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"Here's to strong women.
May we know them.
May we BE them.
May we {r a i s e} them."
International Women's Day. 💪🏼 #mygirls #biggestandlittlest #bookends #internationalwomensday #littlesof544

The giggles tho... 💓

Holding one, hugging one, fixing ones hair... all while barking out orders.
Typical Mommy-Ana. ☺️❤
#firstborn #pcbtwentyseventeen #littlesof544

My little sack'a shuga. Standing so tall and proud.
Someone please hold me.
#becauseshesthebaby #babybird #ohmylena #sackofsugar #littlesof544

Firsts are made to remember 💕
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#mytribe #spoilingme #thankFUL #littlesof544

#ohmylena #littlesof544 @honest

Our little sunshine girl ☀️
#ohmylena #pcbtwentyseventeen #littlesof544


Because, she's fourteen months today and I needed this permanently in my feed.
She's as fierce as they come, n e v e r stops moving, knows no bounds, has no fear, embodies equal parts sweet and sour but above all the sass is off thuuuh charrrts. She makes me laugh the good laughs yet wanna rip chunks of my hair out. 🤗 She is a charmer, the stealer of hearts and loves to be the center of attention. At.all.times.
Oh, she's a wild one.
And it's gunna take a village. #jesustakethewheel
But she is s o s o s o sooo adored.
We just can't get enough of her 💕
#becauseshesthebaby #fourteenmonthswithLu #malenainmonths #babybird #ohmylena #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544 #childhoodunplugged #thatsdarling #thehappynow #thedarlingmovement

Baby bird sat at the big kid table today with Brobro. And she just thought she was the bees knees. Hell, when doesn't she think she's the bees knees...🤔🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #becauseshesthebaby #thesetwo #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544 #childhoodunplugged

I've been quiet on this space lately. So I have some catching up to do. Well, because, you know it.... Chatbooks 👍🏼
Lot'sa go-go-goin' on around these parts. It's been a busy summer thus far. I was single parenting for four out of the seven weeks due to the big guys work commitments, so 🍸🚬💊🔪 {I kid, I kid... kinda} we all survived. All together we've traveled well over three thousand miles, saw the ocean and felt it too, wandered through four states, some multiple times and one of which was anything but planned. 🤦🏻‍♀️But that's for a different day.
Disclosure: heading northeast from Lowell, MA I can ASSURE you will NOT put you toward the five one eight. {just in case anyone here was wonderin'} 🤷🏻‍♀️🤗💃🏻
Anywho, the plan for the duration of this summer is to spend as much quality family time as physically possible while checking a few more things off our bucket list.
Oh, and breathe. And be still.
If there ever really is such a thing. ✌🏼 #becauselifewithfour #summerseventeen #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544 #latergram

We finally had our big guy back home with us, after a week of being away for work. And no sooner, after only three hours together, was he called back to work for the evening last night. It was a tease, like some sort of cruel joke. And as if that wasn't crushing enough, they woke to find his truck gone, he was called back again today for an indefinite amount of time.
It's easy for me to know and understand that this is the sacrifice we made to have one parent home and one parent working. But no amount of heart to hearts and explanations had will ever be enough to put them at ease. It's so hard. They just crave their Dad.
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And the flip side to having only two siblings around for the weekend is quickly realizing how much they rely on one another for entertainment of all kinds. So, today we phoned a cousin-friend. These two, born eight weeks apart are two peas. Always have been, always will be. Our Bonnie and Clyde, Frick and Frack. Neither ever stop talking, they're thick as thieves, basically share a brain; never a single quarrel or qualm between them. And bonus, she's basically a stand in little Mama. Total win, win! 🙌🏼
#cousinlove #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544

Blueberry picking with these two yesterday. It's nice to separate siblings and get more one on one/two on two time with them. I find it makes for good soulful bonding and the sweetest of memories are made together.
#yesterdaygram #siblinglove #memoriesmade #ohmylena #middlelittleof544 #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544

Conquering academic achievement year after year but being recognized for doing it with such grace and good character is even more important. So proud of these two always, their inner {and outer} beauty makes this world a better place. 💕
#latergram #academicachievementawards #characterrecognition #keepbeingyou #proud #thegirlwhomademeamama #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544

