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Timing your rest between sets when doing compound lifts can be extremely helpful if you want to maximize your gains. Because If you want to get stronger, you want to rest for about 3 to 5 min. Why? Because this is the time it takes for your “energy stores for weightlifting” (Creatine phosphate/ ATP stores) to fully recover from a set of intense exercise. A full recovery enables you are to produce more musclar force which in turn enables you to lift heavier so you can make more gains. Good luck guys!💪🏽😄

#throwbackthursday 🔥Throwback to the day before my NPC debut. #timetogrow

🎈Today is one of my best friends birthdays. She is one of the most amazing, real, and genuine people you will ever meet. I am so grateful for her and so blessed to have her in my life. Perfect birthday workout 👯.... 🎁🎉🎈 8 - 2 minute rounds : 6 synchronized burpee pull ups, 9 synchronized wall balls, and 15 synchronized box jumps.... with time remaining calories on the ski erg 😅@mckenna.prieto😘

LIFTING WEIGHTS DOES NOT MAKE YOU MANLY👏🏽It does give you a killer bod tho😉 and brighter mentality! TWO years between these photos from 2015-2017 and not only did I undergo a lot of physical growth but mental growth as well - I stopped hating myself for the way I looked, I stopped envying other girls bodies because I didnt have what they did, I stopped doing nothing basically!! Got my ass up and did what I needed to do. I went through a lot of trial and error, fear, saying "I can't do this" but came out winning☝🏽FITNESS isn't just some "hobby" it's truly a lifestyle and I love inspiring and showing women all over the world that lifting weights can empower you to be better versions of yourself inside and out🌟

HERE WE GOO!! Ahah my friend @gemma_marin did a dancing challenge ( I am not a dancer guys 🤣) but I thought it would be fun just to join in on it 😂 little Mia was in school so she isn't in it BUT baby Noah and Michael make an appearance 😜

Maui chillin' needed to get away for awhile. Now back to work! 💯 legit probably had like 50 spam musibi's!
Thank you @_chef.maui & @_xoj.sablan for everything and showing me the 🤙🏽 ropes!
@strength_cartel Promo Code: Gmoney10

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Along with TD - The Best Grip In The Game @rawgripchalk will be featured as a sponsor for the @ontariopowerliftingassociation OPA Provincial Championships WHERE - Bowmanville ON WHEN- Nov16-19th. Signup www.ontariopowerlifting.org #powerlifting #benchpress #lifting #liftheavy #fitness. Takedown supports those who support us. Now Go Lift !

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Lifting heavy = mood ⬆️
Keep it simple but always try to be better than your were the day before 👊🏽💪🏽

«Cal Strength got me feeling pumped today, Working sets on High Hang Cleans were at 225 lbs and didn’t miss any so decided to hit a 10 lb PR at 250 lbs & then some heavy squats w @timkellinger 💪🏼🔥🤧»

#calstrength #olympiclift #pr #reebok #romaelos #nike #reebok #usaw #crossfit #liftheavy #paytheman #earnednotgiven #beastmode

When The Beast sends you a Friend Request AND such a great affirmation it feels so good to try out your new gym membership and busy out Lucky 7! This guy is too kind to be called Beast 😘 #gangstaawohl #newfriends #family #lovemyhusband #bodybeast #liftheavy

#throwback on the left. I'm liking working out 2 a days. My weight has still not moved on the scale which is frustrating, but new veins coming in which is awesome and my endurance base improved greatly!! #bodybuildingcom #sponsored #missionpossiblepat #transformforlife #bbcomambassador #optimumnutrition #bestself #trainforher #weightloss #fitness #strength #lifechange #liftheavy #weightlifting #competition #beforeandafter #returntoolympia #olympia #employeechallenger #transform @bodybuildingcom @transformforlife @trainforher @trainyard317

Just another bench video 💁 {3/6/45Ibs}
Even though this particular set looks a little unstable I felt so freaking awesome during this session. I know I probably say it all the time but nothing feels better then lifting heavy weights. 💪🏼 I love the effort it takes, mentally and physically I have to give all my lifts 100%. When you find something that gives you that feeling of success, strength and happiness you've found your passion. 💕


Loving this cute yellow crop from @hm! Works perfectly as a gym top if you don't mind some tum out 👅
This was taken a few weeks ago after I'd experienced some illness and wasn't feeling 100%, but today I smashed booooty day of #gfg! Hopefully I'll be getting stronger by the day 💪
#strongnotskinny #nopainnogain #instafit #fitnessaddict #bodybuilding #igfitness #fitfam #yellow #gymoutfit #ootd #workoutmotivation #inspo

My Goodness I have the Best Doggie in the world.♡♡ #loveher

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