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If you told me at 16 years old that I would be doing a duet with Morgan Lander from Kittie on a song with Rocky Gray (original drummer of Evanescence) I would have NEVER believed it! But here we are, world! Very excited to work on this track for Rocky's Horror Anthology "10/31"! More updates and release info coming soon!
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Some live footage from yesterday at @karmoygeddon fest with @evignatt_official ✨ Thank you to @janhelgegrindhaug for capturing this. #evignatt #lindsayschoolcraft #karmøygeddon2017 #karmøygeddon

@lindzriot of Cradle of Filth - our pianist, and ethereal voices, who'll be looking after orchestral compositions.

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One last adventure before I head home. Thanks for a great time ladies 💚
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This guy, right here, he is pretty cool 😎 #Alcest #karmøygeddon #karmøygeddon2017 #lindsayschoolcraft #wine

Skin is temporary, art is forever, gingers probably don't have souls. 🔥 #lindsayschoolcraft

What a week! So many surprises in store for my solo album. I can barely hold the secrets in any longer!!! Hopefully you all won't have to wait much more either... Soon my pretties, soon.
Anyways, happy weekend! Have a good one xox
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💀💀💀💀💀🦇🌑 After Releasing Hammer Of The Witches in 2015 I must say that I have solemnly renewed my faith with this band for many reasons! Hammer Of The Witches was the strongest Albums the band has released in a decade, the addition of the new members have created many changes in their structure and overall sound allowing fresh blood to surge into the veins, yearning back to their glory days of dusk and her embrace and cruelty and the beast.
Once again COF decided to go back to two guitars, Following Hammer Of The Witches COF has graced their Fans with another Dark Victorian Opus of Symphonic Black Metal, With the same lineup which has done wonders in their previous album, and showed undeniable consistency and cohesive unity between them. The two guitarist Ashok and Rich Shaw both have produced a significant role in songwriting, otherwise their previous album would have never been successful!
beside her huge impact on The Album Another Star Member is Lindsay Schoolcraft who performs a duet with Dani on the standout track Achingly Beautiful.
the Entire framework of harmonizing the synth with Melodic Black Metal tremolo guitars are truly epic, as for the solos they're plenty.
Cryptoriana is their most melodic and bombastic album, blending the Vampiric Gothic Vibes with The creative Guitar harmonies and demonic keyboards that blended perfectly.
The Masterwork Of the New Members couldn't been achieved without those them and with Dani Filth's raspy style of ghoulish singing are once again spectacular, where in Some of the tracks Dani delivers a powerful Shrieking.
Many elements have been added into this new album the fine orchestral arrangements with the synth in the background results into a sophisticated textures ,without reducing the heavy riffs and the drums perfects the songs with blast beats and double bass.
Cradle of Filth demonstrate a new formula of trademark crafting a strong Album lbum in follow up with The Hammer Of The Witches.

If you told me at 16 years old that I would be doing a duet with Morgan Lander from Kittie on a song with Rocky Gray (original drummer of Evanescence) I would have NEVER believed it! But here we are, world! Very excited to work on this track for Rocky's Horror Anthology "10/31"! More updates and release info coming soon!
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Finally got my copy of Cryptoriana!! This record is bloody brilliant, their best since Cruelty and the Beast IMO...can' t wait to see them in Italy next February (It would be nice to get the poster signed, too 😁) COF: the soundtrack of my life! #cradleoffilth #cryptoriana #ltd #digipak #new #record #album #victorian #horror #arthurberzinsh #danifilth #lindsayschoolcraft #richardshaw #ashok #danielfirt #marthus

My preorders were delayed thanks to the USPS, but no fear! I just bought it again digitally and have been blaring this at work all day since 5am this morning!!! Fuck does this album live up to my expectations and more! From the killer riffs, the hauntingly, beautiful vocals of @lindzriot and the battery of amazing drums pummeling you. And then add those filthy, gut wrenching vocals from @danifilthofficial and you got what I call a masterpiece. @cradleoffilth #cryptorianatheseductivenessofdecay is absolutely amazing! #cradleoffilth #cof #danifilth #lindsayschoolcraft #masterpiece #music #metalhead #metal #albumcover #favoriteband #newrelease #love #musicislife

So yesterday I bought the newest addition to Cradle of Filth's discrography Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay. What a masterpiece of an album this is! Those that remember 2 years ago I loved their previous album Hammer Of The Witches for the reinvigorated musicianship of Cradle's current lineup stable since 2014. I thought Hammer was amazing but Cryptoriana is even better and easily one of their best albums ever for a band with now 12 albums under their belt. Just like HOTW this is in league with Dusk And Her Embrace, Cruelty And The Beast and Midian even to a certain degree surpassing those albums. Cryptoriana is a gem of an album and I'm so happy on how it turned out, Good job Cradle! Damn good job! #cradleoffilth #cryptorianatheseductivenessofdecay #newalbum #metal #danifilth #lindsayschoolcraft #ashok #richardshaw #danielfirth #martinskaroupka

