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Back from holidays but missing these two munchkins way too much!
So well behaved, I can't even... 😍
More than happy to babysit you two so Mummy and Daddy can go out for a date night! #LittleReads
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Thank you @littlereads.au for such lovely words πŸ’•

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'The Sisters Saint-Claire' is such a favourite in our house. It's a beautifully presented hardcover with a matte linen cover and the watercolour illustrations are dainty and detailed. My girls love searching the market scenes for little background vignettes and of course they love the story of the mouse sisters. .
The author is Carlie Gibson, a Canberran like me, and she has crafted such lovely tale with beautiful rhythm and rhyme to the text. The idea that 'great things can come from the smallest of us' is such a sweet moral for children to learn. I just wish mine wouldn't test it out with gigantic squeals when I'm trying to make the dinner or chat on the phone with my mum! #greatthingscanbequiettoo #mumlife #littlereads

We reviewed the Let's Draw series by Sachiko Umoto on our blog + wow, how easy it was to learn! πŸ– And if your kid loves books + crafts, join us this Saturday for Story Time at 11 am! #littlereads #littlestorytime

Monday morning presents ☺️ thanks babes 😘 @lllallan #monday #littlereads

A book is a book, no matter how small.
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Time to go back home... Bye bye #HongKong πŸ›«
Missing the #LittleReads already πŸ˜”
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Never mind that noise, it's just my ovaries exploding! πŸ˜„β€οΈ I hope you've all had a lovely Sunday xxx
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Loving these books we received from @oh.ivy recently because we're on a serious non-fiction bender here at Little Reads HQ. They're info-packed and very cleverly put together. The girls keep dipping back in for more! Sneak peeks inside soon xx #littlereadsrecommends #juniornonfiction #wildanimalsofthenorth #wheredidtheygo

I have a very clever friend named Clare. She runs a blog called @littlereads_ along with a pretty gorgeous Insta feed too. If you love books and kids, or kids books, or want to know how to help kids love books, or how to help kids learn to read books then this chick knows how to help you. Go check her out - she rules!!


These classic board books not only have a special place in our shelf but also in our hearts! ❀

We never outgrow our love for Dr.Seuss! Here's our first two Big, Bright and Early Board Books. These books were gifts to our LO and sure enough we would treasure these for ages! #drseuss

🐟🐟The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School 🐟🐟 is a perfect way to prepare for back to school, especially if you're beginning in a new school (or even just a new classroom!). The message: You are smart. You can do it. You belong. Don't you forget it. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Even my high schoolers will hear this straight from the Pout Pout Fish day one. #littlereads #kidlit #picturebooks #childrenslit

This is such a fun information book from @emilybornoff. It's packed with interesting facts and in each spread the kids need to find a very clearly hidden animal in the detailed illustration. It's a challenge I tells ya! #eagleeyesrequired We grabbed our copy from @oh.ivy where you can find a heap of other animal-related books, all highly recommended by me and my crew! #littlereadsrecommends #juniornonfiction #spottheanimal #littlereads

Bushland Lullaby by Sally Odgers and Lisa Stewart πŸ¨πŸ¦‡πŸŠπŸ•πŸ’€πŸƒ
A sweet little rhyming book about baby Aussie animals dozing off to sleep 😴 Beautifully illustrated pages introduces the reader to a wide variety of animals and were enough to render an "awwwwww cute, look at the baby" with each page turn 😍🌿 #aussieanimals #lullaby

Loving these books we received from @oh.ivy recently because we're on a serious non-fiction bender here at Little Reads HQ. They're info-packed and very cleverly put together. The girls keep dipping back in for more! Sneak peeks inside soon xx #littlereadsrecommends #juniornonfiction #wildanimalsofthenorth #wheredidtheygo

