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Me before coffee...😴🍵
Bandana: @fluffcityapparel (use code vector15 for 15% off! 💕)

I'm sexy and I know it.


Can we just stay here all day? 😴 #backtobed #tooearly #notamorningpup


Time to be a #hero and rescue some wine trapped in a bottle 🍷 #cheers #wineoclock

Don't let this cute face fool you... I hated every minute of my bath 🛀🏼🐶💦

Lambchop is #bae 😍💗 #sincedayone #songthatneverends

Dreamin' of belly rubs and treats...😴🍬

😭😭 learning to bring back the ball 😭

When I took an 8 week old Drogo to the park but he got tired so I had to take my cousin off the stroller because I wasn't going to carry around a 20lb puppy lol

Pudgy paws and a tiny keyboard make selfies hard 📸 How do I look? 👅 #tot #tongueouttuesday #selfiegamestrong

I'm sexy and I know it.

Cheeeeez 😬

Can we just stay here all day? 😴 #backtobed #tooearly #notamorningpup

Playing with dad before bed! 🐾 How can you be sad when you have this lil guy around?

Hi furiends! 👋🏻 My lady hooman wants to get me a car seat so I can go for rides without having to be cooped up in a carrier! She says she wants me to be able to look out the window without being able to jump out onto the seat (how rude 🙄)! Which one is your favorite? 🚙💨 #dogcarseat #carrides #roadtrip #roaddog


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