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"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." -John Muir
I just couldn't resist a Muir quote for this one! Here's the final print of my tiny hiker (or giant trees), hand-pressed on beautiful Nideggen paper from @legionpaper.
Print will hopefully be available in mid-July, and I'll post an announcement when the run is ready!

Day 76: Rainbow Cake 🌈 🍰

Because it's #friyay

Spent a lot of time printing this because there were so many permutations of colours! In the end I finally decided to just follow the natural order of colours of the rainbow 🌈

#100daysofkawaiiness #the100dayproject #handcarvedstamp

Using up paper scraps & leftover linoleum

Look at this Guy!! All cool and cruising on this t-shirt☺️ I had an amazing collaboration with @bobbin.hood, a fantastic woman (the one in the video ;), who is fighting the fair fight to free our wardrobe from slavery, child labor and pollution! And make it fair for everyone involved. You can buy your own home screenprinting kit there and make your own fair wardrobe! If you order a kit from Bobbin Hood and mention Sowiesowies you get the template of the banana for free☺️ how fun is this Week starting!🍌

Block printing Sunrise tea towels on a much less rainy muggy day.
I get questions often about materials that I use and my process. While I haven't gone into a detailed step by step of my work, I did make a quick FAQ's page on my site about the ink and blocks I use, and even what sources I found useful when starting my business. One day I would love to start doing classes or workshops, but until then, I will be as helpful and open as I can be with my process! Link to FAQ page is on landandshe.com/faq #process #landandshe

SURPRISE SALE!! I've been SUPER unmotivated lately and need a major kick in the pants, so I'm having a Made To Order Sale to help me get printing again!
Use coupon code: MADETOORDER to receive 25% off your order!!! Please keep in mind I will possibly be printing these fresh, just for you, so allow 2-3 weeks for production, drying times and shipping. However, there's a good chance your print is in stock and will ship sooner 😊 shop link in profile! Happy shopping!

Pulling a print last night (very slowly!) from a material found at the hardware store; challenging to carve and print, but also really fun to experiment with. I'm printing on Japanese Kitakata paper which is soo incredibly beautiful and delicate (but strong).


The Sailor (1/4)
Woodcut print on paper

Jadi kira-kira 4 tahun yang lalu mulai untuk bikin master film ini, entah kenapa ngga di lanjutin dan terlantar begitu aja di pojokan meja.
Sampai pada akhirnya tadi malem kepikiran untuk lanjutin untuk di cetak. Biar dibilang limited dan sok ber-filosofi aja nyetaknya cuman 4 dan masternya dimusnahin(ape??).
Yah begitulah kira-kira ceritanya.

Finishing off some details of block one for a two color block print. Got some wicked vibes going on tonight. #art #design #linocut #linoprint #blockprint #blockprinting #carving #devil #wicked

Selling at SNAP's Blockout Bazaar tonight! The band started and the printing party's inside. #snapgallery #blockoutparty #bazaar #printmaking #linocut #lino #reliefprinting #yeg #yegevents #yegart #yegartist #snap #comeondown

I broke out my sharpie a bit early here. The important thing is that I know which lines are the right ones. Time to carve. (for those who are interested, I use sharpie to outline my linocut reductions before I get started because it stays on through estisol and mineral spirits. My lines are left nice and clear through printing and cleaning and help to carve the second layer)

This time next week I will be at NERAM, Armidale and looking forward to developing these ideas - a merging of local patterns, and architecture in Streets of Your Town. This is a quick ink drawing in preparation for transfer to relief block.

View from Mount Si, 5 color reduction linocut #blockprinting #linocut #getimprinted

Las chiquillas cocinándola 🙆🏻💓💁🏻 en el taller de Timbres y encuadernación en @safaricolectivo_ #stamp #bookbinding #patterns #linocut #handmade

Today's work. My last day doing Saturday classes with CASA at @ninahaggertyarts 💔

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