Y'all, it's the weekend. Enjoy. 😎#lhpseniors #lindsayhornseniors #classof2019

Love having this girl in front of my camera, can't wait to do it again soon! A little downtown/Deep Ellum session was made for @kendalkennedy! 🙌🏻❤️Can't wait! #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019 #johnpaulii #2019lhpseniormodel

"Look forward with hope rather than backward with regret" ... hope everyone is having a great week! #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019

“As someone who grew up with a severe skin condition, it was a struggle to feel beautiful from the beginning, and that’s why this shoot was so special to me. It was eye opening to see a group of gorgeous girls without makeup, bearing raw, natural beauty. In today’s society, there’s pressure and criticism on how someone is supposed to look, and it hits. Hard. It’s encouraging to see a group show up and tell society that it’s wrong. It was a step closer to being able to say “I am beautiful” and mean it." I am incredibly proud of Sarah and the perspective her life experiences have given her. Absolutely beautiful inside and out! ❤️ #projectbeauty #nomakeup #classof2019 #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors

"In today’s society, it is so hard to feel comfortable in your own skin, so now, more than ever, it is so important to preach natural beauty. I love that I was able to take these photos because I struggle with being comfortable with my looks, and this helped me find more comfort in wearing no makeup and just being true to who I am. No one should feel uncomfortable in their own skin because everyone is beautiful in their own way!!" I love that this shoot meant something special to @djsmat, she obviously doesn't need a bit of makeup to shine with beauty. ❤️❤️❤️ #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019 #projectbeauty #nomakeup

"I have finally reached a place in my life where I feel comfortable and confident without makeup. This shoot reminded me of the time I struggled with an internal battle of inner beauty and confidence. What I learned from that journey was that true beauty is being able to love yourself for you, not what you look like." - @westnicole_ has the right idea, that's for sure! I love that we got to showcase the end result of a personal journey for her. And what a beautiful result it is! ❤️#nomakeup #projectbeauty #classof2019 #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors

"This shoot was special to me for many reasons. I stopped wearing makeup on a daily about two years ago in an effort to become comfortable in my own skin. This shoot reinforced to me that I can step in front of a camera and have real photos taken of me completely natural. I love myself without any makeup on, and it was amazing to see the other girls so confident as purely themselves as well. No one should feel like they need to wear makeup to look good, everyone is beautiful the way they are. :)" I love @abbymyerrs confidence and her message here. Keep it up Abby, you are rockin' the natural look! ❤️ #projectbeauty #nomakeup #classof2019 #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors @thelumenroom

"I loved this shoot for so many reasons! Having no makeup on was very different and also special to feel confident yet vulnerable in front of the camera. As women we hide ourselves all the time and this shoot made us feel beautiful with no makeup!" ~ @kendalkennedy speaking on her #projectbeauty experience ❤️❤️❤️ SWIPE RIGHT to see more of her images! SUCH a natural beauty! #nomakeup #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019 @thelumenroom

I can't get over how amazing these girls are! SWIPE RIGHT to see some more sneak peeks from our #nomakeup #projectbeauty photo shoot! Beautiful inside and out, each and every one of them. #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019

Check out @djsmat's #VIDEOsneakpeek! I love that we got to cover ALL of her personality - from chill and outdoorsy to eclectic and urban, and yes, ballet slippers to ukulele. :) She's got it all!
P.S. ALL of my clients get a fun video sneak peek from their session ... DM or email me today to make sure you don't miss out! :) #woodrowwilsonhighschool #lhpseniors #lindsayhornseniors #classof2019

You know a session is going to be amazing when this is the FIRST shot that you take. ❤️ Sarah killed it early Wednesday morning! I will not miss the early summer session wake up times, but I will miss the quiet stillness and lovely morning light. Hair and makeup by @stylebyshanna #lhpseniors #lindsayhornseniors #classof2019 #woodrowwilsonhighschool

LOVED hanging with this girl last week, she is just the right mix of beautiful and elegant and goofy and quirky and I love that about her. ❤️Enjoy your #VIDEOsneakpeek Sarah! #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019

I'm so incredibly proud of these 2019 LHP Senior Models for stepping up and participating in our second annual Project Beauty shoot! I photographed these lovely ladies with NO makeup on, just the beautiful bare faces that God blessed them with. This is one of my favorite shoots of the whole year - there is just something so special and moving to me about these images. I can't wait to share more with you! ❤️ Location: @thelumenroom #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019 #projectbeauty #nomakeup

Say hello to stunning #2019lhpseniormodel Sarah! We were able to sneak in her senior session earlier this week before the rain hit, and oh what a beautiful day it was! So much gorgeousness from this girl - both inside and out. ❤️ Hair and makeup by @stylebyshanna #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019

I had a blast meeting up with @djsmat and her mom yesterday, can't wait for her session next week! Love that we are getting some good variety with both Deep Ellum grunge and the great outdoors at White Rock. ❤️ It will be a blast! #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #2019lhpseniormodel #woodrowwilson

Loved Skype-sharing @sophia.mcdonnell139's session with her and mom in IL earlier this week! Make sure to check out my IG Story to see some more favs! ❤️❤️❤️ Hair and makeup by @stylebyshanna #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors #classof2019

Loved getting to see miss @aallietthompson and those gorgeous blue eyes again this morning! 😍 You can see why this one was a fav, she is just stunning! Check out my IG Story to see some more favorites from Allie's session. Can't wait to get these in her beautiful custom album!
Hair and makeup by @chiromakeup
#classof2019 #lhpseniors #lindsayhornseniors #prestonwoodchristianacademy

Just had to share one more sneak peek of lovely @sophia.mcdonnell139! ❤️❤️❤️ #lhpseniors #lindsayhornseniors #classof2019

I loved getting to spend some time with #2019lhpseniormodel Sarah and her family last night! So excited for our session next week which may include something flowy and pretty and pointe shoes ... 😍😍😍#classof2019 #lindsayhornseniors #lhpseniors

Oh my goodness, could @sophia.mcdonnell139 be any more stunningly adorable?!? Loved hanging with this girl and her momma last week. What a beautiful morning and subject! PSSSTTT ... have you noticed that all of my seniors get a fun sneak peek video to share? 😉 Email me to get on the schedule and make sure you get your own! #lhpseniors #lindsayhornseniors #classof2019

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