Lazy long weekends 😴😴

Fresh kicks got me like 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 #hb #nike

Good day riding 63.408kms/39.4 Miles!! I’m still quite slow but glad I got it done 😄

31kgs down in 13 months and still counting 💪🏾 #mindmyface

Good day riding 63.5 Miles/ 102.193 km. A bit slower than last ride but that’s okay 👌🏽

A good 2nd cycling session of the year riding 48.6 miles/78.214 kms! Bring on the 160km around the bay ride in October!! 😀😀

Hi everyone, this is a blog I’m starting to show the progression of my weight loss and training journey. In the past 11 months I’ve lost 27kgs and I hope to lose another 7kgs by the middle of the year. Really excited for what 2018 has to bring!! 😁😁

When you catch a candid of yourself and think dang, the work on my upper body is really paying off. 😍💪🏻 📸: @bpfaofficial

That time I conquered a huge fear and talked to my first group of real people about the things I am passionate about. Spoiler alert, I didn’t die. Thank you @micheleburmaster and the @bpfaofficial for a most amazing AP Summit 2018. I can’t wait to see where we will go. #apsummit18

Ready to get my learn on! I can already tell this is going to be a great weekend. #apsummit18

So incredibly stoked to announce my sponsorship with the size inclusive, Body Positive, totally rad athletic wear brand: @superfithero !
To celebrate they are giving you 15% off your first order with the code: rebelmama. They have workout pants with pockets friends. POCKETS! And they come in tons of fun prints, styles, lengths, and sizes.
Do me a favour and hit like on this post so more of the folks who like my page will see it. And click the link at the @superfithero bio to check out the shop. #celebration

Weight Watchers taught me that my weight was something that needed to be watched. Weekly in front of strangers and daily at home.
Weight Watchers taught me that filling the hole from the hunger that comes from an extreme calorie deficit with nutrient devoid, processed, low point foods was an optimal nutrition strategy for my body.
Weight Watchers taught me that exercise and food were interchangeable. That I could earn more food if I did more exercise. That I needed to earn food.
Weight Watchers taught me that I am really good at control. Until I lose it.
Weight Watchers taught me how to be an excellent repeat customer as an adult. I didn’t even try to stop the binge and restrict cycle until I became a mom in my 30s. I am still vulnerable to diet culture, but I’ll be damned if I would ever hand my kids over to this corporation. Or any other with a similar history and purpose.
I’m well aware that Weight Watchers has changed their programming over the years to incorporate the current trends in health and fitness marketing. The 95% failure rate has not budged mind you, and the business model remains robust.
Because Weight Watchers is always there, ready to welcome you back from a binge cycle. Never you mind what tipped your scales in the other direction in the first place.
I’m also aware that someone here will tell me to take a closer look at this new latest sparkly version, like I owe the Weight Watchers corporation a fair shake today as though it’s a recently woke uncle whose decided to stop being a shit. To those people I say show me the data. If you’re doing better #weightwatchers, show us the numbers. If only 5% of your customers can make it work, it still doesn’t work.
Diets don’t work. This diet, especially, has decades of repeat sales data to show that it doesn’t work. Your kids and teens deserve better. You deserve better. Don’t hand your family’s wellbeing over to a corporation that has a vested interest in making you a life long customer. #wakeupweightwatchers

Overheard in my home gym last night, as two six year olds contemplate my squat rack and barbell: “Whoa! That’s huge! Can your daddy lift that?!” “I’m not sure if my daddy can. But mommy does.” #fromthemouthsofbabes 😂😍💁🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️ PS: Daddy can definitely lift it too. 🤣
PPS just in case you're wondering, the tiny person whose feet you see here does not give AF about what my shirt says. And it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

Nice to finally start making progress with my bench and hit probably my easiest two PB's with 135 on the bench and 170 in the squat. Benching and squatting 5 times a week at @snapfitnessashtongate is really paying off. Still got a couple of weeks on this programme to run so hoping to have a crack at 140/180.
#bencheveryday #PB #doublebodyweightbacksquatatlast #letsnottalkabouthedeadlifttho #notapostaboutfood #liftingismyfavourite #poweredbypork #allaboardthegainztrain #choochoo

So excited for this special event in California later this month! I jumped on the opportunity to present before I talked myself out of it, and then Michele was patient enough to talk me back into it when I did eventually try to abandon my plan to speak. 🤣

What can I say? I’m shy. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m also thrilled to be meeting some of my favourite people in fitness, rooming with an incredible woman, and for the opportunity to be learning from some fantastic specialists.
Plus escaping this Canadian winter for Cali shouldn’t suck too much. Here’s to hoping I don’t make an ass of myself, or if I do I’m at least somewhat amusing/entertaining. To doing things that scare the crap out of us!
#bodypositivefitnessalliance #apsummit2018

Registered for the 5th year running, excited to see what difference a year makes.
#crossfitlife #crossfitchasingbetter #crossfitgirl #liftingismyfavourite

All that lifting like a grrrl is really paying off. Gimme all the muscles. Shirt by my fav @grrrl_clothing. #year5isacharm

"You are not broken, but you deserve healing." - I AM POWER Retreat

I'm a crier.

Which probably makes you feel one of two ways: "yes, human being, crying is a normal emotional reaction to the experience of being human," or "no. That's not what we are doing here." For most of my teens and adult life, I fell into the second camp. No way no how would "they" see me cry.

In fact, I furiously fought to deny my tears so frequently that they fought back to bubble up with ferocity at the most inconvenient times, usually paired with an equally taboo emotion for me to admit my experience of: rage.

In short, I was a hot mess. Pushed to the limit of what I was comfortable feeling, trying my best to shut it down and failing miserably.

A confusing and horribly inconvenient thing to navigate for whoever bore witness. And so humiliating for me, this recurring piece in my story of shame. Why couldn't I just keep it together? Why did it keep happening?

My first inclination, whether natured or nurtured, is to apologize for the tears. Even now, years after I decided to stop apologizing for them, the sorry still lives on my tongue.

The apologies don't get air time anymore though.

The tears do.

Because crying is a normal emotional reaction to the experience of being human, and apologizing for being human is not necessary.

And vulnerability is not weakness.
Deciding to move toward feeling things deeper is scary but it's the only way to truly walk through the pain. Through is the path to out. I can feel it.

Human beings cry for a multitude of reasons, but the tears are nearly always healing. Cleansing. Freeing.

And yes, powerful.

So cry on, warrior. #wedorecover

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