Portas Do Sol, Lisbon 😍

Success is to commit yourself to something and value that promise to yourself with the highest respect.
After few weeks of not studying really much, I committed myself to study 4 hours per day besides all other activities to reach my grade goals. Yesterday I didn’t manage to study the whole day, so at 9 PM I went to university and learned there until 2 AM. I would have preferred to watch football on the couch, but I valued my promise to myself and it feels just awesome. 🎉👌

🌟 NUEVO POST 🌟 ==>>Link en bio ==<< #Lisboa está de moda. En el post de hoy te damos consejos prácticos sobre qué hacer y qué no hacer para minimizar tu huella turística y que pueda seguir de moda también en la vida que quienes la habitan. #TurismoSostenible #TurismoResponsable

Mesmo com essa chuva, chegaste em hora boa! Bem vindo Verão 🙌🏽☀️🌧
Quem tinha saudades??
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