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Selfie game needs work #lightingeffects

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Made this LED LIGHT PANEL PROTOTYPE. I used LED light strips, cut them into long strips in rows. Then I soldered the positive and negatives together along with power plug with different amp settings. It can have low lighting, high lighting and strobe lighting. This light panel produces same amount of lumen lighting as photography umbrella lighting. I made this for bout $70.00, saving hundreds of dollars. It stills needs a box frame on top, enclosing all electrical components for safety and can also add glass or clear plastic sheets for cover. There many different types of LED panels/ boxes. There are a variety of usage for this such as, lighting for a vanity, spot light, photography lighting, productions lighting, entertainment lighting, etc. *(please use extreme caution when attempting to make a LED Light Panel. May result in death, injury or causing of fires.) #ledlightpanel #lightbox #designandbuild #customlighting #mylevel #lightingeffects #themchuckstho #noctuastudioproductions

What's your favorite photo app? I'm looking for one that would help me make the twinkle lights in this photo pop. Any recommendations? #photoapp #lightingeffects

No caption 👻#lightingeffects

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