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After a pretty long day of traveling, we got caught in a pretty serious rainstorm with no umbrellas, most of us in sandals, on our way to visit a temple. It was chaos all around on us on the street, with lots of passersby visibly annoyed with our big group, and I was afraid I was going to lose a child or get trampled on and of course Hazel started melting down (when mama is stressed, baby always knows!). For a moment I was ready to jump back in a taxi and call it a night. But we didn't. Instead, we regrouped under a little overhang, bought four umbrellas from the grocery store and just kept going. As we walked, the storm let up and we found ourselves walking down magical alleyways lined with red lanterns, cherry blossoms, and handmade goods in front of the oldest temple in Tokyo, Sensoji Temple, built in 628AD, destroyed in WWII, and rebuilt, dedicated to the goddess of mercy and the rebuilding symbolizing rebirth. Grateful for the big lessons we learn amidst the little ones.

New blog alert 🖍 mommies and expecting mums! One of the most common questions I get is "How can I get started and take pictures of my kids like you?"
Well, sincerely I'm the most basic of the basics when it comes to DSLR knowledge 😂 BUT I can get you started on the right track ;)
Go to my blog and find out what you need to begin, from the start line!
Questions about it, please comment here!
Have a lovely day 🍉
Oh by the way, this picture is from last year! Damien's hair is still currently a sponge of curls 😅

Только я, глядя на эту серию фото, представляю одержимую мать, которая кружит по кровати над мирно спящим ребёнком с телефоном в руках?😅 В главных ролях: #НашЩекастыйЦентрВселенной 👼🏼, жирафа @hello_polly_polly ❤️, одержимая мать 👻
Кстати, все помнят о конкурсе на лучшие спящих фото карапузов @malenkiy__drema ? Если нет, я напоминаю, потому что 10 милейших детских подарочков уже ждут маленьких победителей🤗 #Вадимка_рекомендует

He's not walking yet, so he still seems like my sweet nursling baby and not my nursling toddler. I'm bathing in the beauty of enjoying each moment. ✨✨ #breastfeeding

I am fully aware of the fact that I'm long overdue for a hair appointment but, I actually got dressed today so it had to be documented. My current favorite child(👆🏼)has been an angel all day while the other one was the reason we didn't even manage to get out of the house. Some days I feel like I'm just not cut out to raise a toddler and today was definitely one of those days. I can't believe I used to think tiny babies are hard work because in my case, it doesn't even come close to the challenges my toddler puts me through on a daily basis. 🙈
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Kochani dziekujemy za tyle slow wsparcia!😍 jestescie najlepsi😘😙😙❤ chyba trzymaliscie mocno kciuki za powrot Nadki do zdrowia, bo jest juz calkiem dobrze! 😊 mozliwe, ze jutro wrocimy do domku😍 i nie chce juz pamietac tych ostatnich dni, wymioty dziecka to nie na moje nerwy, a panika to moje drugie imie, probuje z tym walczyc, ale nie wychodzi😔 tez tak macie? Ja zamiast opanowac sytuacje, probowac uspokoic placzaca Nadie ktora wymiotuje, to pierwsze co sama sie trzese i nie wiem, czy trzymac ja, czy dzwonic do kogoś, ogolnie nie wiem co robic😔 poracha! Teraz tylko przetrwac nockę😩 i czekac na wizyte rano✊✊ dobranoc😘😘😘😘
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our happy happy splish splashy almost one year old baby 👶🏼🛁💦i'm getting things in order for his first birthday party this weekend and am feeling pretttty emotional about it all! ♡ #sinkbath #motherhood #thefastestsweetestyearever

✨This picture took my breath away, and the original caption is better than anything I could ever come up with. Simply stunning!
"Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about Motherhood - finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without." ~Jodi Picoult
Featured photo by @jodilynnphotography.
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I can't get over how chunky he has got recently❤ he's approaching my favourite baby stage, bring on the rolls 😍... #babiesofinstagram #babiesofig #babyboy


When you get your favorite seat on the train 🙌🏻

Today, Ella's amazing teacher @marymildred texted to let me know that the talent show auditions were this afternoon. The talent show auditions that Ella had mentioned THIS MORNING on the way to school 🙄 needless to say, we (as usual) were unprepared. So... I did what I do best.. I fretted! What would she sing? Was she nervous? Did she need lyrics or music? So, I decided to run to her school for her lunch (In my gross gym clothes) to console her. When I got there and asked if she was worried she said "why would I be? I'll just make something up and sing it." 😳🙄 how is this my child? I did give her a heads up about singing in front of a group and she wisely decided she could sing an already-written song this time. 😊 so grateful that she's brave and so grateful for teachers that will be role-models forever.

📷Casting call! Friday may 5th (morning) in Provo Utah area 🤜🏻. We are looking for baby boys and girls for our upcoming photoshoot! Preferably infants age 6months to 1 year (sitting independently and pre-walkers). Also looking for children ages 1 to 2 1/2 years. Models will receive A $50 shop credit and photos, along with some fun accessories and treats for the mommas. Please submit three photos to hello@petitecoo.com including your child's age, size, and gender. Submissions need to be received by Saturday at midnight and we will contact models on Monday. Tag a mamma that may be interested below!
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Sometimes we are cool parents and have glow stick bath nights. #DeklanAlastair

Someone is excited she isn't the baby anymore 💗

Every little detail of her I know so well and hope to never forget. Her chubby little hands and crooked toes, the scrunchy face she makes when she's upset and the "hummm" she whispers right before a kiss on the lips. It's all going by so fast and I want to cherish these little details forever and ever! 💖

Babywearing snuggles with my little sick guy. Blaise woke up with sniffles and a runny nose and has been extra clingy today. Thank goodness for my @mywildbird sling, it's the only way I've been able to get anything done! Hoping he gets better soon because it's so hard to see him sick.

Last one from this series... Learning from dad how to play the built-in musical instrument thingie at the playground. ❤️ this poor lil gal was under the weather today... thankfully much better by bedtime though! ❤️

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