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Do not try this at home. Eclipse ready, minus that whole protected sunglasses situation.

THE SPREAD AT @littlejackstavern. 📷: @holycityhandcraft

If only my bank account looked as green as this. 📷:@krupaconsulting / 📍:@thewildsonnyc

Pssst... hey folks! It's that time... @bevconchs is officially here! We're kicking things off tonight with a takeover at the @bevconchs account from @littlejackstavern. Head on over and check it out!
📷: @kirkrobert of @kindlerstudios for @jcrewmens

This doesn't happen everyday 🌘
Black Hole Sun •Blanco Tequila •Lime•Mango Turmeric syrup •Egg white •Black charcoal

Lots of good times to be had this week @bevconchs

One of the books I'm reading 🥃

🙋🏻 who's ready for a juicy tangerine x raspberry moscow mule? end your monday with us and you'll be convinced that tuesday is nbd. 🎉🍹🍊 #montanainseattle


New on the cocktail menu at @audacesg - Bittersweet symphony: Spiced Rum, Fresh Orange, Apple and bitters made from momordica (bitter melon). ____
#unlistedcollection #audacesg

Next in our @amaroweek cocktail series, we delve into the world of Cynar, an amaro with 13 different plants and herbs.⠀

When you think of Cynar, you think of artichokes but this Amaro doesn’t taste like you’re drinking artichoke juice. The name comes from the word “cynarin”, an ingredient found in the vegetable with digestive qualities. ⠀

Our #AmaroWeek cocktail takes us to Brazil via Italy for the Rabo de Galo which translates as “tail of the cock”, a popular drink made with cachaça. ⠀

60 ml cachaça⠀
15 ml Cynar⠀
15 ml sweet vermouth⠀
2 dashes of orange bitters⠀
Lime peel⠀

Stir/Strain/Short Glass/Lime Peel⠀

#amaroweek @mmydrinks

Feeling a little shy? Well, the 'Wallflower' might just bring you out of that shell. A refreshing mix of vodka, licorice, elderflower tonic and cordyceps flower syrup. Drop by Audace Bar at Wanderlust Hotel tonight.

Sapphire-Side, before and after shot. ⠀

Bombay Sapphire Gin. Mint. Fresh Lime. Sugar. St-Germain.⠀


We know you aren't looking out for a party in the middle of the week so we've got a lot for you other than just partying. Kick back and enjoy the games, the drinks and obviously the music.
Get your squad along to kill your Tiring Tuesday.

A shot of the stainless steel drums that rest our Still Strength 90 proof release and prata unaged #thrillofdiscovery

🙋🏻 who's ready for a juicy tangerine x raspberry moscow mule? end your monday with us and you'll be convinced that tuesday is nbd. 🎉🍹🍊 #montanainseattle

One of the books I'm reading 🥃

I hope you've been keeping up with the @instagram stories! This is @holycityhandcraft signing off from @littlejackstavern after a successful @maisonpremiere takeover for @bevconchs! Stay tuned tomorrow for more BevCon coverage and follow along on #bevcon17 and #bevconchs!

Well here it is… my official first cocktail of @bevconchs, here’s the A LA LOUISIANE from the @maisonpremiere takeover at @littlejackstavern — featuring Rittenhouse, Benedictine, Cocchi di Torino Sweet Vermouth, @peychaudsaperitivo Bitters and Absinthe Vert 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

THE JUNGLE BIRD! A twist on a classic Tiki cocktail at the @maisonpremiere takeover at @littlejackstaver — featuring Hamilton Jamaican Black Rum, @cruzanrum Blackstrap Rum, @campariamerica, Cane Syrup, Lime, Pineapple and Salt.
📷: @holycityhandcraft

@holycityhandcraft checking in again! THE WALCOTT EXPRESS from the @maisonpremiere takeover at @littlejackstavern — Sapin 55, Blanche Absinthe, Lime Cordial and Mint.
📷: @holycityhandcraft

Today I received an amazing gift in a bottle of @hennessy cognac 🥃, but a special brand that you can't find in the United States 🇺🇸. This is @purewhitehenny_ which is distilled with white grapes and with it's double distillation has a floral smell with a bold taste. I can't wait to taste a bit of this great cognac liquor. @hennessyus you need to get on it and get this in the US! #hennessy #cognac #hennessypurewhite #liquor #spirits #drink #bartender #fineliquor #mixology #foodie #liquorgram #instagramhub #iphoneonly #instadaily #instamood #ignation #igaddict #igdaily #igers #photooftheday #picture #picoftheday #likeforlike #bestoftheday #webstagram #pic

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