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Just felt like it was a Star Wars kinda day Featuring: @starwars
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Che lista🙈 #listagram#pazzi#sorrisi

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Quando il rude drammaturgo diventava uomo #18leon#listagram

Un ragazzo con tanta grinta e talento da vendere oggi ci ha incantato con la sua musica magica ~ Grande Matteo😊 @matteo_bettonte #listagram #elezioni2016 #primarie #amazing

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4 rappresentanti di istitut... Ah no
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Sometimes it's not until you write it down that you realise just what you've done or have to do...
This is a list of all the upgrades that I have designed for my notebooks and I've amazed myself how many there are! .
Can you spot the new ones?
Any of the upgrades can be printed into any of the recycled books in my Etsy shop as I design each one and print to order, which is what makes them so unique.
But I have a feeling there might be room for more... I've definitely got a Bucket List upgrade on my list... any other suggestions?

Taking advantage of the sun + reading outside. Today is PERFECT -- 70 degrees and sunny ☀️. (More Peaks pics in my stories. Hopefully I'm not annoying y'all with my gratuitous sharing.) A walk around the island later this afternoon is a must... and reading more of Little Fires Everywhere, of course. I'm getting super into the story of the Richardsons, and am eager to find out what happens. @pronounced_ing is incredibly talented at building interesting characters that are lovable and deeply relatable. What are y'all reading today?

La canción favorita de mi hijo del gran @littlepepe y se empeña en que la grabamos para subirla al #Listagram #NoSePara #NoSeParaNo

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