Never TMI when you’re talking IBS..
Don’t be one of the thousands of sufferers that go untreated..#linzess
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Happy friday!

A few of my favorite things... .baking
.gut health and poo talk

As a nurse, poo (and other subjects normally named gross) become table talk... personally in my struggles with IBS-C I waited for way too long before seeking guidance. But after trying EVERYTHING on my own I finally sought guidance from a specialist and it's one of the best decisions I ever made.

While doing your own research..trying everything you can on your own dont be ashamed or afraid to reach out! Talk to someone who understands what you a few going through. Whether it's about poop, anxiety, exercise obsession...talk to someone.

My ears are always open ❤


Of course after seeing my GI doc yesterday and feeling stable for a few weeks and feeling GOOD I would have a random flare.

Linzess has been helping to keep me regular along with celery juice on the daily.

But RANDOMLY this happens.

Gas trapped in my belly...upper chest.
It's hard to explain the different type of pain and misery it causes.

It may be hard to tell from the picture but I'm extremely bloated in this picture. It's a non-pretty and unfiltered picture.
But it's real life.

So often on Instagram we are tempted to envy "perfect bodies" as they seem to be "everywhere"

Six packs...curves..."perfectly" toned arms...etc.
that's great and all but you need to see what life looks like for everyone. And this my friends is very real.

All you ibsers out there....you are never alone.

When you're hungry, but you're more scared of taking this mess. #linzess #ihatemeds #stomachissues #couldbeworse

It’s past midnight and I’m up making myself a sandwich. Quite a stark different from this time last year when I spent most of my time with horrible abdominal pain and no appetite.
However, thanks to my medications #Marinol, #Bentyl, and #Linzess my digestive tract is in tip top shape! I still have some gallstones and IBS that keeps me down sometimes, but I’m so blessed to be able to eat again, even if I’m not always hungry at the most convenient hour.
What do your medications help you be able to do?

•●■ COMMERCIAL BREAK ■●• These Crack Me Up. #linzess With All The #sideaffects Id Say You're Better Off Not Taking What They're #pitchin

Ever since I got better from my IBS flare up I haven't craved anymore bad foods. Sadly I miss it and it's really hard not wanting fast food. I ordered from @grazeusa before and loved it. #ibsdiet #ibsc #linzess #grazebox

TMI TIME! First painsomnia now.... shitsomnia? Lol new word now haha. Pro of being on Linzess: Im pooping(usually I go 4-9 days without) Cons of being on Linzess: Im in the bathroom ALL NIGHT 😭 So tired... BUT big plans for tomorrow and excited to be busy this week with doing art commisions for people #spoonie #spoonieproblems #painsomnia #shitsomnia #linzess #ibs #ibd #ibsc #ibsd #chronicillness #chronicallyill #lupus


so many clients are already getting amazing results from the 80 day obsession workouts and nutrition plan.. "Lost over 6 pounds this week"
"2 inches gone from my waist this week!"
"My workout shorts are too big"
"I can see some biceps!"
"My only complaint is so much food!" While I've been absolutely LOVING the workouts ... I'm NOT doing the timed eating and food pairings that the program involved. At this time in my life my gut health is just not allowing it.

My point Is that...I'm making it fit ME. I'm LISTENING to my body...eating MORE..and while I'm not perfect in following the plan it is where I'm at right now. Do I wish I could do it JUST like everyone else? Of course! But I'm working on what I CAN do and not be a nope about it.

Now can we all give a virtual high five to all of those wins I listed above? Why are you NOT trying it!?

Before you eye roll, judge or keep scrolling please hear me out. PSA: this is not a "poor me" post... I'm doing this to challenge myself to be more vulnerable and I pray it helps at least one other person know they aren't alone!!!! This is IBS-C my friends..you are having a great week and great morning and then hit hits you out of nowhere.

Although I'm a small person (hello 80 day obsession and working on those girlgains)
My belly in this picture is severely bloated, full of air, nauseated to the point of it freezing me & causing me severe pain.

Now before you tell me to go eat a greasy cheeseburger, start eating yogurt or drink some prune juice I want to share what I HAVE done and do on the daily. .I've had two procedures to check my upper and lower gut for anomalies
.I've been tested for celiac and h pylori
.I've tried daily Miralax, fiber supplements, magnesium supplements, probiotics, shakeology, aloe
.warm water with lemon every morning and 100+ ounces daily
.regular exercise
.amitiza Rx
.Low fiber, high fiber, only soluble fiber, low FODMAP diet, low residual diet
.no dairy or soy (makes it worse)

What Has given me some improvement:
.warm water with lemon each morning and lots of water throughout the day
.daily linzess Rx
.fiber gummies, shakeology, probiotics
.stimulant laxative prn

As for my diet? It varies. Some weeks I can have things like broccoli and salad. Some weeks I just can't. Some weeks I have literally dipped fries in butter in hopes of it helping. I'm listening to what sits well with my gut, what does not cause me pain and still figuring it all out.

