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#tbt to the old bitch, miss her sometimes lol
#offroad #lingham #muddy

Thanksgiving dinner I'm ready for you! #brandt #lingham #thanksgivingdinner -
Now the trick is to keep the 😼😼off the table 🙈😬little 💩s
📍mi casa

With mon amour @louisepprates on our first tantric retreat for couples. #kundalinirising #shivaandshakti #yoni #lingham #betterthansex 🌋

#tb to summer☀️ #lingham

Damn straight! 🍆
Black obsidian #lingham #crystalcock by www.rosierees.com
Photo: @michelleshea

Better than heinz..sos cili #Lingham's power


Lingham's Chilli Sauce.
This is my favourite sweet-style bottled chilli sauce. If you like chilli sauce and haven't tried this, make sure to give it a go 🙂 they now stock them in Tesco stores. Natural ingredients. #linghams #linghamschillisauce #lingham #chilli #sweetchilli #chillisauce #hotsauce #sweetchillisauce #food #sauce #condiments #condiment #foodie #eating #tasteit #tasty #yum #yummy #edibles #flavouring #flavour #tesco #tescofood

Better than heinz..sos cili #Lingham's power

I keep up with most of you guys through my Instagram Stories these days. You guys entertain me a lot, and I love joking around with all of you. ❤️🤣 I ran a poll recently and +600 of you voted that you wanted me to record a full version of this track I’ve been experimenting with. I’ve been dealing with so many big changes lately and traveling a lot, so it’s been really hard for me to sit still for a moment. I recently got my green card to stay in the United States, so I have finally conquered a huge obstacle I’ve been struggling with behind the scenes. Now that I’m taken care of, I’m ready to get creative again! If you’ve been following along, I’ve been developing a new instrument and sounds using household materials I picked up at a local hardware store (Home Depot). I created a “talkbox” with vinyl tubing which allows me to synthesize words using a keyboard and speaker setup. It’s been a lot fun experimenting with, but also a LOT of headache since I honestly don’t know what the hell I’m doing! I tried to make it work with a harmonium, but I realized it’s impossible. HAHA I made a few new tubes now utilizing 250-ft of vinyl tubing in a variety of sizes. I made sure to use BLACK tubes now so you don’t see my saliva through the clear ones! HAHA I’m pretty happy with my current setup after all these months of messing around. I’m looking to record again real soon, and I can’t wait to create and share new video projects with you all. ❤️🔥
Khalid - Young Dumb & Broke
*Recorded live using an iPhone 7 Plus. I will record a full version later on.

If you like hot sauce:) try this one:) #lingham'sextrahot

Lingham. Mountain. Always sacred. #lingham #whiteyworldignoranceandarrogance #notmysterioustohindus
@Regrann from @designboom - mysterious giant wooden penis erected atop austrian mountain
the #ötscherpenis #landart, secretely installed two days ago by an unknown artist group, is exposed to wilderness!
@oetscher - a #marketing gag?
it is going to stay!
the installation is creating a social media buzz and the #installation already draws more tourists to the north-east end of the alps. read more about the #ötscher #phallus on #designboom - #wearesoethnocentricwedontevenknowthatthisisnotmysteriousatalltomillionsofhindusontheplanet #whiteyworld

Since it was brought up in another group, I’ll mention it here.
Circumcision is genital mutilation.
The research is open and available to anyone who wants to educate themselves.
The nerve endings at the tip of the penis/lingham serve a beautiful purpose, it serves the man in staying connected to his sensibility.
This has been another atrocious tactic in programming boys to ‘toughen up’. Nerve endings in the foreskin range from 20,000 to 70,000 Making it the most sensitive part of the penis/lingham. Here, lies the intelligence to communicate with their lovers womb, becoming even more sensitive to each other's pleasure and healing needs . By cutting off this area boys' bodies are introduced to painful shock after birth, which is embedded in the body memory as trauma making them feel disconnected and that the world isn't a safe place. They are more prone to violence, anger and depression.
Please make an educated, researched and tuned-into decision.
You are the mama, you have the choice.
#circumcision #boys #genitalmutilation #depression #educate #foreskin #lingham

In order to reach our potential as “awakened” human beings, an interweaving between the sacred masculine and feminine properties must transpire. Physical gender aside, men and women possess traits of both masculine and feminine nature respectively. This process has largely been suppressed, due to both outside circumstances such as the judgmental culture we currently inhabit, and by more personal circumstances like disapproval and the self-conscious ego. Throughout time, men and women alike have simultaneously kept themselves out of true, spiritual balance, because, more often than not, gender roles have shaped society. Societal norms pounded into the head of a child will, in fact, create indoctrinated adults; and that is precisely what has happened on our dear planet. Reclaiming both sides of our sacred sexual energies, we must learn to coalesce them as one to become a truly united being. 🔑READ MORE:: https://freemindparadigm.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/sacred-androgyny-masculinity-and-femininity-left-and-right/
#selfcareissacred #sacredmasculine #divinemasculine #sacredfeminine #divinefeminine

베이컨이없어서 소세지넣고 ^^
지난번 내가 만든 #수제피클

큰딸과 애들아빠는
지난번 코엑스에서 사온 칠리소스 넣고
색깔은 #로제파스타
맛은 #핫파스타

#LinghamsChilliSauce 맛나!!! #말레이시아소스
잔득 사서 쟁일껄..
짐 검색해보니 비싸고만..;;
#캡사이신소스 이젠 안 먹어!! ㅋ

November 4th - Today was the day my mom passed away from Cancer. It’s not a day I like to really remember but it’s the day I spent saying my good-byes and as sad as it is I am thankful I was able to do that.♥️ I Miss both my parents every day and cherish the memories we made together. ♥️ If I could tell you one thing it would be if You live close to your parents or not make the effort to call or visit more. It’s the one thing I wish I did more of. ♥️♥️ #Denice #Richard #Lingham

Craving for some comforting flavours and managed to whipped up a super easy recipe of Minced Pork Sausage with my favorite Lingham's Chilli Sauce!

Serve it with steamed rice & quick veggie pickles or enjoy there with baguette, tortilla wrap or pita bread...
Recipe here: http://www.chasingfooddreams.com/2017/10/recipe-minced-pork-sausage-with-lingham.html

Yoni lingham... creación, bendición...#yoni #lingham #sukhothai #thailand #tailandia

What's happening here is that we are listening to Cold Chisel and drinking tequila sunrises, making incredible jokes. #besttimes #2017 #genx #yoni #lingham #yonifarnham @scarletohairer @seanbedlam

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