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Please keep us in your prayers ❤
🎻Bach: Solo Partita No. 2 - Corrente

🔊 Paganini Caprice no.17

Performed by Sean Lee @seanleeviolin.

Here, Sean performs on his 1999 ex Ricci violin by David Bague. I absolutely LOVE the incredibly difficult fingered octaves passage here and I'd like to thank Sean for taking the time to record this caprice #TarantulaFingers 😂

Next up, Sean performs Caprice d' après l' étude en forme de valse de Saint Saëns, yet another incredibly virtuosic and beautiful piece.

The story of Sean's violin.

The violin was made for Ruggiero Ricci in 1999. David Bague (based in Barcelona) was honored to make a violin for Mr. Ricci, and wrote an inscription to him inside the violin.

To this day, Sean has not found out what it says. When Ricci sold his del Gesu, and eventually also his Balestrieri (when he was in his 80s), this violin by David Bague was his main violin for a few years, while Sean studied with him (when he was age 15-17). At that time Sean was borrowing an old Italian instrument that wasn't his and Ricci wanted him to have a good instrument.

Since Ricci loved this instrument dearly and thought it was a very good violin, he told Sean to commission a new violin from David Bague for Ricci to take (as this was his only violin left), and to take this one.

Ricci said many times, "You won't need another violin for the rest of your life" because he liked this violin so much. So the new commission from Bague came, Ricci took that one, and Sean took this one.

Also, if you guys have yet to check out Sean's POV (you can see from Sean's perspective when he plays the caprices) Paganini caprices series and Youtube Channel, do check them out on YouTube!

It is very cool to see how his fingers jump around while handling the caprices and also offers a new perspective when one tries them:)

I posted on my story not long ago,that Lindsey kissed and hugged a yound cancer sick kid off stage and here is the pic taken of them both 😍😍😍😍 She is so sweet and kind ❤❤❤
Im praying for this kid to get well so mega soon 💚💚💚💚 @lindseystirling #lindseystomp #lindseystirling #ksll
Story and pic by @crucible777

Fridays are all about women supporting each other on The Delilah Show. I had the honor of spending the entire day with the adorable and oh-so-talented violinist and dancer extraordinaire, Miss @lindseystirling. She's such a sweet, honest and authentic person to spend time with. Talk about an inspirational role model for girls everywhere!

We created this special podcast touching on creativity and the importance of connecting to those you love, an important reminder in today's fast paced digital world.

Not only do we get to chat about these aspects of Lindsey's life and career, we will also be sharing her incredible hit song, "Love's Just A Feeling" which is quickly becoming a powerful anthem for ladies everywhere. It makes you want to dance and sing at the top of your lungs! So sit back and enjoy this special podcast edition, with the incredible Lindsey Stirling. Trust me you'll be blessed! (Link in Profile!) #delilah #lovesomeone #podcast #lindseystirling

#100daysofpractice ( 9 ) Continuation of Mozart: This part is actually quite difficult to play well. My first problem was the fast trills, but then I figured out that I wasn't lifting my (trill-finger) high enough to be able to fall relaxed. After a couple of minutes focusing on lifting the finger higher it finally started to work. My second concern is my sound, for me it sounds a bit too heavy (at least on recordning) I should maybe try to play with a lighter bow.. I also need to work on the co-ordination of my stringcrossings. And there are a lot of other things I want to do differently. This is really just a #workinprogress!! I'm challenging myself to record every day because It helps me to be honest. @60secondsofclassical

Have a good day @lindseystirling and everyone else ❤️ #lindseystirling #ksll

Just some cuties



"Life is not one journey to a destination. It's a constant fight. It's a constant battle to stay optimistic, even if you've been hurt multiple times. The scars that you carry, they can either make you hard or they can make you strong. Make you empathetic and not bitter. And we all have that choice. It's a climb. You can rise past your trials and be brave." - @lindseystirling
#quote #lindseystirling #braveenough #introspect #wisdom #travel #nature #outdoors #adventure #wanderlust #escape

New Edit Guys...They make a nice couple that every time we fall in love ... even if they have spent many months .... days..things.minutes and seconds this couple is every time very unity as a couple ... and we are happy that lindsey this With someone who shows you as much affection (as I wanted to have ... 😥💔 ... 💉💊) couples are couples

I absolutely love every single thing about this picture. Lindsey is adorable as ever, Drew lookin' gangsta af, and Gavi is so goofy 😂#lindseystirling #drewsteen #jasongaviati #wearegavi #wemissyou #appreciationpost

Lindsey Stirlings "The Arena" live in Berlin 2017 • Max Schmeling Halle ❤️😍 #lindseystirling #thearena #live #stirlingite

@lindseystirling {brave enough tour} #lindseystirling

I don't want to wait fir august to come and see you again :( The only bad thing is that this time I will not be able to see you face to face and Hugh you as in the last concert I went to. But the good thing is that I'll be able to see you again :3

I really love you, Lindsey <3
#lindseystirling #braveenoughtour <3

"You've got a big heart; The way you see the world, It got you this far. You might have some bruises. And a few of scars. But you know you're gonna be okay. And even though you're scared, you're stronger than you know." #lindseystirling

"Wow.. It's impressive." 😂😂 Lindsey's hair is so cute when she wakes up. Idk how she can wake up and look perfect every morning. I wake up and look like I've been sleeping for years.. In the woods. 😂 Sorry I've been gone for a while Stirlingites!! I was on vacation. Hope you all have an awesome day/night! 😘❤
#lindseystirling #lindseystomp #ksll #violinist #inspiration #mylove #stirlingite #wearegavi @lindseystirling

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