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Can your lipstick do this?! Follow me at Best_Lip_Service for more Info. So your lipstick can do this too 💋

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Soft, neutral makeup today ... 💫Pearlizer as shadow
💋Apple Cider and Pink Champagne LipSense .
#senegence #teacherbydaybossbabebynight #neutralmakeup #softlips #lipsenseasheville #lipsensedistributor #lipsense #makeup #cosmeticslover #makeuplover #makeupaddict

Wore this combo yesterday and it's on repeat for today (and probably the remainder of the week). Love that you can create your own custom colors by layering. This is 1 layer First Love followed by 2 layers Pink Champagne topped with Sand Gloss.

Today was magical, and I'm so glad I had Bella on for it! We made a trip to Chicago, for my daughter to see her Paternal Grandmother for the first time in 10 years, and it was a beautifully emotional and wonderful time. 🙏

There's still time to shop this week's #liplookoftheweek. Cappuccino is currently out of stock, but I have 3 in my personal inventory ready to ship. Comment or DM if you want to get your hands on one.

I have Pink Champagne IN STOCK! Just 3 left. Comment if you want one! First 2 that purchase, get a free gift with purchase that goes with this color! Ya girl. #lipsense #pinkchampagne #lipsensepinkchampagne

There's still time if you want in on tomorrow's private event. Curious to see what all the hype is about this #magiclipstick and learn about all the other amazing #senegence products??
Comment or message if you want an invite💋


Huge sale going on in my FB group (link in bio). Everything is on sale in the shop 🙀
Have you been wanting to try LipSense or wanting to stock up in your favs? NOW is the time!!
DM me for special pricing 💋

Come see me this Saturday. If you are in the WNC area you don't want to miss this. Soooo many talented vendors. I can't wait to shop. Tickets are $2 per person (15 and younger are free) and free parking.
My sister @samw1881 and my kiddos will be slinging LipSense and other SeneGence products. Stop by and say hi 👋🏻

Can't get enough of these perfect for fall colors. Caramel Apple and Caramel Latte have been on heavy rotation lately. What are your favorite fall shades?

Temps are dropping and it's like fall hit us all of a sudden 🍂. I'm trying to rock these bright summer colors as long as I can. I toned down Kiss For a Cause by sandwiching it between 2 layers of Beige Champagne. I love brights, but my fair skin and light hair means brights really show up on me, and I usually have to tone them down. That's why I love layering my LipSense.

I've been a bit MIA lately (life y'all). Thought this was so funny. Who else can relate? Where do they go? Do you think they eventually end up with the lost socks from the dryer?? (📷 via @shape)

This announcement was just made today! Now is an awesome time to join this great company! I would love to help you get started 😊

Got my SeneGence card loaded with my commissions 🤗
Want to learn how this can be a side hustle or full time income for you too? Click the link in bio 👆👆and join us tonight at 7pm to hear some great ladies talk about how this has worked for them! Message me if you have any questions.
No obligations I promise 😊curious or just want to learn a little bit about SeneGence? Feel free to listen in tonight!

One participant will be winning a free Starter Collection of LipSense.

This quote🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Love this reminder that you create your own happiness and that it's not just handed to you. You've got to work for it. To all my girl bosses, keep crushing your goals 👊🏻💋

I've been a bit MIA lately, partly because I'm lazy, and partly bc I just wanted to enjoy the last little bit of summer with a social media break. It's back to school today for these two. Because you've got to be just a little bit #extra on your first day of school, I let them wear some Pouty Pink BlushSense and of course, some B gloss (our fav!!)💋

What is your favorite season?
Mine is definitely Fall 🍂🍁
Here is a glimpse at just a few of the beautiful colors that would be perfect for Fall

Because LipSense is awesome and who doesn't love a discount??? 💋

Been a while since I've worn Bombshell on it's own. Forgot how much I love it by itself. I usually use it as a layering color. I always recommend it as a first time color to those who aren't sure what color they should get. It looks great on everyone and it's perfect for layering. Definitely one of our most versatile colors.

