Meet Waffle. Waffle is chilling with us in the livingroom, 3 large dogs plus a large puppy and 2 hoomans. It's only his second day in our home and he's mellow as can be.

Waffle is a single dude that's available for adoption through @ourlittleratrescue , he hasn't found a cagemate he can tolerate yet but he sure enjoys human company.

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🐾Happy National Pet Day from Snowy and Kitty🐾 #snowsnow #kittywitty #snowman #prettykitty #snowball #kittygirl #littleballsoffur

Little Joe (Tri Color) & Andy (crested) are approximately 6 week old male guinea pigs that are available for adoption through @ourlittleratrescue
These littles are adjusting to life as a pair, as each day goes by Little Joe is stepping up as the bolder of the two boys and the ones that enjoys cuddles the most.

When they first arrived they weren't huge fans of fresh veggies but now they're eating green & red lettuce, radicchio, green peppers & carrots like champs. Blue berries are still not a hit, nor are strawberries.

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These 3 male guinea pigs are available for adoption through @ourlittleratrescue
Come see them in person this weekend, Sunday April 8th 1-5pm @a1petemporium
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This is the first time my Ella girl has cuddled with me for an extended period of time, apparently cilantro & parsley are the trick. Her fur is super soft! And that little nose!
Her pal Amelia has always been the more outgoing of the two and it warms my heart that Ella is becoming more social. I think separating them from Morgana was a good move.

My gal Morgana likes her space, and her hiding spots...she tolerates the company of her cage mate Queenie and I'm working with her to tolerate my company as well, but I don't think I could make a cage large enough for Morgana to tolerate additional roomies. I love my sassy gals even though they might not be the most cuddly pair, that's their prerogative and I'm thankful they aren't biters.

All four of my floofy butts were adopted from @ourlittleratrescue .
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Afternoon snack for the foster piggies today is a bit of celery and the 4 older boys are happily munching away, Gimli is taking his lunch first under cover of the brown paper then beneath the hay.
I love their individual personalities and can't wait to see them off with their forever families.

These 4 are available for adoption through @ourlittleratrescue as a group of 4 or 2 bonded pairs.

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These 3 goobers are available for adoption through @ourlittleratrescue , they are all males.

Cactus Jack is the Abyssinian & he's the leader of the pack, Little Joe is the Tri Colored boy and by far the most tolerant of being held, & the orange & white crested boy is Andy who is the adventurer one of the bunch.
The boys seem fascinated with the corner to the side of the freshly cleaned & replaced hay bin.

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I did a quick sweep of the littles cage, here they are inspecting my work.

I could spend hours watching these lil floofy bums run about and investigate. Cactus Jack is still leaps & bounds braver than the other two but Lil Joe & Andy eventually follow his lead. It's fascinating to see how much they've grown.

These little balls of fur are looking for their forever home and are available for adoption through @ourlittleratrescue
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These boys are available for adoption through @ourlittleratrescue
Gimlie is the one with all black fur, he wasn't a fan of standing still for this mornings photo shoot. Once he got his chin scritched he was on the move. Gimlie likes being cuddled, the length of time is dependant on his schedule and what he's itching to eat or explore next.

Legolas is the tri colored one, I love the pattern in his fur and he is the one that enjoys being cuddled the most out of them all.

George has, once again, made himself comfy in the hay bin. That works for me, less mess to clean in the cage. George has a wonderful personality and is much more tolerant of cuddles during floor time but he enjoys a good scritch behind his ears.

Potato, oh my boy Potato. He's one laid back easy going piggie that prefers a nice long bit of cardboard to stretch out under. While he's not a huge fan of being cuddled while held he never missed a chance for a nose boop and scritch under the chin with his veggies.

Stop on in to @a1petemporium in Edmond on April 8th from 1-5pm to adopt a bonded pair or all 4 of these boys, heck if you can't wait that long get in touch with the rescue today!
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These 3 boys are available for adoption through @ourlittleratrescue
Cactus Jack, the spiky haired boy, is the boldest of the three as he continues to nosh despite my intrusion & his cage mates running about. He's adjusting to being help and snuggled but, at this point, would rather explore the floor than be held when taken out of the cage.

Andy is the crested boy, he's the more timid of the 3 and when being held he wants to explore everything- starting with hair and loose shirts.

Little Joe is a bit less timid than Andy but once he's picked up for snuggles he settles down fairly quickly and seems to enjoy a good scruffle under the chin.

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