love and support has offered healing.

Let us praise those fathers who, as stepfathers, freely choose the obligation of fatherhood and earned their step children's love and respect. Let us praise those fathers who have lost a child to death, and continue to hold the child in their heart.

Let us praise those men who have no children, but cherish the next generation as if they were their own.

Let us praise those men who have "fathered" us in their role as mentors and guides.

Let us praise those men who are about to become fathers; may they openly delight in their children.

And let us praise those fathers who have died, but live on in our memory and whose love continues to nurture us. ~ Kirk Loadman

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