Unforgettable morning over Sidemen #lilyinbali

Jungle morning light ✨🌴. So happy to have friends around for the next 15 days! #lilyinbali

Happy weekend everyone 🥥🌴 // From today’s colorful brunch at @bittersweetubud 🍍🍓🍌🍉🍳#lilyinbali

Happy me. Exploring my new surroundings 🌴 #lilyinbali

DREAM BIG ✨ // Don’t forget to dream big! Don’t ever ever let someone tell you that something is not achievable, or too complicated 💪🏻.
Believe in yourself and go for things! Don’t wait for things to happen, make it happen!That has been my motto for quite a while now and I really felt like sharing it with you today.

I don’t want to have any regret in life. I never ever want to have to look back and tell myself «  what if ?» or «  I should have ». That’s exactly why I quit my 9-5 job many years ago to do what I love the most, traveling. After that a lot of people would keep telling me that I was very lucky. Sure luck has it’s role to play, but you gotta make luck happen!

Not sure what 2018 will bring my way but I can tell that some big changes are coming. It’s time to go crazy again and not to wait for opportunities but to create it!

Thank you for all the love and support this past year. Thank you for encouraging me and make me want to work harder 💪🏻 I wish you all a fantastic year ✨💛

Happy me. Exploring my new surroundings 🌴 #lilyinbali

Regrann from #lilyrose - #lilyinbali

This breathtaking morning over Sidemen ✨ #lilyinbali

WE JUST MOVED TO BALI 🌴!!! In 2011, we felt in love with the Island of Gods and told ourselves that one day, we would moved there. Well, yesterday was that day! Those of you who knows me well, know that when I have something in mind it’s impossible for me to let it go! I’d rather fail than not to try. I don’t want to live with any regrets and sometimes you just have to take the plunge. I’ve learned that every incredible life experiences are most of the time scary as it requires you to go out of you comfort zone. But damn! It worth it so much 🙏🏼.
It’s the first time since I’ve joined Instagram in 2011 that I’ve been so quiet here. I haven’t been posting anything for so long but life got sooooo crazy with some last minute projects and this big move. We left everything behind, made it to Bali last night and are more than ready for this new island life ! #lilyinbali .
( 📷: @bloggers_boyfriend , edit by me )

Taken from @lilyrose - Sunrise like this 😳 #lilyinbali - #regrann .
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#bali #kintamani #mountagung

Kebaikan mungkin terkadang rumit untuk dipahami. Tapi kebaikan bisa dilakukan dengan banyak cara-cara sederhana. Lakukan!
Lensed by: (📷 : @lilyrose ) #lilyinbali
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Free like a bird. " Sky above me,earth below me , fire within me " // Have a wonderful evening/day guys 😘 #lilyinbali 📷: @bloggers_boyfriend

Miss my Bali family and our healthy dinners together 💛 #lilyinbali

Everytime I'm going to Ubud I can't help attending a Legong dance performance. My first time discovering it was 7 years ago and I just can't get tired of it ✨I'm obsessed with the Gamelan music, the gestures and expressions and how incredibly beautiful the dancers are 💛 Last time I was in Ubud I shared a photo of one of the gorgeous dancer, this time I thought sharing a video would help you realize how magical those performances are ✨
@indtravel #wonderfullindonesia #tripofwonders #lilyinbali #canonfrance

Early morning in the jungle ☕️🌴#lilyinbali // 📷: @bloggers_boyfriend

Early morning over the jungle 🌴✨ Swinging in the air was pretty intense and incredible 😳 Thank you my dear @bloggers_boyfriend for capturing this moment I'm not ready to forget 💛 #lilyinbali

몽환적인 숲속.
가만히 보면 안개가 서서히 걷힘.
그리고 드러난 실체는... 사람이 아님😳
약간 섬뜩하지만ㅎㅎ 아름다운 풍경✨
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@_jibraeel_ enjoying a magical moment in a magical and mystical place 🍃🕊🌬 #lilyinbali

@_jibraeel_ enjoying a magical moment in a magical and mystical place 🍃🕊🌬 #lilyinbali

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