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Which style is your favorite?
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So excited to be carrying @littleteether πŸŽ€πŸ•ΆπŸ¦„πŸπŸŒ΅πŸ© Stop in and check out our amazing selection of teethers! #beausandbellesshoppe #shoplocalaz #littleteether #arcadia

LOVING these mommy & baby snaps! I think they're loving their #littleteether necklaces, too! 😊

Crazy about these new teethers from Little Teether! 😍❀️ #littleteether #teether

Love this display of our #littleteether necklaces inside @greenpathbaby πŸ’•

Repost: We're so excited over our @littleteether necklace! This necklace has been a life savor over the past couple of days! Teething is real folks! #teething #necklace #littleteether #helovesit

Loved playing "dress up" with @milkmaidgoods nursing cover and our #littleteether necklace! I think I need a mannequin at home to try on all my outfits...

Love this customer photo incorporating our Amore style #littleteether necklace!
Do you have #firstchristmas outfits picked out for baby? Dont forget to style mama too with our #teethingjewelry πŸ‘πŸ»
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πŸƒNew from Cheeky Chompers ... Muslin Neckerchews ... for all your little Cheeky Chompers ... suitable from 2 months - 2 years (adjustable poppers) πŸƒ
*The multi-award-winning chewy dribble bib with the added natural magic of Muslin. *Made from brilliantly breathable 100% organic muslin. *Absorbent - super soft muslin with an absorbent middle layer, a perfect dribble catcher.
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πŸ’«NEWπŸ’«from Cheeky Chompers ... the multi-award-winning chewy dribble bib is also available with the added natural magic of muslin. @cheekychompers #neckerchew .
*4 Designs;
*Super Soft;
*Chewy teether - the soft and pliable textured teething triangle gives a great bite using an innovative dimpled design;
*Attached - the teether is attached to the bib so no more picking up dropped teether;
*Suitable from 2 months - 2 years ... adjustable poppers;
*An absorbent middle layer, a perfect dribble catcher;
*Delicate on young skin.
#muslin #organic #jumpingzebras #silverstars #cheekyhippo #rosydays #mint #pink #white #pastels #chewybib #dribblebib #original #madeinuk #moderndesigns #trendybaby #trendytoddler #safetytested #littleteether #teething #teethingbib #loveit .
*Will soon be available in South Africa 😍

Thank you Britney for the great giveaway! Congratulations for getting over 1k followers on your page @thebusyboymama! I love that there is something for me, my son and my daughter! For me: Thank you @thebusyboymama for my @arbonne facial scrub and gift card to @starbucks For my baby boy: Thank you @bannortoys for the gorgeous wooden teether. Thank you @littleteether for the shop credit. For my daughter: Thank you @theflippingholder for the flippingholder. Thank you @snacksweetiepie for the organic sweet beet wafers. Please excuse the tape on the box. My daughter had them ripped open and was asking my husband "are these for me?" in the amount of time it took me to change her brother's diaper. Needless to say she was super excited. #giveaway #theflippingholder #bannortoys #littleteether #snacksweetiepie

These are some of our FAVORITE teethers. Vivvie loves chewing in her necklaces while I'm carrying her in the ring sling and she just chews away on her donut during meal times.
She just had her first tooth pop through so, I'm ordering a truck load so we can have one in every room, the car, and diaper bag. A little excessive?! Maybe!! But if your little one is teething....you know a necessity. Hahaha
And seriously, every little girl needs a πŸŽ€ and πŸ¦„
Use code SARAH15 for a discount for your sanity πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
πŸ“·: @littleteether

Happy 1st Tooth to this sweet girl, Autumn! πŸ’—β €
β €
I bet those gums are feeling better now that your little tooth came out, so glad our #littleteether necklace is helping you (and therefore mama, too)!

So excited that Little Teether's unicorn teether was featured in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine!! #littleteether

These new sweet and simple teething necklace designs have been added to the shop and start at just $3! Moms and babies love them! #teether #teething #littleteether #necklace #teethingnecklace #simple #sweet #shopsmall

A close up of our new Powder Grey Stone doughnut! It's dreamy! 🍩

Teething is the pits! Many times, causing moms to second guess their milk supply with a dash of fear of being bitten. πŸ™‹πŸΌ
Sleep regression, increased feedings, and fussiness are more often than not (if breastfeeding has been going great) is from discomfort and teething pain rather than a decrease in milk supply. Offer comfort and feedings at the breast, essential oils, teether (@littleteether - use sarah15 for a discount), frozen breastmilk cubes to chew on, and lots of snuggles to get through those tiring tough days.
Chewing and breastfeeding use two different techniques from baby so feedings so not involve chewing. However, this is a great time to introduce nursing manners to promote positive nursing behaviors from baby. Be sure to take note of active sucking versus boredom sucking as boredom sucking can easily turn into "playing with the breast and nipple" and accidentally turn into a bite. If baby does bite and break skin, be sure to clean properly to decrease risk of infection.
Hang in there tired mamma, this phase too shall pass. Grab an extra cup of coffee, find a new show on Netflix, and give yourself a little grace as you battle through the teething tears and fussiness. You got this!!

Don't these sweet boy goodies just make you so anxious for the baby to come? πŸ“·: shared by @solchancover originally from @xokerryblog

This mama and baby make our necklace look GOOD! Thanks, @its.me.haylee

Mood. βœ–οΈ #blackonblack #monochrome πŸ“·: @little_adi_

Can't get over these! Which is your FAVORITE?!

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