Happy rainy Monday! It's perfect sleeping weather outside. Who wishes they were still curled up in bed besides me?
I have a challenge for you this week. Dish out the compliments this week to friends, family, and even strangers. Giving compliments makes you and the other person feel good (win-win). Aaaaaand, if you get a compliment, accept it graciously. No minimizing or bringing attention to your "flaws". I really struggle with this part.
Who's up for this challenge? Comment below 👇🏻💋

This business is growing so quickly I already have a need for 2 people to join my team in August ✨
Need a part time job or a side hustle that will work with YoUr schedule and family needs? Then Message me and let's chat about how this job could help you. 🌟Your success is my success🌟
Our team is a wonderful group of people that build and encourage each other to make great things happen 🙌

When you want your lips to match your cheeks...💋

Y’all, this self tanner is the 💣. It’s the reason I still have color from our beach trip over a month ago. I don’t spend a lot of time in the sun (soooo bad for your skin), and when I do I make sure I’ve applied my SPF 70. But, it’s nice to have a bronzed glow in the summer. That’s where this stuff comes in. I’ve been using this twice a week since we got back from the beach and I’m still the same shade. It is so easy to apply. Just spray on and rub in. You don’t even need a mit. It’s streak free without having to use one. Plus it doesn’t have that yucky self tanner smell.

I can help with that! 😘 Message me if you're tired of having your lipstick come off on everything! 👍🏻✨

It’s HOT!! Don’t leave your LipSense in a hot car. Did you know it can be up to 40 degrees hotter inside your car? That mean temps well over a 100 degrees for most of us 🌞
If you leave your LipSense in a hot car, at best, your lid may detach. Worst case, your LipSense might explode😱, and you do not want to have to clean up a LipSense bomb. The extreme heat can also damage the formula (your LipSense may change consistency or not wear as well), or warp your container. 🚫🌞🚘

Why hello there #sassyzdupe
If you weren't able to get your hands on the limited edition #sassyzlipsense don't worry, I've got a dupe for you. Layer Beige Champagne->Dark Pink->Beige Champagne and you can get pretty darn close. Who else wants SeneGence to #bringbacksassyz ? 🙋🏼

My little bombshells wearing Bombshell and Bougainvillea gloss. These 2 have been at the lake all weekend, and while a nice quiet weekend was good for my soul, I missed these little nuggets like crazy. (Remind me I said this later on when they've destroyed the house, don't want to eat the dinner I fixed, and are arguing over who knows what) 😉

Up close comparison of the 2 NEW COLORS! So tropical, so Summer, so FUN! I've got several of each coming my way, message me to send it your way! 🏝🕶👙🍹#limitededition #tropics #peacelovelipsbyerin

I just ordered this NEWLY ANNOUNCED, LIMITED EDITION color, She's Apples!! Who wants one?

Come join me!! Getting started in this business is simple and so fun!! I would be happy to have you with me on this journey and getting the perks that come with it! Make new girlfriends that are like a sisterhood, and make as much money as you want at the same time. $55 to sign up, no monthly autoship, no minimum sales, automatically get 20-50% off retail pricing. And this company has the BEST compensation plan of any direct sales company around. Send me a message and I will help you join and get going! 💕

Did you know there's more to SeneGence than just LipSense?

ShadowSense is budge proof just like LipSense. I’ve got oily lids and this stuff seriously stays put. But, it’s not just for eyes, you can use it anywhere on your face!! They blend easily with your fingers, brush, or sponge. These three are my favorites for a flawless face.
Moca Java: perfect neutral shade for contouring and great for filling in brows and lining under eyes for subtle definition
Candlelight: Concealing dark circles and blemishes

Sandstone Pearl Shimmer: Highlight for tops of the cheekbones, bridge of nose, brow bone, inner corner of eyes, and cupid’s bow

Want a neutral eye look: Candlelight on lid, Moca Java in crease, Sandstone Pearl Shimmer on brow bone and inner corner.
I love multitasking products 💋

Senegence is changing my life, I can afford extra splurges for my family. Saying YES to my Lip business everyday, is so simple and so rewarding!
Thank you ladies who have supported my business as it GROWS leaps and bounds. #peacelovelipsbyerin #lipsense #senegence #liplife #lipboss #momboss

If your in the medical field and hate worrying about your lipstick coming off on your mask or not lasting then I have the perfect solution for you 💋💄
Contact me to try it out or to place an order
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Can I have one of each please??? Raise your hand if you're addicted to LipSense🙋🏼

Just got a shipment of Kiss For a Cause, and of course I had to keep one for myself. SeneGence gives a contribution from each sale of Kiss For a Cause to support Breast Cancer research through the non-profit Makesense Foundation.
You can rock this bright, cool toned pink knowing that you have helped to support breast cancer and the search for a cure.

