hi, someone buy me pizza please. // @loren @lorenxgray

I don’t have school tomorrow yey // @loren @lorenxgray

u deserve happiness 💓💕🤧💖 // @loren @lorenxgray

finals are stressful //
@loren @lorenxgray

goodmorning // @loren @lorenxgray

i love her :,) // @loren @lorenxgray

she’s so gorgeous 😍🤧 // @loren @lorenxgray

goodmorning babe // @loren @lorenxgray

She’s the cutest btw tysm for 1k 💕💗💖💘💓 // @loren @lorenxgray

I love u lor // @loren @lorenxgray

heyooo // @loren @lorenxgray

hi,sorry for been inactive but I have finals so I’m not gonna post a lote till weekend:( // @loren @lorenxgray

I love u @loren @lorenxgray

heyoo, im back 🤪 // @loren @lorenxgray

I have a bday party tomorrow yey // @loren @lorenxgray

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