Love it when kids get excited about books! Curating each box to bring you delightful bonding moments!

Woo hoo #bookmail time! 🙌🏼 Happy Friday to my lovely Bookieboo Crew ❤️ Xx Karly

Woo hoo! The boxes have started to arrive in homes around the country! We can't wait to see your unboxing pictures and videos. Please do share #inspirebookbox 😊 Seeing the happy faces of your little readers make our hearts sing (maybe a little tear) 💕
Check out the stories posted by @maxandmummy, @flyingsprout and @littlelifelonglearners for little sneak peaks of what's in the box. 🛑Warning🛑 If you want to keep it a surprise until you receive your box, do not look at these stories 😂
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Ava got her first library card today and had a great time picking books to borrow 📖 #cutesttoddlerever #littlebookworm #library #redbankplazalibrary #redbankplaza #learningthroughreading

#quickreview It’s here! And we are seriously overstocked. Oops! RRP is $14.99 Get it from us for $10! The Bad Guys Episode 7 Do-You-Think-He-Saurus?! by Aaron Blabey
The Dawn of Time! Nothing on Earth could rival the terrifyling powr of the Dinosarus. Except maybe that Wolf over there... yeah, the one standing next to the Snake and the Shark and taht other sardiney-looking thing.
Huh? This is all wrong. This is all bad. This is all Awesome. It's time to get your Jurassic on, baby. It's time for the Bad Guys Episode 7!

This is a hilarious illustrated chapter book that made Master 8 giggle his head off. In this episode the gang of animal misfits travel back in time to the age of the Dinosaurs. They have to get themselves back to Earth to save the world and Agent Fox. With plenty of big type, interesting font and fun I’ll lustrations, it is a great read for those starting to have confidence in their reading. Full of slap stick and slightly naughty humour it will make kids laugh out loud. We particularly enjoy giving Mister Piranha a Latin American accent. We highly recommended it for ages 7-10 #kidlit #kidsbooks #kidlit Order via the link in our profile.

今日はな〜にもしたくない!Easing back into our daily rhythm 🌿📚Next month, I will have to go to Tokyo to take a few exams. I haven’t been there in about a year. Do any of you have recommendations for veggie restaurants, good breakfast spots or bookstores with a good selection of children’s books in English or French?
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I had the pleasure of working with these Champions today! Check out the before and after scene. (swipe)

I can visit your classroom or school too! Click the link in my bio to select your date!

Downtown Farmers Market in San Luis Obispo! Bonnie Lee Books! #shoplocal #littlebookworm #booksforbabies #sanluisobispo #visitthezoo #earlyeducation

Do you realize that children’s books at almost all library sales are 25 cents apiece? Even hardcovers. Even chapter books. You can build an amazing, life-giving, soul-nourishing, reader-raising home library for the price of two weekly stops at Starbucks. #mounthorebpubliclibrary #supportyourlocallibrary #bookworm #littlebookworm #bookhaul #usedbooks #livingbooks #kidslit #kidsbooks #raisingreaders #bookstagram #bookscapes #childrensbooks #picturebooks #livingbooks #weneeddiversebooks #representationmatters #bookish #readaloud #readtoyourkids #readtome

FEATURE 💚 “Prepare to be enchanted” with Little Fox in the Forest, by Stephanie Graegin, shared by @picturethisbook and @curiouslittlepeople. To find out more, click on the links in the photos and follow along.

Are you a fan of wordless pictures books? Have any tips on how to make the most out of a wordless story time? Join in on the fun and tag #kidlitpicks_wordless

Alhamdulilah 😌
Thank you for reading #ummishijab! May this story bring you joy ❤️
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More than 360 books sold within 5 months of launching it. We are left with just 140 books.

Should we print more books for Ummi's Hijab?
If you think we should print more, say "Yes". #ummishijab

If you know a child of #divorce... 1. Be kind.
It is an overwhelming experience no matter what the age of the child. If you have nothing good/nice to say, keep quiet.
2. Empathy.
Whatever your role is to the child (relative, teacher, neighbour, etc), try your best to express a little bit of empathy.
3. Ask.
Ask the child how you can help him/her.
Also, do not ask the child about the divorce. Yes, we (the child) know that most times you just want to dish out juicy pieces of information about our parents. There is no need to exploit us divorced kids further. It is hurtful.
4. Dua.
Make good duas for us. We need all the duas we can get.
5. Point 1.
Remember point 1.

#ChildrenofDivorce - THE SOCIAL STIGMAS
1. You will be wayward.
Life pretty much turned upside down. There are a whole lot of emotions to go through. Time is needed for transition. You may end up living with either parent or none at all. Well, obviously all those emotions will make you seem wayward. But honey, feel it all, go through them and emerge stronger. Oh yes, working through it all with the help of a school counsellor (if you have access to one) truly helps.
2. You will drop out of school.
If you are a teenager of newly divorced parents, it will not be easy. As stated in point 1, there is a lot to go through. No matter what the age, there is a lot to go through. I struggled academically. Some do, some don’t. It depends on each individual. But school, I still loved and wanted to stay in for it was the only constant in my life.
3. You will not make it in life.
I’m guessing the society is referring to having a job, or owning a home, or getting married? Your job interview isn’t going to discriminate you for being a divorced child, neither will the home application process, as for getting married, that’s in point four.
Remember, your past does not dictate your future. Leave the baggage behind, reflect from the experience and emerge a stronger/resilient person.
4. You will also end up divorced.
I don’t have enough marriage years on this. But these are my advice: before getting married, try to (1) leave the baggage behind, (2) reflect from the experience and (3) emerge a stronger/resilient person. Yes they were in point 3. So work on yourself, work on healing.
Also, choose a spouse according to what we have been advised by our religion and our Prophet SAW.
I made my spouse very aware that I am a divorced child and that there are certain situations that comes with being married to me (this really depends on the unique circumstance of each divorced child). More in comments 👇

Divorce is one topic that strikes a chord in my heart. I am a divorce child. My teenage years were very tough. Yet, I’d still say alhamdulilah for the whole experience.
I’m dedicating a little bit of time about being a child of #divorce.

Yesterday’s education symposium was filled with Wheelock pride for me. The students had their own booth and presentation featuring the play kits they curated (including #ummishijab)! And today, they are in the news mashaAllah! This kakak senior is beaming from ear to ear!

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