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"Today was a special moment. I purchased my @sollybabywrap while I was pregnant with Hazel never anticipating that she'd arrive at just 23 weeks pregnant. I had dreamed of wearing my newborn and as we near 42 weeks gestation this Friday I had been feeling disappointed that wearing her as a newborn was going to be another moment I would be robbed of. BUT Hazel's nurse told me to bring it in and today we got her snuggled in and surprisingly it made life even easier! We tucked in the lead connections into the wrap and the wrap even held her CPAP tubes straighter! Win win and a super Oh so special moment for my mama heart.❤" @ashleydurance for #sollystories

This view with this girl, so grateful to be able to travel with my kids and showing them the places I always dreamed of exploring. Doing it with them has a much deeper meaning, I hope they can look back and treasure this moments forever 🙏🏻

If you look up the term rainbow baby, you'll find this: "A rainbow baby is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better." I often go back and forth between loving the term and finding it so entirely wrong. Because nothing about Reid was a storm even though losing him was the hardest thing I've ever endured. And if the grief from his loss is a storm and that particular storm were to end then doesn't that imply that the pain of losing him would end too? That doesn't sit well with me, because we will always miss and grieve our firstborn son. But more than that, I count everything to do with him a blessing. In life and in death. Confused? Me too.

Then I think about it in a different way. There doesn't need to be a storm or it's end for there to be a rainbow, does there? Just rain and sun coexisting together. This is life and pregnancy and parenthood after loss. Sorrow and joy holding hands through the beauty of life and the ache of loss. And from where I stand right now there is absolutely that rainbow—it's just thanks to both my boys. ❤️💛💚💙

June Bug ❤ I could stare at her perfect little face forever!

A picture of a perfect family observing a perfect view at the top of the world... 🌍
Yeah, right! Before this picture: ✔ losing Aveline in the crowd of Indian and Chinese tourists that considered her a great model for their pictures, ✔ running after her for 30 min trying to persuade to take this picture, ✔ making 100 attempts, in which Aveline does not cooperate.
After this picture: ✔ trying to enjoy the view behind us in between trying not to lose Aveline out of sight, ✔ struggling to get a screaming and highly independent toddler leave the highest building in the fastest elevator on Earth, ✔ constantly trying to rip Aveline off my highly pregnant wife, for who she's way too heavy, ✔ after a long evening with many more struggles get to the hotel room to get those 3 desired hours of sleep before our beloved baby wakes me up at 5 in the morning to start it all over again. #MyPerfectLife 🙌🏼 @mydubai #staysunny #mydubai
Самая высокая башня в мире 🔝🌏

Я безумно переживаю второй день...
Когда я сделала эту фотографию, то на меня накатила неожиданная тоска😔
Саша утром уезжает с папой в сад, возвращаются они в 19:00 и Саша сразу бежит с папой что-то собирать, играть.
Сегодня Саша у бабушки до завтра... А мать загналась😅
Это все последняя неделя беременности? Я чувствую (или напридумывала), что немного отдалились с ним😔
Наше время - семейный завтрак (без спешки в сад, мы вечные опоздуны😁) и вечером ванна и чтение. Засыпаем вместе в его кровати, разговариваем о прошедшем дне🌙 Всегда ведь засыпал сам, в теперь мать с диагнозом нехватки сына мостится рядом😅👌🏼
Выходные уходят сейчас на подготовку дома, мебели, одежды и завершение накопившихся дел до рождения малыша.
Если сейчас я ощущаю такие переживания - как будет потом? Может это страх, что малыш заберёт целиком мое время? Что если сейчас усталость отдаляет, то как будет после рождения?
А Может просто гормоны последней недели🤦🏻‍♀️
Но я тоскую очень по совместному времени с Сашей, я даже погулять толком не могу, потому что ему хочется бегать, кататься на самокатах, лазить. А мама как бегемот, ничего уже не может🤷🏻‍♀️😭 И даже не хочет🤦🏻‍♀️
Может это обычные эмоции мам, которые смотрят на такого подросшего первенца (особенно на контрасте с люлькой😭) и переживают - смогу ли я быть мамой достаточной для него?
Мысли. Решила поделиться.
Заживу после КС и напомню ему, что мама то ещё шило в заднице 😈☺️
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Signed, sealed and adopted. We are the Martin's. ✨ 📸: @kaileerichesphotography


BRB I'm busy holding my baby to mend my broken heart after my Jayhawks lost last night in their elite8 game. 😭 Yes, I'm that fan. What about y'all? Are you into sports? Who do you cheer for? Please tell me I'm not the only one who needs time to get over this stuff 🙈

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I was all pumped to take this little guy for a run this morning but he was NOT feeling it. So instead we're going to do a little home workout inside. I think that was his plan all along...he loves being my workout "weights."

I just realized I forgot to share this video taken at Disney's paradise Pier hotel character breakfast. When we walked in Stitch was having a dance party, so Ash joined in! 😁

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now would be a grrrreat time to use the zoom feature! those lashes! and.... sunshine?! 😱 a few more favs from this sweet session with little Cora on facebook! xoxox #seattle

Rainy Sunday vibes. ✌🏻✨

No more mornings full of palm trees & bathing suits for us, but there is still this cute baby belly and there is something so good about waking up in your own bed after you've been away right?

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mummy's. Today is a special day to all mothers.
Remember not every mother has their baby in their arms to hold and not every child has their mothers arms embracing them today. But they will forever be in their hearts.
Some mothers are still growing their babies, some may have babies too precious for this world, some may be long awaiting to become mothers.
But we are all equal. We have all felt the love and need for our babies.
Today is a hard day for some.
So even on the days when I am exhausted and tired I count my blessings.
I have a lucky reason for my unbrushed hair, unmanicured hands and bags under my eyes. I have my little ones who call me Mummy, who need me to help them in this chaotic adventure called life.
I have a truly inspiring woman I look up to whom I am lucky enough to call my mother. If I turn out to be even half the mother to my children as you are to me then they are the luckiest in the world.
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers today

If you have a traveling spirit, don't let your little ones slow you down. Take them on the journey and let them be part of the adventure. It might seem hard at times, but the experience will definitely be worth the cost. Inspiration brought to you by @masha_theone
"This view with this girl, so grateful to be able to travel with my kids and showing them the places I always dreamed of exploring. Doing it with them has a much deeper meaning, I hope they can look back and treasure this moments forever 🙏🏻"


A quick breakfast and walk around the square with this energetic boy this morning!

How did this happen?! Cannot believe I'll be a mama of a two year old! #lindenturns✌🏻 #slowdownbabygirl #donutparty

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