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#Billboard Music Awards 2017! Martin Garrix at the #BBMAs #wwobackstage talking about his upcoming new single #ThereForYou w/ @troyesivan out next Friday and then he revealed he has been working in studio w/ @linkinpark! ➕✖️ 📹: @b96chicago #lasvegas #vegas #garrixers #worldofmartingarrix #teamgarrix #troyesivan #linkinpark #martingarrix @awrightworld @watsematter @michaelrossgeorge @themediananny @louisvanbaar @damiankars @bbmas @westwoodoneinc @billboard @billboarddance @martingarrix

11月に幕張メッセで4年ぶりに来日してONEOKROCKとLIVEをやるLINKIN PARK✨
ONEOKROCKだけ目的にLIVEに来るのはあまりにもLINKIN PARKに失礼だし(あくまでもメインはLINKIN PARK🙆)、ハッキリ言って余りにも勿体ない❗
なので簡単ではありますがLINKIN PARKの紹介なんぞをしてみようかと…(ありがとうネットの力😂違うとこあったらごめんね💦直すから言ってね〜😉)
チェスター以外は高校や大学の同級生で、マイクとブラッドが1996年にLINKIN PARKの卵になるバンドを結成。
1998年にチェスターが加入し、今のLINKIN PARKになりました☺
・Hybrid Theory(2000年10月)
Takaがこの曲を聴いてハマった『Somewhere I Belong』や、私が一番好きな『Faint』も入ってます😍ちなみに『Numb』もめちゃめちゃ有名だしめちゃめちゃカッコいい❤LINKIN PARKと言えばこのアルバム❗ってぐらい有名よ😆
・Minutes To Midnight(2007年5月)
映画「トランスフォーマー」主題歌の『What I’ve Done』も収録されてるよ☺
・A Thousand Suns(2010年9月)
(トランスフォーマー/リベンジ主題歌の『New Divide』は日本盤のボーナストラックのみ収録😆)
・Living Things(2012年6月)
数年後のONEOKROCKも絶対にそうなってるはず😆ビルボード上位の常連に必ずなるよ✨(あれ?何の話だ?LINKIN PARKの話なのに、どうしてもONEOKROCKに置き換えて考えてしまう私😂)
・The Hunting Party(2014年6月)
・One More Light(2017年5月)
初めて聴いた時、シャウトがない…ていうか激しい曲がない💦って少し物足りなく感じてしまった最新アルバムだけど、マイクシノダが「いつも同じ曲調ばっかりだと僕たち頭がおかしくなっちゃう」って言ってたから、今のLINKIN PARKは"シャウト"⇒"聴かせる"に進化したのね✨ONEOKROCKのAmbitionsと一緒じゃん😆
LINKIN PARKは今まで2度もグラミー賞を獲得して、色んな賞をいっぱい受賞してます🏆
そんなバンドと肩を並べてONEOKROCKがLIVE✨凄くないですか?ONEOKROCKは日本の誇りだし世界の宝だよ🙌←だからLINKIN PARKの紹介じゃないんかい😂
LINKIN PARKぜひとも聴いてみてね❤
数年に一度しか来日しないLINKIN PARKを生で見れる機会なんてなかなかないから、曲知らないで来るのは勿体ないよマジで☺
幕張メッセでのLINKIN PARK持ち時間は90分🎶最新アルバムはトータル30分ちょっとしかないから、全部演ったとしても残り60分は過去の曲をやるのよ~🙌
#ONEOKROCK #Taka #Toru #Ryota #Tomoya #LINKINPARK #幕張メッセ楽しみすぎる #11月まで皆で全力予習✨ #海外回って更にパワーアップしたONEOKROCKが日本に戻ってきて一発目のLIVE😆 #彼らも絶対気合入ってるでしょ😍 #LINKIN PARKに負けないパフォーマンスしてくるでしょ😍 #ホームにいなくて寂しいとか言ってるヒマないよ☺

Evolution of rock. 🤘🏻☑️

Speaking with @kerrangmagazine_, @chesterbe and co-vocalist / guitarist @m_shinoda discussed the approach of their new album and the perception fans have of the new Linkin Park sound. Bennington’s incendiary attitude opened up once more as the band was aware their pop direction could turn off the harder rock fans. “And I think… I’m not going to speak… this is not an opinion of the entire band… I think my response was ‘cool, f— them we don’t want them as fans anyways.’ By now, if people don’t know that we can throw a curveball then f— them,” the frontman said.

