"You learn to control every aspect of your muscles, your face, your toes, your fingernails. And that is how you tell a story, through movement." @karliekloss 🦋

France Won 🇫🇷😍😁

#LilyAldridge in J. Mendel gown.

New 🔥 Angel Josephine Skriver for Victoria’s Secret

✨ Which was your favorite segment from the 2006 Show?
Me -> Coquettish Fetish & Come Fly With Me

❄️Beautiful Devon Windsor in Winter’s Tale - #vsfs2017 ❄️
@devwindsor ❤️

Miranda Kerr | 2005

I have mixed feeling about miss Miranda Kerr , because I can see why everybody loves her I mean she is stunnning , has a good walk for the vsfs , great in shoots and commercials but i don’t know ... I SO want to love her but I just can’t , I mean I like her don’t get me wrong but she has never really got my attention.

5) for me this is how a pink walk should be all about : sexy , fun and flirty. A really energetic walk combined with an over accessorised outfit that is so damn extra but extra in a good way .
4) this is probably her best outfit , she just looked elegant and somewhat magical in it . The wings are just wow , they look amazing and they are just so creative . Her walk is slow but it still has Miranda’s signature playfulness .

3) man circus was just a good ass time for every fan . She was so good in this segment , her walk was a little bit faster then usual but it was coordinated and perfectly handled the high heels and worked amazingly the green cape .
2) She closed the ballet section with a shoe falling apart ! And she was so professional she didn’t even struggle and she handled the situation perfectly also the outfit looked great and I LOVE when Vs uses headpieces, hers was stunning !

1) Miranda’s goodbye walk is just iconic . I’m pretty sure she knew that was gonna be her last walk ( at least as an angel ) and she made it so emotional , the pose with that song on the background : ugh , literally everything I’m asking for when it comes to a goodbye walk .


Candice Swanepoel walking in Star Tropper in #vsfs2009 ✨💙 @angelcandices

still hoping for the day i meet lily✨ @lilyaldridge #lilyaldridge

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