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#твоиглаза 😃 узнали? ))) @nazargrabar
этот День Рождения был полон сюрпризов! Как здорово просто взять и сорваться в любую точку куда пожелаешь... ну и конечно же я пожелала Маями и забронировала билеты за день до Дня Рождения 😃 Как я люблю спонтанность! Спасибо, друзья, за тёплые поздравления! Желаю чтобы у всех сбывались мечты, а мечты это всего лишь правильный выбор цели и вера в себя! Главное не лениться и не боятся рисковать. Мы это то, о чем мы думаем! Все в наших руках ❤️ Или сейчас или никогда!
This birthday was full of surprises, I love spontaneous! I didn't have any plans for my birthday, how cool is it just pack you bags and get out to any place in the world you wish and of course I wished Miami 🌴🥂🎂 I booked tickets the day before my birthday 🎉 Thank you my friends for happy wishes! I wish your dreams come true, it's very easy, a goal without a plan is just dream, so choose the right goal for you, believe in yourself and just do it. Don't be lazy and don't afraid to risk! We are what we think, think positive 😜 it's either today or never!!! #маями #мечтысбываются #деньрождения #хочетсяпраздника #лобода #назарграбар #followyourdreams #listentoyourheart #happybirthday #lovesurprises #Miami #miamibeach #changeintheair

Sprint towards your greatest fears.
Photo by: @musashi671

Your life is like a garden. A garden needs tending, watering, nurturing and weeding on a daily basis. 💚🌾🌷 It's okay to take a day off from "life" and focus on yourself. #loveyourself #listentoyourheart #photographysouls #photoshoot📷 @sarahelizabethkeyphotography

Listen.. do you hear that?
Everyone stop all the chat.
Listen to the beat the sound.
That walks with you all day round.
It's the beating of your heart.
If you're quick and act super smart.
You'll listen to it everyday.
You'll wait for what it has to say.
Like me when I started teaching ballet.
I didn't know It would go my way.
It changed my life for good, and now.
I wouldn't know what I'd do without it how?
Thank you CHB for everything you do.
I'm so happy doing what I love it's true.
So take your heart like a seashell and listen to it beat.
It will bring you all of life's joys and keep you feeling sweet!
#listentoyourheart #andyoullbesweet #justlikecandy #anda #seashell #cobblehillballet #balletteacherlife #balletteacher #iloveballet #andmyboss #isthebest #thankyou #CHBforever #andlife #forthis #amazinggift #thatismylife #goodnight #bicoastalmgmt

На перерывах мучаю всегда @rinatguitar 🙈 кавер на песню "Listen to your heart" Как вам? #listentoyourheart #алиякарачурина #rtgroup

My love for this woman continues to grow more with each day that passes, with every new memory and experience shared my appreciation and gratitude for my goddess companion expands beyond what I thought even possible. She is my greatest inspiration and teacher. I feel so lucky to call her my wife and best friend. At times it is so overwhelming how much you can care about someone, and not only one who shares joy and happiness with you, but one you knows you deeply, your flaws, struggles, and lows, yet they still love you unconditionally. How can you measure a love of such patience and compassion? The feeling of your eternal companion is unmistakable and if you intentionally seek a companion for reasons of your soul you will know the deepest love. My first question to Ashley when I met her was, what do you think the meaning of life is? From there we spiraled into endless spiritual discussion that has never stopped and I feel never began. This is our eternal romance and adventure of love, always learning, exploring, and expressing gratitude. I could never say it enough how much I cherish my wife and in a questionable male culture, I hope other men will see the love of Divine in their women and soften their hearts. Women are our greatest teachers and we theirs, so listen, cherish, and appreciate and you will know true lasting happiness in love and relationship.


Slut or just happy in my own skin?
What do you think?

This is my #selfloveweek day 1 post. @iammelwells has created this beautiful challenge and yesterday's (fashionably late to the party!) was about what you L💖VE about yourself.

Me? I have a whole list.
Of course, I still have a few things I don't like, but why focus on them? Let's have a look at what I love about me - which do you resonate with?...
💖 I love my long legs
💖 my eye lashes
💖 my long beautiful blonde mane
💖 my ability to see the best in people and situations
💖 my commitment to growth, I totally love that about me 😍
💖 I love my thoughtfulness and care for other people, animals and our planet
💖 I love my independence
💖 I love that I connect with people fast and create loving relationships that support both of us
💖 I love my pretty instagram! 🙈
💖 I love my body, I do. I love that it allows me to move through this journey, on this planet. I love my arms to hug and hold, I love my legs for moving me forward. I love my mind for its keeping me alive and more than just surviving. I love it for being a connection to the universe, a vehicle for spiritual, sexual and emotional pleasure.