New Inventory 💋 Check my available colors and DM your choice....going quick! Link in bio ☝️ #lipsenseasheville #lipstickaddict #lipsense #lipsense💋 #lipstickjunkie #lipgloss #

When you think a LipSense color isn't for you, but surprises you and you love it! Praline Rose is now on my favorites list.
#lipsense #lipsense💋 #lipsensepralinerose #lipstickaddict #lipstickjunkie #lipgloss #lipglosspoppin #lipsenseasheville

Love driving around on the Blue Ridge pkwy here. This little 🐻 hanging out with his momma. Makes me happy to know LipSense is not tested on animals ❤️ #crueltyfreecosmetics #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty #lipsense #lipsenseasheville #asheville

Happy 4th. Decided to skip red lips today and wear Caramel Latte in celebration of this gorgeous color about to be restocked in the shop (it's on the way). Still supporting the red, white, and blue with my top. What lip color are you wearing today?? PS: big sale going on in the shop (swipe right). Check out my FB group's shop my stock album to see what's available. Link in bio 👆🏻💋🇺🇸

Happy Monday!!! Who's lucky enough to be off today?? I'll be slinging 💊 and taking care of patients at the 🏥 later on today, but first a sweat sesh at @orangetheory 💦

Wise words from SeneGence's founder and CEO 💄💋

Colors I have available currently! Enjoy 15% off and free shipping 😘😘😘
#lipsense #lipsensedistributor #lipsenseasheville #lipsensewaynesville #bestlipservice

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on both Peace Pink (sadly discontinued) and Sassy Z (limited edition) you need to layer them!!! This is Peace Pink-Sassy Z-Peace Pink topped with Glossy gloss. Please SeneGence, #bringtheseback 🙏🏻 You can achieve a similar look using Mauve Ice and Dark Pink.
Also, today is the exclusive behind the scenes look into SeneGence event hosted by my team. You still have time to join. No pressure, just lots of info!!

Relaxed and refreshed from vacay. There’s just something about sun, sand, and saltwater that refreshes your soul.
I’m definitely taking advantage of my tan (while it lasts) by rocking some bright lips. This #layeredlook is 1 layer Pink Champagne and 2 layers Samon topped with matte gloss. You don’t have to be afraid of bright colors. It’s easy to make them daytime wearable by mixing with neutral colors and using matte gloss 💋

From now through Monday if you are a new customer OR if you bring me a new customer and they tell me you referred them you will get TEN DOLLARS off your next purchase with me 😘 new customers will also get $10 off their next purchase!!! Starter collection ($50) includes:
•One Lipsense Color
•One Gloss
•One Oops Remover
Colors I have available ($25 each):
•Mulled Wine
•Apple Cider •Pink Champagne •Caramel Apple
•Fly Girl •Mauve Ice
•Aussie Rose •Dawn Rising •Bombshell
•First Love •Precious Topaz
#lipsense #lipsensedistributor #lipsenseasheville #lipsensewaynesville #bestlipservice

Lipsense was featured on people.com! Read the article to learn more about Lipsense and discover what all the hype is about 😘


#lipsense #lipsensedistributor #lipsensewaynesville #lipsenseasheville #bestlipservice

I've got my eye on that prize baby! Who wants to join me? Girls, NOW is that time in the growth of this company to be set for life, all you need is $55 to get signed up and a little bit of hustle in ya! I will succeed at this, and I want to see you get it too. Now is the time! This is the time period of a business like this where millionaires are made. 🤑💋 I welcome you to reach out and message me here or my email and I will help you get started and on your way to a path of success! PeaceLoveLipsbyErin@gmail.com

Having trouble with your waterline when applying darker colors? Here are some tips below:
1. Make sure you get your waterline as dry as possible before applying by taking a paper towel and blotting it dry.
2. During the application process keep your lips stretched tight to keep the cracks in your lips from showing and pucker your mouth out so your waterline doesn't get wet.
3. If your waterline fades during the day follow the tips below 😘
#lipsense #lipsensedistributor #lipsenseasheville #lipsensewaynesville #bestlipservice

Because it's Monday and my first official day of summer... let's do a little sale! 💋It's amazing how the MATTE GLOSS completely changes the look of a color! 💋Today only -- Matte Gloss is $18, and each of the colors pictured are $22 (while supplies last!) .
#lips #lipsense #lipsensedistributor #lipsenseasheville #mattelipstick #mattelips #cosmeticslover #makeupaddict #makeuplover #instock #messageme #hairstylist #makeupartist #singer #singersongwriter #model #modelmakeup #senegence

Soft, neutral makeup today ... 💫Pearlizer as shadow
💋Apple Cider and Pink Champagne LipSense .
#senegence #teacherbydaybossbabebynight #neutralmakeup #softlips #lipsenseasheville #lipsensedistributor #lipsense #makeup #cosmeticslover #makeuplover #makeupaddict

Wearing my stripes today. From the top:
1. Apple Cider
2. First Love
3. Aussie Rose
4. Bombshell
All in stock and ready to ship today! $25 each no tax and no shipping!! #lipsense #lipsensedistributor #bestlipservice #lipsenseasheville #lipsensewaynesville

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