Mila in Milou mode 🐱 #lmt27mo

“Eee so much saliva...” she’ll change her mic then but no dry ones so starts building instead #lmt27mo

Emma spent 45mins colouring last evening #lmt27mo

Then we have this masterpiece of Em & M debuting at the Chanel Haute Couture 2018.
Like a “famous” photographer once said, “waited whole day for this and so worth it”. I mean if you believe in teleportation or simply superb photoshopping skills, you can teleport and model anywhere now anyways... 😝
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3 seconds to fussing about being itchy in the dress. They wore it again in the evening.



High Fashion M

Nice poses. That toilet bowl though...

High fashion Em #lmt27mo

Performance end. Not taking encores.

Potty training 27 months old twin girls isn’t really that difficult. You know what is? Getting them to NOT keep changing their clothes and undies every time they go potty. My mother would be laughing like a hyena now because she told me that when I was a kid they had to wash up to 10 undies a day because I changed every time I went to the toilet. OCD or what?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Well at least they’ve chosen the right parent to emulate hygiene practices from 😏 #lmt27mo #pottytraining

One day, Mila just decided that the jumbo wooden blocks’ going to be her stage and the cylinder block, her mic. Emma’s just calling out to Anna (yes, from Disney’s Frozen) ‘cause she cannot find her


Em & M hugs


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