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💋New Sheer Lip Colors💋 ❤️❤️them. So happy I have the lips to rock each color!! #limelifebyalcone #sheerlipcolor #limelightbyalcone #lovethelimelife

It’s a scrub and a mask! Fresh lemon scent gives your skin that glow. Follow with Sotoks and Calm Balm for that fresh face look.#limelightbyalcone #limelifeskinpolish #limelifeskincare

Which shade of our new lipsticks is your favorite? 😍

Sending a quick reminder ... you are beautiful 🖤

When the future of medicine goes MLM , you find yourself in the top 1% of the entire company.

Target market🎯..every man, woman, child and mammal on the planet who suffers from pain, illness and dis-ease.
Literally a product that sells it self.
And our own PET line🐶🐈 too!

What happens when you give someone a solution to ease their pain for even just 1 day.
They feel joy. They share. You make money.💵 I gave my team a system not to sell, but to get to the ranks!
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Don’t believe me? Check. This. Out. It’s a professional makeup artist using our professional makeup. 🤩👩🏻‍🎤🎨 #beauty #makeup #professional #everydaymakeup #upgrade #limelightbyalcone #limelightbyalcone

but you let her go

New sheer lipsticks just launched today!! Can’t wait to get my hands on Shirley Temple and Berried Away!! Which one(s) do you like?! Message me if interested! .
#limelifer #limelightbyalcone #limelifebyalcone #sheerlipstick #newproducts #makeupaddict #bossmomlife

Squeeeee!!!! So honored to have this incredible makeup artist collaborate with LimeLife to bring us incredible new makeup!!! #Repost @danessa_myricks with @get_repost
♥️Limelife collection reveal♥️ I am so full of emotion, gratitude and appreciation this morning as yesterday was filled to the brim with so much MAGIC ! Yesterday marked the official unveiling of the ✨DYNAMIC COLLECTION by Danessa Myricks✨ with @limelifebyalcone a multimillion dollar global brand lead by 2 brilliant, young, female CEOs committed to empowering women globally.
This collection was designed to further expand the complexion shade range to be even more inclusive of all skin tones and infuse dynamic, flexible , textures and tones that work on the broadest range of skin tones. It includes;
•6 piece foundation palette
•1 new concealer •6 piece matte bronzing palette •4 blush
•8 piece matte shadow palette •8 piece metallic shadow palette
•7 matte lip colors
•8 piece cream highlighter palette
Words cannot express the joy I felt from not just the powerful reception to the products but the overwhelming, genuine love and appreciation I felt from the over 2000 attendees who have now become part of my global beauty family.♥️♥️
I look forward to sharing more about the collection over the coming days but for now I’m savoring this moment on cloud nine #livingthelimelife ♥️♥️😍😘 .
#danessamyricks #danessamyricksbeauty #limelightbyalcone #limelightpalooza2018 #underonesun #artistsunited #lovewhatido #blessed #inspiredbeyondmeasure .

Yes, yes, & YESSS! Agree? 🙋‍♀️

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