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When you leave your mark on Midtowne! #littlecasey #futurehome #midtownechurch

I got to see my little one this week. 💛 @melissagracecasey thank you for being the dream wife and mother, you are beyond words (but I'll try to use words 😉) #littlecasey #kallanpromotion #babewife #babemom

Me as a little girl. #LittleCasey #LittleGirlMe

I don’t give a damn if it’s not flash back Friday. Lol! Me as a tiny wittle thang at 16 years old. #throwback #littlecasey #youngerme #memories #little #babygirl #insta #instagram #instalove #instlike #past #jeweler #jewelrydesigner #instadaily #follow4follow #like4like #likeforlike

This photo is so cute❤️#littlecasey @caseysimpson Chaptre 2 of #storyofcasey is comming tomorrow❤️

Finally met our little man😍 Melts me heart seeing my bro being a dad. Even tho he's as much a bastard Dad as he is a bastard uncle..lol Lucky he's a mummy's boy ae Tiara! Haha Never long enough, see yous real soon❤ loveyoubye xx
#littlecasey #nephew #comehome #hongimoko


My family would go to #LavaHotSprings every Summer when I was a kid. In honor of my weekend Idaho getaway, here's a flashback to one of those said trips. 💦

Im in love with this wig my boyfriend gave me,i fixed it up and everything and i felt a need to wear it so when i did i didnt want to take it off.

#ddlgcommuntiy #littlecasey #fuckifeelcute

Sunday sketchin
So excited that one of my favorite artists @cuddlyrigormortis is going to be @waltdisneyworld soon!! I’m planning a special trip.

I'm always bragging about my "just because I love you" surprises that Casey gets me, but I really don't brag about just him in general nearly enough. It's 11pm and he's so tired (because he woke up way too early to go fishing on the beach this morning). Everyone else just went to bed so the condo is so dark and I'm going to shower. He asked me to turn the light off in the room before I went shower so of course I complained (because the lamp by the bed doesn't work so I wouldn't be able to see when I came back in the room and I would be scared). When I got out the shower I came into the room to see that he rigged me up his little fishing light which gave me plenty enough light to see in the room but still left him enough darkness to sleep. It's so little, I know, but he does stuff like this for me literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I always appreciate every single kind little gesture and I thank him a million times, but I still take him for granted enough to fuss when he asks me something as simple as turning off the light so he can sleep and he still just loves me more than enough to compromise and figure out a way to make me smile. Whether it's listening to me complain, surprising me, painting my toenails, or just being my best friend even when I don't deserve him to be..through it all he still loves me more than the day before and goes above and beyond for me. Some days I know that I don't deserve him, but every single day I'm thankful beyond words that he's mine, my life would be soooo empty without him and the goats! ❤❤❤❤❤ #littleCasey #therealMVP #besthumanever #myperson #myfav #forever #ilovehimthemost #forreal #ilovelittleCasey @caseygary628

I’m not just an “Aunt”. I’m a big cup of wonderful covered in awesome sauce with a splash of sassy and a dash of crazy 😜
#lovemyniece #littlecasey #blueeyedgirl #thatcrazyaunt #photooftheday #selfiequeen #littleprincess

Happiness is... a big hug from a small person👶🏼💙

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