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So every middle picture is not gonna have a qotp. But its gonna have a horoscope for that day for every sign😊 I'm also gonna start a new theme! Aka new filter over my pictures lmao
#qotp Any plans for today?
#aotp Not me(^.^) Church and thats it

Why people act like they are born perfect: a little nose, big lips, green/blue eyes and the perfect body? Why lie about your real features? Why tell people that they don't had plastic surgery operation and make insecure milions of people? Why we can accept our self like the way we are born? I personally love my self, I think that everyone is beautiful, Litterally, for me the word "ugly" doesn't exist.
But I see everyday people that have like role model person that are not onest with them.
I just hope that one day people stop lying and just be their self and trust me the world will be more beautiful to live

what colour are your eyes?

What's your favorite make up product? 💄 ✨

I think that she's beautiful without makeup😍
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Would you do this?

Qual a sua altura?🌚



Don't be like the rest of them, darling.


Matteo 7,6.12-14


Syahra is the only person who never gets tired of listening to my dramas over and over again

PS : I feel like I did photoshoot for #asntm 👼👼

Как же я люблю это время года🦋🌷☀️💗🌲

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