That time, three weeks ago, when my baby turned twelve months old.
Sigh.... But as much as it breaks my heart that she's growing by the day, there are so many favorites in the here and now. Like how she'll hold only one finger as we walk together and how she answers 'yes' to questions with an 'es' and a sweet little head nod. How she holds up her pointer finger and waits for me to touch mine to hers. How she hugs around the neck and still snuggles is all the best ways. How when she walks, she walks with such purpose and how she swings her one arm as if to kick it into high gear; she's got places to go, you see. her curls, and how she twirls and plays with her hair while she nurses. how she finds her babies, kisses, puts them to her chest, hugs them tight and pats their back like a good Mama would. And how she always waves to any and all passerby-ers as if she's Miss America herself. She's so fun and busy and loud and busy and mighty and independent and did I mention busy? and so so so sooo sweet with just the right amount of sour.
She's so perfectly ours. ❤️
She's everything we never knew we always needed.
#ohmylena #babybird #twelvemonthswithLu #monthtwelve #malenainmonths #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544

Welp, I've come to accept that no matter how hard I try to ignore it, against my better wishes, this baby bird went ahead and turned {o n e}.
one year and seven days old, she is. and the sunshine just keeps following her whenever she goes.
We can't wait to celebrate her and all the joy she has brought to the lives she's touched. She is loved bigger then this universe~ its sun, moon and stars~ our sweet rainbow babygirl, Lena Lu 💫💕 #ohmylena #babybird #turnsone #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544

A quiet, slow morning spent with them before the chaos of the day began.
Sunday Funday and cousin love ❤️ #cousinlove #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544 #latergram

I say, 'where's Jonah?' And she reaches toward his urn.
Bittersweet. {june}
We're here, their birth month.
And I'm overwhelmed. Feeling sort of stuck within some magnetic force field trying to navigate through the push and pulls of the guilt on both sides of still grieving death yet celebrating life.
A beautiful mess.
Oh, June....
This time last year I swore I would give birth again on the twelfth of the month. They'll for certain share a birthday, I thought. It just seemed to be the perfectly imperfect way to begin {her} journey earthside, I thought. But the universe had its plan. She would be born to her own Waxing Moon one year and four days almost to the exact minute apart from her brother, born to a Waning Crescent Moon the year before. And true to the moons they were born under, babygirl's moon is symbolic of inner growth, hope, strength and power to move forward to new beginnings following jonah's moon, symbolic of darkness, sacrifice, release and purge but also responsible for cultivating redemption. Without the Waning moon, you couldn't have the Waxing. Much like them.
Without {him} there never would have been {her}. He was the ultimate sacrifice, my sweet boy.
It never ceases to amaze me how aligned they are and have always been. From day one.
My spiritual faith has never failed me. Not once. In fact, it only continues to grow and bring me the peace I long for throughout my journey of life after loss. It has changed me and my outlook on life; made me a better person and a better mother. And for that, and to them, I will always be grateful.
#june #gemini #moonphases #ohmylena #rainbowbaby #missingjonah #bornsleeping #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #jonahsstorygram #littlesof544 #lifeafterloss #oneinfour #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising

{brothers} with {brothers}
Because we found out that our 'Nalah' is actually a 'Leopold' 😹🤷🏻‍♀️ #brobros #adventuresofleoandollie #my365 #dam365twothousandseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #littlesof544

Not sure what day it is in #my365 because I just can't get my shizz together as of the late. But this... a whole fourteen days late on the post, but- Chatbooks ✌🏼
{month eleven}
The amount of acrobatics it took to complete this photo op was slightly ridiculous. But it's only fitting considering it aligns perfectly with my every day with this little Houdini. She's fast and agile; is idle o n l y when she sleeps. She flips and turns during nursings much like a fish out of water and still finds me to nurse throughout each restless night. So sleep is very much limited which still baffles me considering how active she is all day. She eats, Lordie Bee can this girl eat all the live long day though I'm not exactly sure where in her teeny tiny body she put it all. She's l o u d, dramatic, loves to twirl and dance and wear her 'pretties' yet scales furniture and stairs like it's her j-o-b, thoroughly enjoys the reaction she gets from smacking and kicking and thinks that her sweet little "who.... little 'ol me..?" wave is the cure all. Who am I kidding, she KNOWS it's the cure all. She's the invader of all personal space and absolutely loves to be the center of attention. She continues to be the boss lady around these parts and has officially mastered the art of manipulation and blowing sweet kisses.
She's cute as a button and damn straight, she knows it.
Basically, we're doomed.
#elevenmonthswithLu #babybird #ohmylena #dam365twentyseventeen #documentyourdays #andthethingsyouwanttoremember #sunflowersforjonah #missingjonah #jonahsstorygram #littlesof544 #malenainmonths

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