Ahhh...the magic of reflections in details! All part of my new design project. (See my horizontal feed)

I get to design a home for my client who travels to Eastern countries and brings back cultural finds; but also loves traditional Sunday dinners using her family dishes...and She loves a bit a glam.
So this design recipe: a bit of modern, dash of crystal mixed in with family culture!
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A story & palette for my client’s new home that incorporates her Eastern travels and love of glam. I’m using light mauve as a neutral color to balance the saturated peacock blues and Champagne Metallics. (See my horizontal feed)
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I’m so excited to complete this order. Custom color Ava table lamps!
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It’s amazing...when we put our minds to accomplish something, there’s always a way. I’ve been busy creating tools to pave new paths...
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Thinking back on the #winterolympic Games when I was a training figure skater. I placed in regionals and reached short of Nationals managing triple flips and lux. Then traveled with #icecapades before going back to college for design. I learned dedication: to get up when you fall...
Photo by skating photographer legend Bill Udell.

So my parents used to get up at 5am every weekday morning and take me to the ice rink to practice for 8 years until I could drive myself. ⠀⠀
My mom worked at the rink part time so I could skate on public sessions for free. My dad was part of the figure skating club. #unconditionallove.
It was this time in my life where I began to visualize landing my jumps before I took off and to really trust and believe in myself. #anythingispossibleifyoubelieve

Here I was...a sorceress of Baghdad....this was my solo.
So, when I was in #icecapades I used to love standing behind the curtain watching the lights dance around the skaters before I went on the ice. It was then, when I fell in love with “Light”.

Such a beautifully designed living space by @lindaallendesignscom! Love the cheerful color palette 😍. 📷 by @vertikoffarchive. / #regram  #lindaallendesigns #interiordesiger #interiordesign #interiorinspiration #instafab

My clients are those type of people that don’t seem to stress out much. They enjoy life. I just pulled the colors from outside the picture window with a little @jonathanadler #yellow fabric, a custom ombre rug, and voila...Happy room!
Thanks for the great photo @vertikoffarchive

Loving the way this @sanderson1860 #sandersondandelion fabric looks on the lampshades for my clients.I swear every project I touch I have to customize the lampshades...#canthelpmyself

Thank you Mr. Johnson @magicjohnson for the opportunity to design your offices and congrats on your NBA Legends award. What a great experience! The table can raise or lower, and the sofa was made in custom height thanks to @roman_raygoza_fine_furnishings and to @vertikoffarchive for a great photo! #magicjohnsonenterprises

Congratulations Mr. Johnson @magicjohnson for being awarded NBA Legend of the year, and for giving me the greatest opportunity to design your offices. I will be forever grateful. The best part was meeting the nicest people including @thecookiej. This photo was taken when I designed the first Bev Hills office. #mybreak #magicjohnsonenterprises

This remote island says #islandwayoflife to me. Lagoon Blues and tropical greens shows how we associate colors and forms with nature- Biophilia. If you look at my horizontal feed you’ll see the color inspiration and my island lamp that was inspired from a remote island like this... #islandstyles @lindaallendesignscom

These tropical leaves remind me of the form and color of the jade Prada faux fur coat that I love. (look at my horizontal feed). It’s funny how we subconsciously identify forms with nature...its where we can pull our creativity from....it’s called Biophilia

Biophilia suggests that we’re naturally wired in to connect a form of nature to other forms of life. (Check out my Horizontal feed) it’s where we can easily find inspiration.

I love 💕 this jade Prada faux fur coat juxtaposed with the tropical leaves (look at my horizontal feed). It’s funny how we identify forms with nature...it’s called Biophilia

Elevate, Transform, and illuminate.
@lindaallendesignscom #liveanywhereinc elegant wireless lighting

Swipe to see more...Josef Albers, a teacher of the Bauhaus movement (1930s) later designed a series of album covers for Command Records / Percussion in the 60’s that graphically portray rythym and music - currently at the #cooperhewittmuseumofdesign in NYC which I just saw...I studied his color theory in college, and still reference his book #interactionofcolor.

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