So often social media is a highlight reel of our lives. We don't want to show people our low moments in fear of judgement.
Well here ya go folks...a dose of realness & raw truth. IBS is real and not something to write off. So many struggle in silence. Ask for help. Reach out to me if you need and I would be happy to try my best.
Struggles become strength.

These are a godsend for constipation (IBS-C). Warning: it can give you major diarrhea for the first 2 weeks. After that, smooth sailing. 🚽 💩 ⛵️ #ibs #constipation #spoonie #Linzess @allerganplc #ironwoodpharma #cleanse

I have to shout myself out this week because... I havent worked out obsessively or given myself tried when something didnt go as planned.
I've stuffed my face and am fitting out the booty in some jeans that used to be baggy.

My digestion has been REGULAR! (THANK THE LORD!) I've made myself have some vulnerable moments instead of the wall sometimes have up.

Be your own biggest cheerleader folks and love yourself fully starting today. You may not be where you want to be in life yet... But JUST KEEP GOING and trudging.
Get up in the morning.
Find one thing to be happy about.
Go to bed.

Buenos días!
Que bien es cerrar el año recibiendo las publicaciones de trabajos que gracias a Dios he realizado durante este 2017! No me cansaré de agradecer nuuuunca a todos!💕 agencias, directores de casting, productoras, amigos, colegas por hacer posible cada uno de estos proyectos! Por la confianza depositada, por todo lo que juntos cada día vamos sumando! Gracias, gracias, miiiil gracias! @franksteinstudio @motmanagement @palma_pictures @esmeraldakundalini cariño espero volvamos a repetir en set!! Eres la caña nena! 😘 Felices Fiestas!!!🌲🌲🌞😍
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Good morning. This was yesterday except the granny pic😀. She's my #grannygoals. I've been vegetarian for 7 weeks and digesting better! And I have been including more #squash stews in my diet and been feeling fuller longer. Thats what I ate yesterday. An #icelandicskyr for breakfast a mega meal after Hip Hop abs level 2 of squash,sundries tomatoes,raisins, jalapeno stew with baked #yuca (cassava) only snacked on figs later. Plenty of water.
The day before was in spin class 😣ouch my butt!
Besides being 23 lbs lighter or having a 27 inch waist whichever comes first...I just want to be a physically active older person. I want to bike ride, hike,walk 🐕's and go on walk-a-thons well into my 70's. I got this! I was larger before. I can work toward these last few lbs and increase my #strength.


Strong isn't purely a six pack, perfectly defined arms or toned quads.

Strong comes from within.
It's a mindset.
An ability to keep your head down & do the thing when no one is watching.

Strong means being vulnerable when it scares you the most. It means asking for help.
As the new year approaches...2017 has had its challenges...and its highs too. (Im sure you hear me there!) And So many times we start the new years with these high strung resolutions.. because "THIS will be THE year" (insert non-focused goal here) "Without a plan a goal is purely a wish." Why NOT finally do what you really want to do. Strength on the inside starts by making SMALL changes...those add up over time. Stop being a weiner and go for it.
Reach out and tell me how YOU wanna get stronger in 2018. Working with five ladies (3 spots left) to help them make it happen.

Ill be over here continuing my journey to a six pack mindset.

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I know that If you have IBS, you may experience the following: pain in the abdomen, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, mucus, swollen, discomfort, gas, even more stress, and restlessness.
The pharmaceutical company states that if you take Linzess you will feel better. However, if taken, you may experience the following:
* diarrhea,
* stomach/abdominal pain or discomfort,
* gas,
* bloating,
* heartburn,
* vomiting,
* headache, or,
* cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, or sinus pain.

Just a few questions- please feel free to share:
1. If you are trying to heal your gut, is it smart to rely on a pill that may cause the current symptoms you have to worsen?
2. Is this medication healthy for the gut?
3. What happens when you no longer use the medication?
4. Will symptoms reappear once you discard the medication?
5. Has anyone tried this medication, stopped its use, and no longer suffer from IBS?
6. Do you feel this is the best option?
In my opinion, I feel that many(not all), rely so heavily on medication as a quick fix and I’m curious to know if this medication is something that is recommended to stay on for life, or is one cured after its dosage/use? ❤️

When you have #Linzess back in your life and you’re just a-poopin’ and a-poopin’ like there’s no tomorrow. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!

I haven’t been sick in almost three years. I’ve traveled more in the last two years of my life and still haven’t been sick. Why? #Densenurition

You know what else? I don’t spend my days taking Linzess just to go to the bathroom. I don’t drink bottles of #magnesiumcitrate after work just to feel “normal”. This chocolate superfood not only helps me when I want to emotionally eat 10 orders of Taco Bell tacos, it has also kept me healthy AND saved my #guthealth.

Want to try it too? Cool. Drop your favorite food emoji below and all message you some details. ✌🏼

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