Shout out to the Linemen braving this winter storm!! Thank you for repairing the power! And to my husband Al thank you for all you do...please be safe....love you! #thankalineman #linegod #breedoftheirown #electricallineman #power #electricity #staysave #thankyou #myhusband #wisconsin #wisconsinweather #enoughalready #weenergies

I so badly wanna be tattoo by him for him to be the first to tattoo me when im of age a bunch of Harry Potter related ones (i love Harry Potter) a clover with a little one next to it for my aunt and her unborn baby that died, a forest of trees on a mountain, anything nature related, anything space related ( i love space engineering coding and nature) he is also very very good looking (cute) #linegod @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste @romeolacoste

I think roses are my favorite. Always finding ways to make them unique. To get tattooed by me, book on RomeoLacoste.com #LineGod . if you submitted already I’m flooded with emails and have been busy. Doing my best to get back to everyone this week. Stay patient! follow my tattoo shop @thecaliforniadreamtattoo

You killed it yet again @romeolacoste. 🙏🏻 Go book your appointment at @thecaliforniadreamtattoo! 💉🌹 #linegod

Newest addition! Photo coming soon! Big thanks to @romeolacoste for the amazing artwork! #LineGod

Fun freehand wing. Crazy this was his first tattoo and he sat like a champ. Much props! To get tattooed by me, book on RomeoLacoste.com #LineGod (I’m behind on me emails. If you haven’t heard back from me I’m getting hundreds of emails and I’m trying to get back to eveyone soon!)

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