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Don't you wish Instagram had a scratch n' sniff button? You would if you could smell the thousands of Lily of the Valley coming in this week. My all time favorite spring flower ready to be bundled up for sweet posies this weekend in the shop! 💫🌱#lilyofthevalley #flowerfarmer

Fairwell lily of the valley, I will miss your pure white colour and intoxicating scent. There is a real shift in the garden these past few days, it's feeling much more summer like now as spring slowly bows out after a damn fine show wouldn't you say?
In other news, we're all recovering from a horrible virus that has sucked the life and creativity out of me. This is the first day in a week that I would say has been normal (what ever that is for this crazy family) and long may it continue. Looking forward to catching up on all the IG goings on over a tea in the garden......at 7pm.....how amazing is that? 💕

Jeg bliver ofte spurgt, hvilken blomst, der er min yndlingsblomst. Jeg har flere favoritter, men liljekonval er for mig noget af det aller aller dejligste. . En buket liljekonvaller er ren luksus. . People often ask me, which flower is my favorite. I have so many flowers, that I'm very fond of. But Lily of the Valley has a very special place in my heart. . . #tantegrønshave#tantegrønshaveunivers#cottagegarden#cottagehave#liljekonval#lilyofthevalley

Thanks @edbout for making the trip out to visit our friend @berkshireflowerco , all the #lilyofthevalley you can ask for! #dutchflowerline #muguet

mondays in may ✨🌿 totally doable ✌🏼hope these brighten your day too! #lilyofthevalley #flowerdrunk #bloomsforyou #fareisle

zbieram siły 🌿


This Lily of the valley has made quite a journey. It belonged to my grandfather, my mother's father. She took some from his garden when they built their house in Brockport, the house where I grew up. When I grew up and moved out and moved to Webster, I took some with me. When I moved from Webster to Penfield I took some there. When I moved from Penfield to here, in Marcellus, I took some again. It is thriving and doing well. I love that it has taken this journey with our family. I hope I can bring some to the next place, wherever that may be. #tradition #lilyofthevalley #iloveflowers #sentimental

These little and beautiful white bells have a magnificent scent... ♡

#magnificentscent #lilyofthevalley #spring #summerflower #somuchgreen

Fresh, local and sweet scented lily of the valley bunches on sale in stores starting tomorrow! $10 a bunch. Get yours before they're gone (or reserve via service@brika.com) 🌿💚🌿

Lily of the Valley from the lost garden we discovered on the east side of the house.

Lily of the Valley. #flowers #lilyofthevalley

Maianthemum dilatatum, Western lily-of-the-valley. The young leaves of this plant are a great addition to salads.
#asparagaceae #lilyofthevalley #plants #botany #woods #pnw #spring #leaves #washington #traditionalfood #wildfood #nativeplants #pretty #salad #whiteflowers #green

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