The German Köln was a light cruiser operated by the Reichmarine and later the Kreigsmarine. She was commissioned in 1930, having a displacement of 7,800 tons. She was the third ship in her class, and the only to survive. She was armed with nine 150mm guns, in an unusual layout of one triple turret fore and a superfiring pair aft. She also had 12 torpedo tubes in 4 triple mounts, and had two 8.8cm AA guns. She had a top speed of 32 knots, and a range of 5,700 nmi. At the outbreak of the war the Köln was sent to the North Sea to hunt for British shipping and warships, but did not see significant action. She participated in the attack on Bergen during Operation Weserübung in April of 1940. In 1942 Köln returned to Norway, but saw little action. She remained there until early 1945, when she returned to Germany. In March she was sunk by allied air strikes but due to shallow waters the Köln’s turrets were still above water and were able to provide fire support until the end of the war. #konigsbergclass #lightcruiser #kreigsmarine #navalwarfare

Blizzard Force’s Ship

The British Royal Navy ship HMS Belfast was a Town-class light cruiser laid down in 1936, and commissioned in late 1939. She was initially part of the naval blockade of Germany, until she stuck a mine and spent two years undergoing extensive repairs. She returned to service in November 1942 with improvements to firepower, radar equipment, and armour. She spent 1943 escorting convoys to the Soviet Union, seeing extensive action. In December of 1943 the Belfast played an important role in the Battle of North Cape assisting in the sinking of the Scharnhorst (check previous post). In June 1944 she would take part in Operation Overlord providing fire support for the Normandy landings. In 1945 she was redeployed to the Far East to join the British Pacific Fleet, although seeing little action before hostilities ended. The Belfast saw further action in the Korean War, and underwent extensive modifications between 1956 and 1959. She was finally decommissioned in 1963, and was expected to be scrapped, but efforts were initiated to prevent this and in 1971 she was transferred to the private HMS Belfast Trust foundation and has been a museum ship ever since. #hmsbelfast #townclasscruiser #britishnavy #royalnavy #ww2 #navalwarfare #battleofnorthcape #lightcruiser

Japanese cruiser Yahagi (1942)

The Yahagi was a light cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy in World War two. The ship was named after the river "Yahagi" and was a ship of the Agano-class. The commissioning was on the 29th of December 1943 and had a length of 174m, a width of 15m and a draught of 5m. With her 4 shaft Gihon geared turbines, she had a maximum speed of 35 knots (65 km/h) and a displacement of 6,652 tons. The Yahagi had a armament of 6×152mm Type 41 guns (3 × 2), of 4×80mm/60 Type 98 naval guns (2x2), of 2×triple Type 96 25mm AA guns, of 2×twin 13mm machine guns and of 8×610mm torpedo tubes (4x2).
After her commissioning, the ship was the flagship of Destroyer Squadron 10 of the IJN 3rd Fleet. Then in February 1944, she was dispatched to Singapore for training and for patrols of the Lingga Islands. In May 1944, the Yahagi left Singapore with the aircraft carriers Taihō, Zuikaku and Shōkaku and other warships as a part of Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa's "First Carrier Striking Force", to attack the American Fifth Fleet in a "decisive battle" off Saipan. But in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, thr "First Carrier Striking Force" suffered a overwhelming aircraft losses and the Yahagi escaped the battle unharmed. The ship rescued together with the Urakaze the 570 survivors from the carrier Shōkaku after she was torpedoed by USS Cavalla (SS-244). After dry dock with many upgrades, she was a part of the "Battle of Leyte Gulf", of the "Battle of the Sibuyan Sea" and of the "Battle off Samar". After the battles, the Yahagi was the flagship of Rear Admiral Keizō Komura's new DesRon 2 and was then a part of the Operation Ten-Go. On the 7th of April 1945, the ship was sunk by USN aircrafts, south of Kyūshū. From the 1,000 crew members died 445 people. #History #history #Geschichte #geschichte #WorldWar2History #WorldWarTwoHistory #WorldWar2 #worldwar2history #worldwartwohistory #worldwar2 #WW2 #ww2 #2.Weltkrieg #2.weltkrieg #ImperialJapaneseNavy #LightCruiser #lightcruiser #History_of_warships #warship #Warship #LeichterKreuzer #leichterkreuzer #sinking #untergang #Worldoflightcruiser #worldoflightcruiser

She really is my favourite light cruiser
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Went round the WWII vintage warship HMS Belfast yesterday, for the first time in years - really interesting. The ship's bell is solid sliver! #hmsbelfast #warship #bells #bell #silver #imperialwarmuseum #museum #lightcruiser #thisislondon #londoncalling #london_only #unlimitedlondon #londoncollective #visitlondon #photography #maritimehistory

My Dutch light cruiser model, Tromp, has her first taste of the sea.
Every new RC ship has a first time in the water called seatrials where the captain tests out all the drive and steering systems. If something isn't functioning correctly, a short run in the water is quick to make it apparent.
I ran the Tromp for about 20 minutes with no failures. In fact she ran very well! The only issue with the run was she was too slow. Max speed for a light cruiser is 22 seconds to travel 100 feet. My estimate is she was moving at about 25 seconds. Bigger propellers should speed her up to regulation speed.
More to come as I finish up this model. 😀

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Bir gece eğitimi sırasında hafif kruvazör Jintsu'nun, Warabi isimli destroyerle çarpışması sonucu geminin burun kısmında oluşan hasar, 24 Ağustos 1927.

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