Fitness at last! Finally getting back into it. #backatit #fitmom #misslifting #liftmuch

Thanks for all the support @has_mekatronik_elektronik . Also thanks to eveyone for helping us hit 1k followers and always showing support to the page

Finally getting this thing wet. Vises are even trammed to each other. Still have the @renishawplc probes to setup along with the @mistbuster. Hopefully be making chips by tuesday on this behemouth


Love bringing this little guy into work with me. Such an imahinayion he has. Lucky enough to have a wife that supports me and what I do enough to make things as comfortable in the office as they are at home..minus a bed 😂

Many studies have proven if you don't post at least one pic about your workout, you lose 25% of the gains #science #allthegains #blackandwhite #legday #squats #275 #sweatmuch #liftmuch #fitness #fitfam #additionalhashtag

Busy long day on #maythe4thbewithyou but thabks to the guys over at Rountree Transport they got all my heavy equipment in safe and sound. Fun day for sure after working towards this day for a long time

May the 4th be with you. Gotta give a shout out to my wife, my best friend for coming up with the best office a star wars nerd could ask for!

Been a long time coming. Put in the order for this thing back in July and its finally here. Now the torture of waiting til friday for the riggers to do thier thing.

Its hard to believe looking at this plate but it is one peice. Trippy to look at in person. This is category plate for @adaptiveharvest is almost complete. Scrambling to get a few things done on this machine before the move this week.

I dont think laying tile is something anyone enjoys. Any machinist would drive themselves nuts laying this tile at least. Natural slate tiles are nice in theory but you will go crazy trying to make sure these are all perfectly flat as they vary in thickness. Had the help of my wife laying this. She has killed it in the new shop

A full week of cutting this one plate for @adaptiveharvest new mold. Close to 2.5 days of straight cutting just for the rib geometry using an @harveytool tapered mill. Its only .060" diameter and held up to roughing and finishing

Monday morning projects... Full Hot runner was encased in TPU due to a seal not being made properly. Looks like most of the electrical will be fine after cleanup but only time will tell.

Doing some work ar home on the laptop and someone wanted to sit with me. But of course couldnt miss his Mickey Mouse Club House, love this kid

A little peice I made back in 2004 for the fun of it. You know when I thought I was @50cent . Cut this whole thing on a old Acer Mill running Servo Controller. Honestly the fun I had making this is what got me going in machining

Lil 2.5 month transformation so far. First pic is 2 months ago . the rest are yesterdays post workout pics. I totally forgot how much enjoyment 1 can get from pushing there limits. I incourage all my stoner friends to join the #staylistayfit movement. Its extremely self rewarding. #fitstoner #workinonit #fuledbythc #healedbycbd #gains #abs #liftmuch #420lifestyle #stanknation

How I started the day at the new job vs how I ended realizing I need to adjust to evening workouts #fitness #fitfam #legday #liftmuch #sweatmuch

Weekend work done for @filtermediacup new 7" Filter Cup. We now sens this off with the smaller 4 inch version to have the laser etched logo put in as well as the A2 finish


A fun little part i made for a local and his airboat. Started with a big chunk that was 3" to large in diameter. Did this bad boy on the manual withone tool. Fun to do something diffrent from the usual molds and repairs

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