Willa sea likes to take pictures. She caught her ma all serious in this one. #littlekidswithcameras

LEGO pirates!

#littlekidswithcameras - guess she was proud of herself. She loves building puzzles.

Mackynzie's picture Of her colored rock. #littlekidswithcameras

Hello I'm lambchop #littlekidswithcameras

I wonder where she gets her camera obsession from? #littlekidswithcameras

Showing off her chipped pedicure #littlekidswithcameras

Wren's outfit of the day photo on the iPad #littlekidswithcameras

I'm starting a new regular post here called Wren's post. She takes SOOOO many pictures with my phone and at the end of the day I go through them to see how she sees things. This one is her ponies before bath, kissing. She is definitely a lover, not a fighter

#littlekidswithcameras Mackynzie taking pictures ☺

Photo by Ben #kidswithcameras

#littlekidswithcameras @inthefunlane somebody went rogue with the rainbow filter

She wanted to show off her "sparkly shoes" apparently. #littlekidswithcameras

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