Lots of savings in the latest BigW catalogue!! I normally grab kids books from Aldi but there looks like there's a great selection at BigW! Also 50% off #cadbury, 40% off L'OrΓ©al and Olay skincare, and 40% off rimmel, L'OrΓ©al and covergirl cosmetics, 40% off bonds! .
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Children books project : Day 2 = I realize self-portrait based on the cover of children's books I love. :) Today : "The lion and the bird" by Marianne Dubuc : Lion is working in his garden when he finds a bird wounded. He comes to his rescue. But by the time Lion has made him a bandage, the bird's companions have left. So, he welcome him to his home, to his life and they keep each other warm all winter. A friendship is born. But as time passes sweetly by being together, the spring is back and with it the flock of birds. So lion's friend has to leave... but that's not the end of the story! I don't want to spoil it for you. ;) Believe me, I fell in love with it. To me, this is one of the most beautiful children book I've ever read and I've read a few of them! ;) If you find it, let me know what you think about it. Have a great day! .
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Breaking the bad habit of pacifying unreasonable cries and demands through screen time and cartoons has been quite the challenge. Slowly introducing kids books and nurturing an affinity for stories and tales is what this page is all about! Mem Fox, author of "Where is the Green Sheep?" and many other kids books emphasizes regularly reading aloud with emotions and expressions and repeating favorite stories will help kids to learn the language they need in life. This in turn will make a good foundation for their literature, speech, and interaction compared with constant screen exposure.TVs and movies can still be part of the household, but only for scheduled family bonding. The less screen time, the more mindfully present parents and kids become.

Children books project Day 1 : I'm really into children's books. Like REALLY. So I've thought it would be cool to introduce you Every Day for 7 days to a children's book that has turned my world around! To make it more fun (for you and me!), I've made 7 self-portrait dressed as the character of the book or at least in harmony with the cover (some of those little jewels I'm gonna introduce you to are translated in English. Others, not. Sorry about that! I'll do better next time ;). I hope you will enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed making them ;) .

Today, I want to tell you more about "Marie et les choses de la vie" ("Marie and the facts of life"). When she is just a baby, the first word Mary says is not mom or dad but cake. A love for sugar she has in common with her grandmother. Like many other things. The two of them share a very special connection. At one point, Mary is faced with her grandma getting sick and not being the person she used to know. But she will stick around. She will learn to compose with the fact that life is ever changing. And that we must try to deal with that and find beauty in it even when it gets really really hard. "Marie et les choses de la vie" is a book full of poetry. The illustrations of Kaatje Vermeire are magnificent! I was lucky enough to get it last Christmas! In my world, this is a must have ;)! .
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It's GIVEAWAY time! We love a good read especially those that teach a sweet lesson. @julianlennon is a writer, musician, artist, photographer, and also the son of the late great John Lennon. Julian wrote the book "touch the earth" to help children learn about the planets desperate need for filtration, irrigation and ocean life protection. Proceeds from the sale of this awesome book go to Julian's @whitefeatherfoundation
You and a friend could each win a SIGNED copy of Julian's new book simply by
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For my book exchange with @ltpbexchange I was so lucky to get partnered with Jenn @lostinagreatbook. She shared this lovely book (amongst others) about a little girl who has a pet hampster but wishes for something more mythical! E loves it and asks about every creature on every page. It's beautifully written by Jenn's friend @vikkivansickle with gorgeous illustrations by Cale Atkinson. We don't have any mythical creature toys and then my cousins daughter came over this morning with this and I knew I had to borrow it! Isn't she cute! 😍#playdiscovercreate #picturebooks #ltpbexchange #mythicalcreatures #literacy #reading #bookexchange

Because Mama always loved dinosaurs and wanted to be a paleontologist when she was younger, she introduced the LO to dinos with Usborne's "This is Not My..." touch and feel books. The LO loves this kind of books and is perfect for ages 0 and up! The color and textured pages make it so conducive for early learners to grasp. 😊

We found this beautiful book at the library last week and I've read it about a dozen times since. It's the wintertime story of a bear trying to find a safe haven. He's turned away by a fox and an owl before being taken in by a sweet young girl who's also been longing for a cuddle-buddy of her own. This is a perfect bedtime read for kids 2-6 years old, especially in the cold and wintry weather! #littlereadsrecommends #winterbooks #snowbear

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