It’s been 2 years since this being of light left her physical body and joined the angels.

The unspeakable void of loss is overwhelming at first. As time goes by, it does get better, but I often ask: Why? How can someone with so much vitality be suddenly taken from this existence?
Below are my words posted 2 years ago to honor my friend, Cari. Today, her memorial fund at Columbia Business School is fully funded and will serve others in their pursuit of a full life like her.

Dearest, sweet Cari,
It's taken me some time to write these words. On the eve of your memorial service, a celebration of your life and the ways you touched so many on this planet, I have grappled, along with everyone else, with the shock of losing you so suddenly, torn so quickly out of our lives. I struggled with the right words to capture you and the way you touched my life, albeit briefly, but so deeply. And what I am left with is this beautiful photo of us from a serendipitous flight from Boston to SF last June, us having sat no more than 5 feet from each other the whole way without even knowing until we landed. The joy and happiness of seeing each other on the plane, knowing a kindred spirit was there in person...captured here forever.
You were so so so much more than a friend, Cari. You were a spiritual warrior with me, a bright light guiding the way for yourself and all of your loved ones on this planet. You were fearless. Absolutely fearless. In ways you may not know, you taught me what it means to truly live this life - to not be afraid of doing the things you want to do, to love from a place of love, not a place of fear.
I miss you so much in this life, Cari. I am so sad that I won't ever get a text from you again like the one you sent earlier this June that said 'Hi, been thinking about you...how are things with you?' and that I can never text those words to you again. But I know your soul is eternal, and your teachings will forever live with me and everyone else you touched. I am so blessed to have been one of the few in this world to have graced your divine presence and love on this planet. Yours was a meaningful life, Cari. May you rest in peace. I will never forget you.

It's hard to believe that we lost Cari a bit more than eighteen months ago. Just typing that sentence has tears welling up in my eyes - - that's how special of a woman she was.
Today is her 45th birthday. About a year ago a campaign was started to endow a scholarship at Columbia Business School to commemorate her spirit. We are amazingly close to our goal. If you have a few extra bucks laying around, I hope you'll join me in celebrating her life by donating at www.lightacandleforcari.com.
Thank you, and God bless all of you.

@lightacandleforcari #lightacandleforcari

It's hard to believe almost two years have passed since I lost my sister Cari. Today she would've turned 45. In celebration of today I'd like to share with you the great progress of the "Light A Candle For Cari" campaign that we all launched last June.
As you'll recall, the goal of this campaign is to light as many $45 candles as possible, in order to endow the fund that was set up at Columbia Business School which will produce Cari Widmyer Scholars every year. Forever.

Because 313 of you have generously donated, we are at 80% of what we need to endow the fund, and we thank you deeply for that. We are confident that with everyone’s help in the next few days, together we can raise the remaining 20%. Please consider Lighting a Candle-- or many-- for Cari’s birthday. Let’s create fireworks for her!


Cari always chose the road less traveled. She illustrated this passion perfectly in her final year on this Earth, choosing the unique path as opposed to the safe one. This fund we've set up mirrors that desire and devotion to get the most out of life. It keeps a candle burning for her spirit and it encourages people beginning their professional lives to live as strongly as Cari did. #lightacandleforcari

Today would have been my sister-in-law Cari’s 45th birthday. While I only had a chance to meet her once, I feel like I knew her through the stories told about her inspirational life.

We started a campaign called, “Light a Candle for Cari” in honor of the light she shined on everyone around her. The goal of this campaign is to light as many $45 candles as possible, in order to endow the fund that was set up at Columbia Business School which will produce Cari Widmyer Scholars every year. Forever.

If you’d like to donate to the fund, please visit www.lightacandleforcari.com.

One year ago I lost my dear friend Cari and the world lost a bright shining light. Today, I ask you to help me honor her in the form of a small donation that will fund a scholarship in her name. #lightacandleforcari

A year ago today, someone very special was taken from us. Chances are, you don't know this person, but you can help support what she stood for by donating to a memorial fund set up in her honor. If fulfilled, it will provide a scholarship in her name forever. Please donate, share this post, and visit www.LightACandleForCari.com to find out more. (link also in bio). #LightACandleForCari #CariWidmyer

One year ago today I lost my sister, a shining soul in my, and so many others, lives. Today, I'm asking you to light a candle in her honor in the form of a small donation that will help fund a scholarship in her name. If you follow me on Facebook, the full story is up on my wall. Then follow the link here: www.LightACandleForCari.com (or in my bio) to find out how you can help. Thank you. #LightACandleForCari

I can't believe it's been a year. Miss you, sweet friend! @lightacandleforcari #lightacandleforcari

Today is the first anniversary of Cari's passing and we are honoring her spirit by launching "Light A Candle For Cari" campaign. If you would like to donate please go to: www.lightacandleforcari.com/
All of this will help endow the fund that was set up at Columbia Business School which will produce Cari Widmyer Scholars every year. Forever. We love you Cari Widmyer ❤️
@lightacandleforcari #lightacandleforcari

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