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Today's words of wisdom: Listen to Women. And check out Open Windows Collective @openwindowscooperative. Buttons made in collaboration with @miachristopher -- Stop by and pick up your pin today !

This 👆👆👆 🙌 #robertredford #listentowomen #metoo

Some favorite Nat Geo buttons from our current batch, which has been flying. We are making a new batch today so we have a lot for the Women's March Saturday! Come by the studio 6:30 - 8:30 to make a sign and a button! #listentowomen #womensmarch #feminism #natgeo

It really crept up on us, but the Women's March is THIS SATURDAY. We will be hosting a sign making / button making party tomorrow evening-- we'll have cardboard, papers, and paint! Bring your friends!

Also, if you want to stock up on Listen to Women buttons, buy them thursday or visit our SF stockists @lppshop, @greenapplebooks, Dayenu, or @seedstore!

#listentowomen #womensmarch #feminism

Listen to women, follow women and invest in women—the Global Fund for Women’s top three lessons from 2017 to put into action in 2018. We’re totally onboard, who else is?! #regram @globalfundwomen

#Aggression is often thought of as a form of non-physical violence that may include yelling, sharp movements, or threats. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
At El HaLev, we think of aggression as “a blatant form of violence. More subtle, harder-to-spot forms of emotional, spiritual, or verbal aggression are referred to as ‘micro aggressions.’”
Unlike #assertiveness, which we talked about yesterday, #aggressive behavior is more about crossing somebody else’s #boundaries (even with little or no provocation) than setting and protecting your own.
In #EmpowermentSelfDefense classes, students learn to identify all forms of aggression and neutralize them by setting clear, #assertive boundaries.
What is your definition of aggression?

L I S T E N T O W O M E N. Get yourself a pin at the @openwindowscooperative webstore or at @makespaceforpractice in Inman Sq. .
#listentowomen #womensmarch #feminism #metoo #grlpwr #girlpower

Listen to Women series 4: lore
#listentowomen #womensmarch

I’m wearing black today because #timesup but I decided to be a little extra and wear Furiosa

My face when someone tries to say women just want to villainize Aziz or are confusing regret and consent. Repeat after me: * Coercion is NOT consent. * Your faves are problematic - deal with it and stop fucking victim blaming. 🤦🏼‍♀️

A huge thank you to @ellielobov for creating Birth On The Border and sharing this gift at last night's screening. What a powerful telling of powerful stories of powerful women. Go see this film! Photo: @ellielobov
#endwhitesupremacy #listentowomen

#Assertiveness is often thought of as a masculine trait that is often portrayed as being loud, shrill and aggressive. 💥

But at El HaLev, we believe that assertiveness is, "the ability to clearly express what we want and what we don’t in a manner that is calm, generous, stable, and respectful, while staying conscious of our rights and sense of #SelfWorth. By expressing ourselves assertively, we communicate clearly, make our voices heard and respected, and create a safe space for ourselves."
It may take practice and training, but everyone, even the most classically “nice” and “sweet” among us, possesses the ability to be assertive. Everybody has the right to be assertive. 💫
Being assertive isn’t about being selfish, mean or physically aggressive. In fact, more often than not, a firm #voice and confident #BodyLanguage will do the trick. 🍃

Unlike #aggression, which we'll talk about tomorrow, assertiveness is about YOU, and doing what you have to do to protect your #boundaries. 😍
And boundary setting is what #EmpowermentSelfDefense is all about. 💪🏼
What is your definition of assertiveness?
#BoundarySetting #HealthyBoundaries #SelfCare #Confidence #YouMatter #SelfDefense #EmpowermentSelfDefense

Listen to Women series 3: celestial #listentowomen #womensmarch

STEP THE FUCK ASIDE. So... 2 things happened on my bike ride home yesterday: 1) I found this #groundscore. 2) I bumped into a dude in a crosswalk walking in a posse of nicely dressed young guys and girls (north beach, Saturday night, 10pm). 😡AND I WAS PISSED!! 😡I was biking uphill and (had been for awhile) so, not wanting to stop my momentum, shot him the look like, "Im biking uphill, I can't stop, please don't make me stop, I'm not stopping." And he shot me a look back that said, "fuck you, I have the right away, im Not stopping for you." and so he continued his pace and I continued mine and he braced himself (with slight, but definite intentional force) bumped me. I was enraged! Really dude?! Technically, yes, you have the right away, but you were walking and it would have taken little to NO energy to stop for ONE FOOT STEP, let me pass, then continue walking slightly downhill. Meanwhile, if I stopped, I would have lost all momentum, and had to exert way more energy to start over, essentially, and bike uphill again. 👊🏽Still, a day later... 😡WHY AM I SO UPSET? This is a metaphor for my fucking life. White male privilege in my face every day down to the smallest details, where this guy won't even stop for ONE foot step to make my life easier, because HE deserves the right away, he is entitled to the road. Well, FUCK YOU DUDE! You're not entitled to your easy journey! It's called help a sister out, for fucks sake! Guess what?! I didn't stop, I'm NOT STOPPING, so you better get use to people like me being in your way, because IM NOT STOPPING MY DIFFICULT JOURNEY UPHILL SO YOU CAN CONTINUE YOUR EASY ONE ACROSS THE STREET! Fuck YOU. Your time is up! Im on the move and I'm Not backing down! Next time you better move outta my way or I'll plow into YOU and you'll wish you never came remotely near my path!!! #hellaheated #cantstopwontstop #steptheFUCKASIDE #sometimesigetangry #sofuckingtiredofthisshit #helpasisterout #womenrising #ourturn #entitledmen #strongertogether #feminist #openwindowscooperative #listentowomen #womensmarch

See that building up on the hill? That’s Gallup Indian Medical Center, an IHS hospital right in the edge of the Navajo Reservation, serving one of the largest Native American populations (300k+) in the country.
This is where I’ll be finishing my nurse midwifery clinicals, working for 10 weeks before graduating in May. Follow along as I document my New Mexican adventures!
#certifiednursemidwife #midwivesmatter #midwiferystudent #evidencebasedbirth #acnm #listentowomen

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