Fresh Kani is one of the most favorite topping for your pokebowls. Combine it with vegetables for healthier bowl.

We wish you Happy Eid Mubarak 1439 H. May happiness and blessings filled your life.

Beautiful and colorful pokebowl will be perfect to be eaten for your lunch. Photogenic yet healthy and fresh. 😋

Here are our holiday schedule for this week. Please note the location and the time so you can get your pokebowl conveniently.

Limu Poke from Tamashiro Market!!! This fine establishment is one of the best for fresh seafood. The seaweed and betel nuts create a perfect, crunchy harmony to balance the butter-like texture of the tuna. #poke #limupoke #tamashiromarket #maguro #ahituna #seaweed #betelnuts #freshfish #organic #ocean #lookinforthebest #jamming

Don't forget to stop by and grab your pokebowl every time you see our sign. Find us at Pacific Place or Pondok Indah Mall. Healthy lifestyle can be started easily with Limu pokebowls!

This beautiful bowl is not only pretty outside, it's also super healthy inside. Loaded with fresh ingredients and fresh salmon dices, it provides you with the nutritions important to your body.

Only fresh ingredients everyday to fill your pokebowl with nature's goodness. Don't forget you can also asked for cooked salmon or tuna.

Cooking is my passion💯 But I swear I cook like I'm feeding a tribe😂 #Kaluapig #Friednoodles #Shrimp #Limupoke #Shoyupoke #Spicycrab #808to702 #Ilovecooking

We would like yo wish you Happy Vesak Day. May in this day of Enlightenment, you will receive blessings and happiness.

Our pokebowls are also perfect for breaking your fast. You can also order it on Gofood. Share your bowl of health with your loved ones.

Get your own Pokebowl for lunch right now. Healthy lifestyle starts from healthy bowl of fresh goodness.

Today’s Rest Day Stack: Limu Poke🤤#pokeme #poke #limu #limupoke #algae #luckywelivehawaii

Happy Fasting everyone! May this Ramadhan filled with forgiveness and blessings 😊

All the motivation we need to start healthy lifestyle: a bowl of health and freshness we can build on our own and bright photogenic colors. Grab yours at Limu!

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