i mean almost everything has more structure than my life lol but even the person with the most structured life in the world couldn’t top bby’s jawline okkk😩🔥💟 #sebastianstan #senpai #hotfuckingdamn #slaymedaddy #thatjawlineisridiculous #butiloveit #soperfect #wearenotworthy #likeatall #fanaccount

If you told me two years ago that I’d be doing handstands in my completely demo-ed home in Colorado I wouldn’t have believed it, but I would’ve wished it were gonna be true 😃😃😃 also Landon petting Sam with his toes is perfection #happyinternationalyogaday #happysummersolstice #its72degreesout!!!!!! #alsoihavenokitchen #likeATALL #dontevencare #SOHAPPY

So I’ve clearly been on the struggle bus lately, but I’m just trying to process everything going on in my life and it’s been really difficult.

Those of you who don’t know me very well, I have some pretty gnarly anger issues & get caught up in my feels with depression/anxiety every once in a while. Going to the gym and eating a healthier diet changed that. I’ve seen myself grow in many different ways from weightlifting. It’s taught me how to stick with something & stay dedicated. It’s taught me that only I have control over my life. Fortunately, the gym has become a habit & I do it because I love it, it’s like therapy to me.
Over the last 6 months I’ve really contemplated competing in powerlifting. But I’ve realized it’s mainly just because so many people have told me I should & not because I truly, from the bottom of my heart love it that much to compete in it. What’s silly is that I’ve been struggling with that thought solely because of what others will think of me. And that’s just stupid.
About a month ago, I indulged in some activities (psilocybin mushrooms) which made me really dig deep & learn a lot about myself. (Also cured my anxiety, yup, cured. I took quite a bit we can talk about that another time if you guys would like! Cuz I’d fucking love to) I’ve learned that I truly am a helper & that’s what I feel I need to follow. I love to help people, I love working out, weights, running, Muay Thai, yoga, I love to help people get into shape and make a healthy routine, I love the elderly, I love children and babies, I love plants and makeup and animals and fashion and culinary. I love home decor and music and LIVING in a bikini. .

I guess what I’m saying is that there’s so much more to me than just trying to be a powerlifter & idk why it took me so long to realize that. You can be not just ANYthing you want but EVERYthing you want. .

Let all your bright colors shine ✨
Don’t be afraid of what others will be think, live this one life you have for yourself. Live life to the fullest 💜

Wow. 10 years since graduating high school! So much has happened in those 10 years, some bad, most good, thankful for the people I still call my best friends! #cfhs #cfhsclassof08 #classof2008 #highschoolreunion #idontmisshighschool #likeatall

Holy fucking everything today, batkids. #chfpweightlifting @christinecardwell with the coaching cues ☇🌠 90% of whatever I've determined my 1rep should be, for 2 ☠😖 #didntdie #alsocouldntsquatafterthis #likeatall #imadeupnumbers #KABAMBAM #BROpen #collectingkilos #teamWAG

Sorry about the previous two posts. I thought the quotes would give everyone a lift, and I wanted everyone to know about my cat (it's one of the reasons my posts aren't super frequent). But here are some fun ones:

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just know im trying my best

No filter needed for this post at all.

The truth of modern day social media is that everyone puts forward their own content; an image of the life they're leading but it omits the truths that are harder to admit. Like they're mental health isn't great, or there's a strain on their interpersonal relationships. It's a false sense of self, a filtered version to give you the viewing audience, only the best sides of life and not the downsides.

Think about that the next time you feel bad about your life while scrolling through your various social media platforms. Everyone has something going on, something big or small, something detrimental or pivotal. They just don't share it.

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It’s all fun and games until someone doesn’t know the difference between #youre and #your
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Fresh "fika" from our kitchen. And I can do embroidery while working. I hate this job. Really. Honest. #notreally #likeatall #omnomnom #gettingpaidforthis #nofilters

Super photogenic, as always... #selfiegamestrong #notwinning #likeatall

I was driving and trying to hold a convo and we ended up iiiiin Joburg. Lost on a one way street.☻ #nottourists #likeatall #Joburg #chinesefood #fleamarket

Congrats to my sis on Promoting to High School!
So proud of you Daisy!
#promotedtohighschool #proudsissy
#highschoolisn’treadyforDaisy #likeatall 🎊🎉🎉🎁🎈👧🏻 5.30.18

Δεν άντεχα, δεν δείχνει τίποτα, αλλά μου αρέσει το φως στο σπίτι.

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