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TBT to my buff n tough hubby when he was in high school! #totalbabe #liftmuch? @bguyer5

@nickmilda & the states best strength coach celebrate Regina’s quarterfinal shutout! #roadtothedome #canyougrowabeard #liftmuch #beefcakes #hardworkpaysoff

I am a safe reserved and routine like girl I am happy having control. What you say about my ways will not offend me. I would rather be looked at as a grandma rather than with concern. This is me. These are my days. There is no better way I would like to spend them than going forward. I was given life why on earth would I take it for granted! We all have our own definitions of living and this is mine ❤️ #StudyPlenty #LiftMuch #RelaxWhenNeeded #PrayOften #LoveAlways

Jake's new ride - too bad I will NEVER be able to climb into it 🙄 #needpolevault this is not #shortgirlprobs #liftmuch? #liftedhigh @jakes4075

How dog owners do workout at home
1. Do 1 sit-up
2. Tell your dog to move out of the way
3. Repeat tasks 1 and 2 as many times as necessary
#tb #finnishgirl #liftmuch #dogowner #tryingtogetfit

#564 Left 11.69 @118mph Qualify vs @juice420crx . Right 12.1 @96mph vs @desert9_rob Trying again to get through the Rounds . Didn't work lost by a Fender Lol #LiftMuch #TwoStepMotorsports #KVTUNED

That euphoric feeling when you finally open the jar of pickles. 🙌 | #LiftMuch #SleepGains


My new @techniksusa ShrinkPro arrived unexpectedly today. Good way to kick those monday blues 😎

New shop floor idea. Whats everyones opinion? The floor is virgin and has no equipment in it yet. Might as well do something exciting and diffrent.

@nickmilda & the states best strength coach celebrate Regina’s quarterfinal shutout! #roadtothedome #canyougrowabeard #liftmuch #beefcakes #hardworkpaysoff

Be honest to yourself dont you never pretend ! #swolenationarmy #brolic #liftmuch #clubmetrousa #gymrats #calisthenics

No matter how much you make things idiot proof someone finds a way to mess things up. Mold wasnt even that old yet. The explanation given to me how this happened makes no sense, but im not paying for the repair 😂

Just a small shipment of plates for the next project. This is to replace an existing mold with a more streamlined part, also ridding the mold of slides and allowing a smaller base.

A little throw back to a mold i built 10 years ago for a Diver Propulsion Vehicle. This is when i first got my milltronics machine. First mold that involved an array of diffrent toolpath types. Had noone to guide me on this tool but pulled through in the end. Theres a larger version of this that i will post later.

Didnt have a cnc lathe to use for this big core so had my buddy John at Lample Stamping turn this beast for me in his @mazakcorp lathe. I only have a few jobs a month that require a lathe so he gets stuck with them.

I gotchu babe 💕💪🏼 @jbmacovichuk #mcm (Side note- isn't my man such a BEAST😍)

3D printing gone really wrong 😮 #davincifail #liftmuch #startover

Me and the bro flexed out to the gods #swolenationarmy #broski #brolic #liftmuch #tothegods

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