We really have to #understand the person we want to #love. If our love is only a will to #possess, it is not love. If we only think of ourselves, if we know only our own needs and ignore the needs of the other person, we cannot love. We must #lookdeeply in order to see and understand the #needs, #aspirations, and #suffering of the person we love. This is the ground of real love. You cannot resist loving another person when you really understand him or her.

From time to time, sit close to the one you love, hold his or her hand, and ask, 'Darling, do I understand you enough? Or am I making you #suffer? Please tell me so that I can learn to love you properly. I don't want to make you suffer, and if I do so because of my #ignorance, please tell me so that I can love you better, so that you can be happy." If you say this in a voice that #communicates your real #openness to understand, the other person may #cry.

That is a good sign, because it means the door of understanding is opening and everything will be possible again.
Maybe a father does not have time or is not brave enough to ask his son such a #question. Then the love between them will not be as full as it could be. We need #courage to ask these questions, but if we don't ask, the more we love, the more we may destroy the people we are trying to love. True love needs understanding. With #understanding, the one we love will certainly flower.
Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life
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Whilst I'm not a big poster of content relating to 'big issues' affecting today's world (maybe because much of the time, social media seems such a cacophony of opinions that I'd rather not add to the noise), it dawned on me today that in the UK, we're currently in mental health awareness week. Also, one year since we all learned we'd never hear this glorious voice sing live again.
No preachiness, no advice. Just a reflection on the importance of mental health to anyone living. Finding real purpose is pretty fucking hard at the best of times. And even if you pull it off, sometimes it still isn't enough, if things aren't in a good place up in the old noggin.
That being said, I do believe the pursuit of meaning is meaningful in itself. So, whatever the thing is that you're chasing, know that you rock and I'm rooting for you.🤘
Or, to steal a lyric from another great musician:
It's not what you'll possess
It's how you will express
The essence of you ❤️

Technology has and can continue to create some amazing things for our lives... but we still need to remember that human contact and communication is such a wonderful thing for our souls. A simple touch on the arm, holding hands, listening to each other while looking at the person and being thoughtful of what we speak... don’t let technology overpower the human relationship 😊🤝 #humanconnection #putthephonedown #lookup #openyoureyes #listentoeachother #speakwithkindness

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, I’ve compiled many little pieces I’ve designed and created in my response to raising awareness for the people around us but also within ourselves. There are times in life where we can be caught off guard and its important to be aware that everyone responds and reacts in their own way, everyone is an individual but the general response to mental health should stem from understanding, empathy and dialogue. Support each other and talk.

Swipe right and spread the message! Thanks x

13 years together, and today we celebrate 8 years of a pretty darn good marriage! 💒🙌🏻 We’ve been through many storms and always come out stronger together! 💪🏻 Happy anniversary Mr Emmett! 😘 #teamemmett

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Challenge for the week ahead!

Think of one of the most common interactions you have with people. It probably goes something like this:

"Hey how ya doing?

Good. You?

Good. Thanks"

If you are like me and most others in this type of convo, you don't even really wait to hear if the person is "good" or not. •

Challenge for the week to stop and listen to the other person. Don't keep walking by. Give them a chance to tell you how they are doing even if you don't care. Make it about them. Even if online a few minutes. •

Listening to someone for just a few minutes will go a long way. Give it a try!

Celebrating 200 years of the Old Vic Theatre with a trip to the phenomenal and relevant ‘Mood Music.’ #happybirthdayoldvic #OV200 #listentoeachother #begenerous #oldvic #moodmusic #200years #lambeth #theatre #arts #musicindustry #genderpolitics #listening

Remember to truly listen today, not just to those around you, but also to yourself. From listening comes wisdom, from wisdom comes understanding, and from understanding comes compassion. ~A
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if both teens and parents listen to each other, they will have an easier time connecting with each other. in addition, both will get to know each other better, which should reduce conflict.
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"Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction." -- Margaret Thatcher #michaelcarson #fitat50 #life #love #smile #motivate #bemer #listentoeachother #happy #fitnesstherapy #fitness @therock

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