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Friss kép Phoenixről és Robról 😊
#linkinpark #linkinpark2017 #robbourdon #phoenix #davefarrell

INVISIBLE IS THE ESSENCE OF MY SOUL I CAN'T STOP LISTENING THANKS SO MUCH @linkinpark @m_shinoda @chesterbe @mrjoehahn @phoenixlp @braddelson your childeren I am sure will always appreciate your existence . have they heard it yet? #invisible #linkinpark #linkinpark2017 #oml #onemorelight

Aarrgghhh these boyss really made my day...im so happy and so excited to see them 😍😍😘😘😘 #LinkinPark2017 #OneMoreLight

Happy Birthday Rob Bourdon

#linkinpark2017 #robbourdon

Robert Gregory "Rob" Bourdon born January 20, 1979 in Calabasas, California, where he attended Agoura High School. He attended the school with members of Hoobastank. He is the youngest member of the band and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He met Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, and got inspired to learn how to play the drums.

Starting out around the age of nine, Bourdon joined his first band, a quartet called No Clue in sixth grade. They later changed their name to Physical Evidence and covered bands like Nirvana, Bad Religion, and Suicidal Tendencies. Bourdon took drum lessons for a year, but became tired of reading sheet music because he enjoyed playing the music of his favorite bands by ear instead.

After joining his high school's jazz band in grade ten, Rob was recruited by two members of a band called Karma, after a concert to join their group. Through the Karma band members, he met Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda, who both lived nearby in the San Fernando Valley. Eventually, Rob and Brad would form their own band called Relative Degree, whose sound he likens to 311. Their dream was to perform at a Hollywood club called The Roxy, a goal they eventually attained, and broke up soon afterwards. Soon, he got a call from Mike Shinoda asking him to join his and Brad's band, Xero.


2 months. i always watch interviews or stupid videos you or the guys recorded and it makes me really happy, then i realize you’re gone. these past 2 months have been hard on basically everyone and they all wish you where here. i hope you’re flying high chazzy 💓

Friss kép Phoenixről és Robról 😊
#linkinpark #linkinpark2017 #robbourdon #phoenix #davefarrell

how are you guys?

i don't think i have any pictures of phoenix on here so here's one💓

Joe irománya a One More Light videó alatt:
Hihetetlenül érzelmes volt dolgozni rajta, különösen megnézni. Azt érzem azáltal, hogy megcsináltuk, hogy nemcsak szembenéztünk néhány legnagyobb félelmünkkel, hanem lehetőségünk nyílt felhasználni a tehetségünket, hogy egy kis fényt vigyünk azoknak az embereknek, akiknek szükségük van rá. Ahogy közeledünk a Hollywood Bowl show felé és azon túl, azokra az emberekre gondolok, akik kapcsolatban állnak a bandával, akár a köreinken belül vagy kívül. Ez a videó egy jó szándékú gesztus azoknak, akik erre a kapcsolatra vágynak.
#linkinpark #oml #onemorelight #linkinpark2017 #joehahn #mrhahn

well i do

did anyone else cry to one more light mv

One More Light ( official video Linkin Park )

Who cares if one more light goes out? Well i do ... 😢. RIP Chester 🙏


good morning

the laugh..

you know when you wake up from taking a nap and you just feel so blah

i'm buying stuff online and i dont know what i want so i've been looking at 40 different stores for the past 2 hours :/

good morning,, i need new pictures of joe and phoenix

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