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for my baby jyair.
so, i'm reallyyyy bad at these. so i'm sorryy if it's not enough. but ill try. so. i'm so happy you came into my life. you and me became best friends in seconds. you make me laugh. smile. cry. yell. happy. sad. mad. ect. you make me the happiest person ALIVE. you and only you will have a special place in my heart. fuck all of these other guys. its you n us against anything and everything. you've helped me go through so much. and i'm so fucking thankful for you. i love you. i love your hugs. i love your kisses. i love your laugh. i love your smile. i love your goofy side. i love everything about you. you make me feel some typa way no one has ever made me feel before. i trust you 10000000%. i trust you with my heart. finding someone like you is so rare. so i'm glad that you're with me and not anyone else. i never knew i could fall for someone this hard 🤧❤️. you can be rude at times but its okay, i'm mean to you too😂. i hope you never leave me. man ima be so sad when you start school. but i'm proud of you. you deserve everything good that you have. you're the only person that i dead ass respond to. unless i'm bored, then i respond to all my dms. but yea. i love taking your hoodies hehe. i love kissing you all over your face. i love youu a lottt. ik i'm saying a lot about loving you and what you do. but i mean it. words can't even explain the love i have for you. ima always be by your side. no matter what. we go through hella shit but we always go back together at the end. and i'm happy we do that. we get closer every day. i'm happy that you don't think i'm annoying when i lowkey am lmaoo. but yea. i dont want you to feel like not reading all of this bcs it's long so i'm done. i love you so much bebe. happy 1 month bebe❤️💍. you mean the absolute world to me. i'm so thankful for you. big head🤦🏽‍♀️💗. @pnbracks

🏁EN VENTA🏁 🚗Marca: Jeep
🚘Modelo: Cherokee
🔩Transmisión: automática 4x4
🔧Motor: 6 cilindros
⛽Kilometraje: 70.000
🎨Color: azul
💺Tapizado: cuero
📀 Estereo:MP3
↕Vidrios: eléctricos
🌎Ubicación:cagua/aragua 📲Teléfono:04265330669/ 04142943382
👤Dueños:1 @roraimamotorscagua 📋Nota:
Aceptó vehiculo. Sin detalles.

#Aragua #cagua #likes #likesforlikes #roraimamotorscaguamaracay #roraimamotorscagua #ventadecarros

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