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#throwbackthursday In honor of the very last day of summer here was my #summerbucketlist for this year! 😄
#tbt #bujo #listersgottalist #summer #memoriesmade #summerofawesome2017

I just recently finished my third book for the month and I seriously need to catch up!! I’m starting Six of Crows and I’m hooked!! Every month I use this layout to record the books I read in a month so I can look back into it a few years later and see my progress. What are you guys currently reading? 😊🙌🏻

I've always loved listers got a list by Cori @theresetgirl girl! I love the idea of creating a book combining my use of ephemera, creativity and bullet journaling! Here I am using the @1canoe2 planner! #theresetgirl #listersgottalist #journal #bulletjournaling

#faithfullisters this week's bible verses. #listersgottalist

The Simplicity kit from @theresetgirlshop is still going strong! I used some of the household items for my #listersgottalist entry and made myself a fun living room. My dream is to own a yellow couch someday and this would be an awesome way to slow down and enjoy life!
#theresetgirl #trgcraftygirlplaykit

SNEAK PEEK ALERT: I cannot be more excited to show you sneaks of our newest and most ADORABLE collection ever!! Grateful has captured my heart like no other. Filled with messages of gratitude, yummy colors, and beautiful functional pieces, this collection is a must have. And we have a new addition to the collection this month...meet book loving, glasses wearing, bun sporting, planner girl Sammy. She will brighten your pages and warm your heart with her sweet little spirit! The new Crafty Girl PlayKit features a stamp that can create 20 different phrases, washi, and we brought back our cardstock punchout diecuts!
Planner Girl has been given a makeover so adorable, I am so excited to get my planner pages decorated again! Enjoy Sammy mood stickers, Adulting badges and new arrows for call outs and reminders! And hello, cute little clipboard date stickers? Yes please!
We will be introducing TWO TN sheets for arrows/banners and wait til you see the new prompt sheet stickers! Those will be sneaked soon!
Next month in the Happy Place Club, we will showcase the Grateful theme by working on some special projects together, in addition to our Happy Place Club Challenge. These kits have been designed to embellish those projects to perfection!
All of our kits and sticker sheets ship FREE domestically and our sticker sheets ship FREE international.
We debut the kits and sheets tomorrow at 5pm PST at TheResetGirlShop.com!!! Can't wait to see you there!

When @dearlydee posted her cuuuute collection of notepads I was all 😍😍😍. Here's my little collection. ☺️ What can I say? Lists! All day, everyday, y'all! 😄🙌🏽


Early morning coffee and planning - up until now it's been mostly memory keeping while on vacation - but now my head is over spilling with ideas and plans! Breaks really should be prescribed medically! #feelinginspired .
#plannercommunity #planneraddict #glitter #tn #travelersnotebook #glitternotebook #plannercharm #coffeeaddict #blackcoffee #memorykeeping #memoryplanner #listmaker #listersgottalist #a5planner #personalplanner #penaddict #aussieplanner #travel #vacation #planningtime #planner #plannernerd #plannergoodies #morningritual #planningritual #makingmemories

A major check off our Todo List today: Booking our fall mountain weekend getaway! Most important task of our day because it's us choosing us. You can choose to let your work dominate your schedule and dominate your priorities OR you can decide to take control and define who and what matter most. Work is always going to be busy. Life is always going to be busy. But you don't always have to be TOO busy to press pause, stand in the moment, and fully engage with where you are and who you're with. Hopefully today was a reminder for you of what that looks like and feels like! What is the next trip on your list where you're going to completely check out?

#faithfullisters this week's bible verses. #listersgottalist

#throwbackthursday In honor of the very last day of summer here was my #summerbucketlist for this year! 😄
#tbt #bujo #listersgottalist #summer #memoriesmade #summerofawesome2017

Confession Time - I designed this decal after getting hooked on Murder She Wrote 🙊
Jessica Fletcher uses a typewriter so a typewriter decal HAD to exist.
Journalist friends, tell me, is there a better way to show a love for writing?

#typewriter #journalism #amwriting #morethanmonogramsco

Na blogu pojawił się nowy wpis dotyczący wdzięczności,a wraz z nim lista wdzięczności do druku na użytek własny 😊 #doodlownik

I took a lot of photos of my mildliners several months back and I’m uploading them selectively 😂😂 they’re my most favorite stationery ever ❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻

Today was a go-go-go kind of day. I kid you not that despite both of us working from home today, we saw each other for maybe 10 minutes at the longest and literally tagged team each other for lunch. It was a super productive day on the work front but it's those kind of days where we try to be JUST as productive on the family "us" time front. So when we closed up shop today, we left the work hustle in our offices and checked completely in to each other over a nice meal for two. You don't have to be a fancy pants in the kitchen and you don't need an extravagant meal to have a meaningful meal. You just have to be fully present with those around you and that's what makes it a great meal. Slowing down for family dinner time at the end of a hectic day is a tradition that will absolutely never get old! How do you like to unwind after a busy day?

Day 19: Places And People I Have Visited This Year... We haven't traveled much this year and I didn't think about including concerts { which there were a good clip of them and always out of town because this is Iowa... 🙄 } until after my page was completed... #30lists #30daysoflists #list #lister #listmaker #listaddict #listnerd #listersgottalist #tngirl #mystories #currently #rightnow #thisisme #travelersnotebook #midori #scrapbook #scrapbooking #memorykeeping #documentinglife #september2017 #placesandpeopleivisitedthisyear

Because YOU CAN! Sometimes it is that simple. When you are in the thick of it, when things seem messy and the next step seems impossible, remind yourself of the not so simple fact that YOU CAN! Let that be the voice on repeat in your head that helps turn you can into you DID!

I'm digging in Christmas tags and pulled out this Christmas card record and remember a comment from last year that made me giggle. Nobody got a damn thing in 1975. 😂😂 Still funny! #ephemera #christmascardlist #listers #listersgottalist #vintagechristmas #christmasgifts #gifttags #indexcards #vintagepaper

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