A bullet pointed abbreviated list of the scandals of Lime Grime and why you should avoid purchasing from them.
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Thanks for keeping the #boycottLimeCrime movement alive!!
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Repost from @beautytruthsleuthofficial - I'm with @critiquesboutique on this one... Is this satire? Or an actual video to show these new lipsticks off? Looks like she's applying a lot of pressure just to get an even swatch. I'm surprised the bullets didn't break off. Thoughts? - #boycottLimeCrime #limecrimeboycott #boycotttheunicorn #flushyourglitterdowntheshitter #friendsdontletfriendsbuylimecrime #50shadesofcashmere #insulttotheunicorn #notveryunicornandsparklyofher #riplimecrime #limecrimescandal #limecrimeruinslives #limecrimefails #limecrimeisfraud #makeuploversunite #makeuprevolution #bbloggers #beautybloggers #bloggers

from @riplimegrime - RP FOR THE NEW FOLLOWS
from @ssssamanthaa - I've been debating for a week or so whether or not to speak out about this, and here we are. In short, I will no longer be promoting/using @limecrimemakeup products or supporting the company in any way.
Along with many other artists, I truly feel this is what's right. @roseshock definitely said it well - regardless of truly enjoying Limecrime products, I am often wary to post about them, and makeup shouldn't be something you feel guilty about. I avoided getting involved in this controversy for a long time, but in light of recent events regarding a large scale credit card fraud, I began to realize something. I have been recommending these products. I could have been the one to push you to pick up that velvetine that consequently compromised your card. And that's simply not okay.
Credit card fraud happens all the time. It's not NECESSARILY the company's fault (in most cases). But how the company deals with it moving forward is most important. From being wildly unapologetic and having a "we did nothing" attitude, to deleting comments and blocking pages for speaking out and the owner calling customers assholes - it's simply not appropriate.
I expect I will face some backlash from this but regardless, I urge you all to do the same. Give your hard earned money to companies that deserve it and treat you with respect. Let's all feel good about makeup again.
If you want to read more about Limecrime's history to become more informed, check out
http://ohdeardoedeere.tumblr.com/post/65612552332/doe-deere-lime-crime-a-sordid-history - #boycottLimeCrime #boycotttheunicorn #shadybusiness #eyeshadow #makeupporn #flushyourglitterdowntheshitter #friendsdontletfriendsbuylimecrime #riplimecrime #50shadesofcashmere #limecrimefails #limecrimeisfraud #limecrimescandal

Hmmm shady
@Regrann from @beautytruthsleuthofficial - This also applies to their current contest (if you want to call it that) where you will only be entered to win an entire year's worth of velvetines if you refer 20 people.

Receipts coming soon!

@Regrann from @mybeautifulflaws - PLEASE READ‼️‼️ If you have seen the recent contest that LimeCrime is running where you can purchase a $25 (or more) gift card for someone else and be entered to win their entire product line, you may have gotten a bit excited and rushed over to make a purchase. But not so fast! Did you know that LimeCrime is violating USA Federal laws and FTC regulations with this promotion? Why? Because it is illegal in most states to run a "lottery," which is what this is called when you require that someone make a purchase to be eligible to win something in return. Have you ever wondered why most contests say NO PURCHASE REQUIRED? Because they must provide a way for people to enter without spending a penny. Everyone must be equally eligible to win a contest whether they paid for goods and services or not. People who enter for free should have the same ability to win as people who buy something. That's the law!!! ⏳⚖️ Limcrime ----> Purchase an E-Gift Card on limecrime.com for your BFF & be automatically entered to win our entire line, $1,736 value! Ends 12/25 🍒 #limecrime - #boycottLimeCrime #friendsdontletfriendsbuylimecrime #flushyourglitterdowntheshitter #boycotttheunicorn #50shadesofcashmere #limecrimefails #limecrimeisfraud #limecrimescandal

from @beauty.investigator - For clarification, I want to make this clear, because I see a lot of people are misinformed about what is going on, from both sides:

1) This isn't "just a handful of people" this is happening to. One trip to Twitter will prove you wrong, as would my inbox. It's actually over 30 known cases now last time I checked, and a lot of them are either comments people left on the Lime Crime page, or they asked me not to share their stuff.

2) It's not mold, it's rust. This is again proven to be false when you see the rust test conducted by the first person who submitted their faulty superfoils to me. Is it possible it could be mold as well? Sure, but not likely.

3) The people who have these faulty pans did not use water on their superfoils to cause this type of reaction. Many of them were brand new and never used. I know this is true since someone I personally know has a foil and NEVER allows her makeup to come in contact with water. The compact has a steamy mirror too, just as others claimed with theirs, and this was only used once!

4) more to add to #3. There is no water in their formula, as they claimed there is, and rust is not safe for the eye area or any body part for that matter! Glycerin is in the formula, which is a humectant. Humectants draw water from the air and hold onto it. Tin pans rust when in the presence of this substance. Take a look at the glitter injections fiasco from several months ago. She was originally using tin pans, and they are not meant to store moist makeup like cream shadows, pressed glitters or in this case.... Superfoils.

5) I have been in contact with professionals who actually create cosmetics, and actually KNOW their stuff and they all concur: It's rust, not mold, and is dangerous. -
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Just some interesting points made by @queenofblending on her FB. LC had always copied other brands that's nothing new, the models are an interesting point since LC doesn't really use alot of diversity. But then again I've noticed in general that the cosmetics industry tends to sell to lighter skinned women in general. This is something that really should change. UD I know is one brand that has expanded their foundations to match darker skin tones as well as created in between tones to better match more skin colours. Hopefully soon other lines follow suit as well as using more diverse models for advertising. Imho

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