I love me. I do.

In all honesty, whilst that's true, i still feel a bit of resistance saying this stuff. Like, "who am I to love myself?! When so many don't?! Am I slutty for loving my body? Am I self absorbed for thinking I'm a loving and kind being?"
Who the hell am I NOT to love myself and share it?!!!

I want this self love for you, beautiful 🙏🏼💖

What about you then, what do you love about you? Apart from the fact you're already a miracle just being alive!!!! ✨💖🌙💜👑


a l w a y s


Wake up to this view and start your day with an open heart, greeting the nature, ocean and sun 💖

I'm so excited and happy to announce my second Yoga and Spa - retreat together with @maritamaeland in beautiful, serene @hjelmelandspahotel April 20-22 2018.

Raw food chef @ina_vanila is joining us this year too, bringing us the most amazing food you can possibly imagine 😍😋✨ Join our weekend filled with yoga, meditation, pranayama, delicious food, beauty, energy, magic and love 💗🌟💫 *
Retreat package include:
2 nights at @hjelmelandspahotel
4 yoga classes
5 delicious vegetarian meals prepared by raw vegan chef Ina Luckute @ina_vanila
Guided meditations and breathwork
Access to the spa pool all weekend

Only 16 spots available. Follow my Facebook page: Anne Siv Aasen for more information.
Photographer: @feienogfjong
Photos: Yoga and Spa Retreat, Hjelmeland Spa Hotel, May 2017

26.09.2017 8,26 km I love the feeling to run and only listen to my own breathing and the wind in my ears... then I'm free 🖤 #beingfree #runtastic #applewatch #nike #adidas #feelingmyself #listentoyourheart #listentoyourbody #listentoyourself #listentoyourheartbeat #listentothewindinyourears #windinyourears #brooks #brookssocks #nikeairzoompegasus31

In the end of the day..what is the most important to you?
Is it the money? The fame? The hard work? The long hours away from your loved ones? The phone? The others?
I see so many people focussing on money. I often meet a person who tells me that love is the most important thing in life. Enjoy, be happy, be healthy... relax, surrender, connect and tell me really who you are!
Where is the quality time?

No people have and live in illusions. We create a world where we live as robots. We follow rules and are disconnected from our hearts. The voice inside, we ignore it.
The mind is in controle and we need to fit in the society.
Ask yourself, what is really important.

Most of the time it is the little things in life. For me the most important thing in life is to feel connected. Te love and beloved. To feel I matter, I am worth to live, be happy and free. I hear my heart beating and feel the flow of life inside of me pulsing 💖

#whatisimportant #newearth #consiousness #chooselove #nomind #noego #awakening #family #friends #joy #laughter #befree #beloved #love #bethereforothers #beatservice #listentoyourheart

Hey everyone!🤗 Yesterday was a tough day for me!😫
My workout went okey and I know that happens sometimes but afterwards in my shower a just breaked down in tears!😭 I ask myself; What dose this mean?
What am I REALLY feeling?
And it came down to that I was not were I wanted to be! I want to be further ahead then I am!
It makes me so angry that the people around me think a Work too "hard". They say; You have your hole life, don't rush it!
But for Me, I think I don't work hard enough. I can do MORE then I do!

I have always had someone that tells me what to do and someone that helps me in any situations possible!
Why? Because I was so shy and felt like I couldn't do anthing right!
That I was a stupid joke!😔 I have changed A LOT since then!
The person I am Today don't want that anymore!
That is Why I do what I do everyday!

I Believe I can reach my Goals & my Visions! I don't need anyone else to believe that!

So what I want YOU to take from this is that, if YOU have a Vision🙏🏼 that YOU Believe in 100%, then that☝️ is the only thing that matters!❇
Go for it no matter what!👊 It's time to Level Up!😤☝️
#listentoyourheart #keepfighting #stayhungry #stayfocused #staystrong #createyourlife #changeyourlife #goal #vision #effort #earntnotgiven #wintheday #noonecanstopme #makeachoice #nothingisimpossible #believeinyourself #takerisks #takeaction #striveforgreatness #striveformore #evolve #consistency #disipline #levelup #nowornever #mindfulness #mentalhealth #healthy #havefaith

h i g h e r • s e l f

🌿☘️🌿☘️🌿☘️🌿☘️🌿☘️Mornin•time to m e d i t a t e✨🌼✨

Healing crystals are only crystals you need 💕


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