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hi i'm levi. but you can call me a mess.



ko mania in 6 days
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If it isn't a real life story of the "Wizard of Oz".. then what is it?.. — Alexa, you're Dorothy. Me, well I'm the wicked witch of the west. Mickie, she's the Tin Man because she has no heart. Becky is the cowardly lion because shes a coward. Finally, Carmella.. (ha) she's the scarecrow because she obviously had NO brain; whatsoever. — This is just a warning to all of you. I am obviously the best woman going into Wrestlemania. The saying “size don't matter” may be true, but baby; experience does matter.. — that's why I WILL walk out of Wrestlemania thrusting the Smackdown Women's title in the air with the biggest smirk on my face. Alexa, if even think for a second that you'll walk out still champion.. well, you're just a damn fool! On to my other problem: Mickie James. You come back after being gone for a irrelevant amount of time and think you can just rise to the top of the rankings? Boo check again because last time I checked I've been working my ass off for plenty of years to get what I deserve. Unlike Nikki and Maryse.. I don't get handed things. Next, Carrot top Lynch! Ah, Becky.. do you honestly dye your hair so much its seeped into your brain? 'Cause if you even believe you stand a chance against the Queen of Harts.. you're an idiot. Last and definitely least — Carmella (and Ellsworth?) the fact that you carry around that stray dog with you is already scary enough. Like I've said before you're nothing but a Staten Island snitch. Maybe I can change snitch for another word.. Ha, if you had a brain you'd get it. Just as a side note.. — if any of you former Women think you're just gonna return and ruin my moment you better get checked for alzheimer's, because you're about 98% delusional. Barbie, Eve, Lita, Victoria — ANY OF YOU that think you can screw me over like that.. ha; nice try baby cakes but there is only room for ONE champion and that woman.. IS ME! Call me crazy, or call me cat lady. This CRAZY CAT LADY will be champion and you will all kneel down to the Queen of Harts. See you then, mark your calendars — April 2, 2017. #HartMania !

here's an old edit to finish off this theme, i promise that ive got a better one in store.

alright this is a little appreciation post for my baby lai 💖💖💖. i'm so fucking bad at these but okay. i love you so much we've become so close in these past few weeks that i can say you're one of my closest friends on ig. you're so sweet, kind, and sometimes a rude ass bitch but it's all good even tho i have to drag you from time to time. our skype calls are funny as fuck especially when michael blocked all of us which was supposed to be for 6 months but ended up being a day LMFAO. well i was supposed to write you a big paragraph but i'm horrible at writing so this it. i love you boo and i hope we continue to be close for a while, my canadian pumpkin. 🙄🙄💖

I look like a potato

"beautiful, funny, smart, loving, amazing" some of the words that describe you. there are many more but we would be here for hours if you wanted me to name them all. you don't even know how much I love you. you make me happy even when I'm in my worst moods. you were and still are the person I would love forever. you make me feel special, no one else makes me feel that way. when everyone else is here seeing the bad part of me you see the bright side of me and I love you so much. no one should ever hurt you, I would literally kill anyone who hurts you Leah. you make my life complete and honestly, I couldn't imagine my life without you and I don't want to. I don't care what everyone else thinks, I love you and no one could ever change that. you are literally perfect to me, fuck anyone who has ever turned you down❤️ @jakefartsgerald

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