Bennington went on to infer that it is okay is fans don’t like the new sound, but railed against those who feel Linkin Park had an ulterior motive in making the sonic switch. “But if you’re gonna be the person who says like, ‘They made a marketing decision to make this kind of record to make money,’ you can f–king meet me outside and I will punch you in your f–king mouth because that is the wrong f–king answer,” he continued.

He further laced into fans who have branded the group as sell outs, stating, “Because guess what, calling us a sell out for that purpose is… selling out on your f–king excuse as to why you don’t like it. You’re a f–king pussy.” Bennington then went on to stress the importance of taking “the chance to do something that you felt was important to you” because “that’s what being an artist is all about,” regardless of what the fan perception may be.

So lately Chester telling older fans to "Move the fuck on from Hybrid Theory" and appreciate their new music or stop whining.
You can move the fuck on from HT, but move on to make good music, not this pop garbage.

No, this is not a sell out. You can just call it a ridiculous shameless pandering for teens or they've become so lazy that they don't wanna work on tough shits.

If they were writing good pop songs, they might have a point. This isn't even GOOD pop.

I was posting first 6 albums without any compain until 1 halfwitted 15 year old kid came out and told me what the fuck I should post. Though I told him politely. He said my opinion is "Shitty af" and said personal opinion is respected. He was that dumb.
"Corey Taylor" (idk who he is) responded to what Chester said, “I understand where he’s at. I would’ve never said it, but you get frustrated and you want people to embrace the evolution, at the same time, you should probably be very fortunate that people this far along the line still love that music you made.” Their old albums is why they're relevant today. If they did music they're doing now when they started, they would've gotten nowhere. What kind of asshole wouldn't want to keep his old fans?

I respect an artist who can grow and change, even if its in directions I don't like. Sorry, but you don't piss on your fans that supported you when you first came out. You can't change yourself that much and not expect to get criticism. I'm okay with bands experimenting/changing, but not 100% completely changing every damn thing... like going from a rock/metal/rap band to a computer and sample generated button pushing pop group.

Katy Perry is heavier than fucking LP now.
One More Light will have some fans wondering if they picked up wrong CD: it sounds like something Bieber might have come up with before his balls dropped.

Talk shit about this page, even try spreading this shit on all of your Individual accounts (Good luck with that!) and tell your followers to UNFOLLOW and REPORT this page. Make sure that you do it in bulk, cause I get like 2 followers every minute. And if this page doesn't get suspended by Instagram I'ma keep posting the lyric. #linkinpark


Link in bio to full video. Please do go check it out!
#linkinpark #onemorelight #onemorelighttour #musicreview #music #popmusic #pop

Me jamming to that new @linkinpark album #linkinpark #onemorelight

I know i'm not the center of the universe // And i drive myself crazy thinking everything's about me
#LinkinPark #Heavy

😍😍 @m_shinoda #linkinpark

Something to brighten the mood! @nikkisixxpixx and @jennonair Hosting tonight at the album release party for @linkinpark ❤️✌️ #nikkisixx #nikkisixxpixx #sixxsense #sixxsenseradio #linkinpark #iheartradio

What I'm doing instead of editing and posting my new video. Sorry, not sorry!

It came! One More Light's Give me everything box set #linkinpark #onemorelight

Killer time at the @linkinpark album release party. Thanks to @martyinyourear @alt987fm and @iheartradio for the hospitality - #linkinpark #iheartradio #alt987

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