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Think about your Life and where your at is it where you want to be right now?
Just remember we get only 1 shot at this Journey we all call life. If Not happy Change it starting now today. If you start to wait till tomorrow that is another day lost and gone for change for your life. If you don't start you will keep putting it off for the next day till it is too late. Do it little by little in stages if you need to little changes can go a long way. This online marketing businesses has changed my life in so many ways and Just the small changes I have done with my self training and self Development so far has made my life so much more rich with Life's Real riches Not Money but self love, Self respect, Better relationships, more positive life, attitude, & Mindset. Building oneself builds your life better it starts first off with you. When you work on yourself other things change around you and you gain better relationships and won't tolerate others to treat you wrong either. You gain self confidence and self love. Start with something small if need change try something different. Write a pros and cons list on things you been questioning. List things you like to change bad habits to kick, relationships you feel needs to change, cutting out negative people out of your life make room for more positive people in it. Take Risks do things that scare you and challenge you get out of your comfort zone it will build you love.
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Supper with Amazing Friends!
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Having a thyroid condition can be a real pain in the Ass & weight issues is a super struggle to lose 1 pound. I have busted my butt to try to lose enough wait to get into this Wedding dress for our 10 year Anniversary for pictures NO GO. LOL It is crazy I thought to myself How skinny I was. I thought Damn girl did you even Eat back than LOL I even bet shawn I could get back into it. I thought I lost enough weight even super cocky and confident about it. I went to put it on no going over this booty where did all that Junk in the trunk come from I thought.
It is so crazy to not realize how much weight I gained over the years since I got this condition It was an eye opener I need to seriously kick my own ass at working out and stay consistent even know I know it will be hard and I got something working against me.This year I Only got 1 week left Don't think it is Happening still gonna try though it is the fighter in me to not give up a Girl wants what a girls wants. This weight is going Bye Bye far away from me that wedding Dress I will be wearing again soon. The Struggle is so Real. If not this year Next year forsure Love challenges and this one is huge.
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Stay Focused with your Eyes on the Prize!
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Here is to strong women may we know them, May we be them, May we Raise them! #lisaschwoegler #topnotchdivas

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