Never knew that this pic exist...😰😍
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Extreme metal/gothic metal masters hit it out of the fucking park, once again. I have to admit, I really have trouble finding something to complain about this magnificent victorian horror soundtrack of immense proportions. For the first time ever, the band released two albums featuring the same lineup. And what a lineup it is. Allender's departure from the band in 2014 was the kick the band needed to move forward. Nothing against him, he took part in writing some of my favorite COF songs in history, but I think the inspiration and creativity was at a really stagnant point. Enter Richard Shaw, Marek Smerda and Lindsay Schoolcraft. Quite simply, they brought the band back to its legendary status in little to no time. The dual guitar melodies, the thrashy, aggressive riffs, the beautiful female vocals... Everything was improved over the course of 2015's Hammer Of The Witches. This year, we're treated to a grandiose, instant masterpiece. Every aspect is amplified, featuring the band's fastest and most melodic songs in years, Cryptoriana is an instant classic for me. With the exception of Exquisite Torments Await and the Alison Hell cover, the album consists of epic 7-8 minute songs, just like the good old dusk-cruelty-midian days. Marthus' drumming is, as always, precise and relentless. I swear the guy isn't human. There's a reason why he's my favorite drummer of all time. The guitars are magnificently taken care of by Richard and Marek, bringing in some of the best riffs and melodies ever written in the band's discography. Great examples would be The Seductiveness Of Decay, You Will Know The Lion By His Claw and the grand Wester Vespertine. The female vocals and keyboards by Lindsay Schoolcraft are beautifully laced into the music, weaving a dark and beautiful veil. To top it all off, Dani Filth's vocals. There's nothing new here, but he is as fierce and venomous as he was in the band's early days. Cradle Of Filth will always be my favorite metal band of all time. They had such a big influence on so many aspects of my life that my love for them will always be unconditional...🤘🌹 Cryptoriana gets a 10/10! ❤

ALL REDDITORS. Join us over at /r/CradleOfFilth for all Cradle of Filth discussions and content as well as tour and band updates.
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Band: Cradle Of Filth
Album: Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay
Song: Achingly Beautiful
Genre: Extreme Gothic Metal
I waited all summer for this and it was worth it. The tracks I will talk about is Track 03: Achingly Beautiful, Track 04: Wester Vespertine, Track 05: The Seductiveness Of Decay, and Track 09: The Night at Catafalque Manor. I'm not talking about the singles because you already know my thoughts and opinions about those two but anyway, let's get on with it! Track 03 was the best track in the album in my opinion and I loved everything this masterpiece had. I loved how it started with Dani's low vocal range and then he releases a high-pitched scream with a AWESOME RIFF!!! I honestly wish it was longer because it went perfectly with the keyboard and synthesizers playing in the background to create such an atmosphere, that I love!!! I also felt a Doom Metal vibe because there was a slow but heavy riff in the middle of the track before Dani released a High-pitched scream which I think it was pretty genius. The solo was amazing because to me, it sounded wicked and that is something I expect from an awesome band like this. Dani's vocals were spectacular in every track so if you wonder why I I'm not going to mention his vocals on the other tracks I'm going to be talking about, you will know why. The sound in Track 04 reminds me of Gorgororh - Prosperity And Beauty (not the live version) after a minute in a half into it but, thats my opinion. If you listened to both songs, they both have a similar melodic tone but again, thats my opinion. I liked how Lindsay did the narration because to me, It sounded majestic in a way but I'm not sure if thats the proper word for it. Anyway, love it when bands add narration to their tracks. The solo was faster than Track 03's solo but I didn't mind and again, it sounded amazing to me. Track 05 had a fast tempo again and it sounded awesome. The intro was nice too, it had a slow and cool riff and then the awesomeness begins with the blast-beat. To me, this was the most symphonic track out of all because something about how the riffs was played, really stood out to me and it sounded nice in a way. I also liked how fast i

Cradle of Filth vinyl picture disks of the new album, absolute amazing album, and as for the cover of Annihilators Alison hell (Annihilator being one of my favorite thrash bands) I am blown away! Amazing cover and all the album is solid with eargasm riffs and brutal drumming in my opinion so thanks Cradle of Filth!! #cradleoffilth #cryptorianatheseductivenessofdecay #picturedisk #vinyl #heavymetal #extrememetal #blackmetal #thrashmetal #deathmetal #danifilth #richardshaw #marekashoksmerda #martinmarthusskaroupka #danielfirth #lindsayschoolcraft #annihilator #nuclearblast #eargasm

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