Time flies 🍀 it won’t be long til we throw a saddle on this guy! Took these pictures last year #liljohnnycash #yearling #colt #horse

There has never been a time when I didn’t know exactly what my kid was doing. And now I won’t know what he’s doing at all for 21 days. #liljohnnycash @johnnyrock.it

What I wont do for this kid... #liljohnnycash @johnnyrock.it #myheart

You know... because he leaves for camp in two days. #snitchesgetstitches #liljohnnycash @johnnyrock.it

The boy watches the Bowie documentaries over and over-but specifically to hear what Carlos Alomar has to say. So then this happened. #thesoulofdavidbowie #carlosalomar #robinclark #christianjohnwikane #liljohnnycash @johnnyrock.it @brooklynmuseum @christianjohn.wikane @carlosalomar @therealrobinclark #gratitude #davidbowie #bowieis

The Birthday celebration continues. Conversation: The Soul of David Bowie @brooklynmuseum #liljohnnycash @johnnyrock.it

Not my finest moment in cake making. #happybirthday #liljohnnycash

I’ve never shared this photo openly before. But I figure now that I’m a Doula...
John-Arthur Cash Hamilton-Janak “Johnny Cash” was born a face presentation on 7/12/06. At 6 hours, he was my longest labor, and that is why. We are lucky that he is alive. But he got pretty beat up in the process. His lips so black and blue and swollen they were inverted. His face bruised up. Even his palate swollen. It took only a few hours for the superficial swelling to go down, and a few days for the bruising to be gone. But for years every time he cried the bruising would appear. Our primary OB was not on when he was born. He came in to see us the next morning dressed in a western shirt, wranglers, a leather belt with concha buckle, and cowboy boots. As he walked in he was singing Ring of Fire. I will never forget that love. Then he looked at me and said, “you’re lucky I wasn’t here. I never would’ve allowed you to risk breaking his neck in the birth process. This would’ve been an emergency C-section.” I’m still unnerved by that. Were we lucky? #naturalbirth #facepresentation #drmoritz #jacquesmoritz #drlee #stlukesroosevelt #liljohnnycash

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