Very satisfying waking up this little monster from his nap after he decided 5:30am was an acceptable time to get up for the day 😴
#naptime #wakeup #toddlife #sleepdeprivation #lifewithatoddler

A. I’m pretty fit. I know lots about fitness. I can figure it out myself. I’m resourceful. 🤷🏻‍♀️ B. I’m a new mom. I can’t handle that kind of program.
🤷🏻‍♀️ C. It’s too late for me…these youngins can do things I can’t.
🤷🏻‍♀️ D. I’ve got too much weight to lose for this.
🤷🏻‍♀️ E. I’m a dude.This isn’t for dudes.
🤷🏻‍♂️ ____________

A. Meet Jenna. Personal trainer and group fitness instructor who took things to the NEXT LEVEL with this program and got incredible results. 💣

B. Meet Brittany. New mama who completed this program while nursing her baby boy and got incredible results.

C. Meet Tammy. Wife, mother, grandmother who knows for a FACT that it’s never too late to take control of your health. No longer a pre-diabetic.

D. Meet Mandi. 21 pounds and 32 inches GONE in her first round.

E. Meet Nate. One of the many dudes who crushed this program and got amazing results.
You have FIVE days to literally GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Message me ASAP and let’s get you plugged in before you’re wallowing in regret. 🤙🏼

This tiny little girl brings me sunshine and storms all in one day.
#toddler #troubletwos #lifewithatoddler

But who can't love them? I can't imagine being in the #uk and trying to fight for the basic right of saving my child. #alllivesmatter

Parents God given rights are taken. #parent Medical care has lost its way. May God and brave souls bring it back. #alfie #alfieevans
Praying for all involved. #prayers

Potty Training - face it - bribery works. What do you use to bribe? Do you bribe diff things for pee vs poop? when/how do you stop bribing? #toddler #pottytraining #kids #kidslearning #lifewithatoddler #momlife #momon #mombribes #parenting #pee #poop #potty #bribeyourkids

Мы едим что бы жить, ни в коем случае не наоборот☝🏽если с детства прививать это нашим малышам, то выработаются правильные привычки питания. Именно поэтому я не ленюсь готовить 3 раза в день, без добавления сахара, соли и минимум масла (цель уйти от масла). Я не даю никаких конфет, мороженного и печенья, и я буду оттягивать этот момент так долго как смогу. Когда это будет неизбежно все сладости будут самодельные с учётом принципов нашего питания. Кекс (веган, органик, без глютена) на фотке для меня ☺️ Алек даже не пробует их. Из сладостей у нас только фрукты, ягоды, сухофрукты, орехи и смузи. Раз в неделю, когда заканчиваю поздно и сил нет даже накрыть на стол мы заказываем еду в соседнем турецком, просим их убедиться что в еде нет молока, мяса, соли, пшеницы, яиц и масла по минимуму, только в тех блюдах где этого не избежать. Мы заказываем: фалафель, рис, салат из запечных баклажанов и салат из свежих овощей.

Вот вам ещё один пример меню, как раз на тот самый день когда ужин мы заказываем:
Посыпается пьёт воду с лимоном и съедает банан или половинку 🍌
Завтрак 🥑🍅🌱- гуакамоле +киноа
Перекус 🍋- папайя с лимоном и тыквенными семечками
Напиток 🥛🥥- кокосовое молоко
Обед (у нас после сна) 🍲 🥦 - суп из зелёных овощей (брокколи, шпинат, бок-чой, сельдерей) с кукурузой
Перекус 🍇🥜- ежевика + фисташки
Ужин 🍛🥗- фалафель + рис + салат
Напиток 🥛🥥- кокосовое молоко перед сном.

Рисовый напиток который я упомянула в предыдущих постах мы заменили на кокосовое молоко, т.к спрос на него вырос и производитель не справляется с объемами. Это с одной стороны даже радует, все больше и больше родителей отдают предпочтение растительному молоку🥛🌱 #mashany_детское_меню

What is the village & how in the world do I join? Women used to stay home and raise the littles, run the house, and support one another on this journey, but today’s world is a whole different ball game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for the feminists who fought for our ability to go to college, join the workforce, and remain there as mothers if we want. But what does this mean for raising children today? 🤷🏼‍♀️

It means support is more vital than ever before. Most families have two working parents, with kiddos in child care. So, when we are all so busy and trying to survive these days, how do we band together? How do we support one another on this wild ride of raising the tiny humans? Especially in the most formative years... 👶🏿

We start by connecting with people walking this path, or who have been there, and can offer a helping hand or listening ear. I gotchu boo. I’m here to have the answers to your parenting questions— either from me, an expert in our village, or a parent who has walked the path. So many of you are walking the same journey alone, and having someone there with you can make it a hell of a lot less lonely. Come on over, drop into my comments or DMs, and let me build your village with you. It doesn’t have to be this hard. 💕

It’s getting heavier and heavier to carry 14.2kg Kid O with both hands, but it’s okay. This is the limited time that mommy will embrace because Kid O’s childhood can’t be repeated 🤗
Kid O’s getting chattier recently, both with his own vocabs and the correct ones. But it’s okay because it means he’s learning by doing and it’s progessing 😘
Happy 25th 25, mommy’s amazing toddler. You could never imagine how much mommy learns from your positive attitude towards others in any situation. Love you always, Kid O ❤️
#orionhatsyapradia #25monthsold #momslyfe #lifewithatoddler #momswithcamera #toddleractivity #makingmemories #iphone6sonly #instadaily #nofilter

Nesting and Stacking Activities: for 6 months and up (depending on the type of material ). 🎥 from @little.miss.kaye curated by @momtessoriph
Tip: best to start with solid colored materials so that the size will act as the control of error (in case the size of the objects to be stacked are from biggest to smallest).

Rainy days like today- I’ll take ✌️☕️

Got to love #imaginativeplay !
We're FINALLY off to see the Peter Rabbit film this evening and can't wait!

Gardening with little man😍☺️ since he’s been poorly past few days & a very brave boy we thought we’d have a little fun!💐🌸☘️🌿 #gardening #Mumlife #mummylife #gardeningwithatoddler #lifewithatoddler #toddlerlife #spring

One from the weekend ❤️🌞

Some days I will do anything to get Araya to eat. Today that meant holding this little stuffed animal on her fork so he could kiss her nose every time she took a bite. But, she loved it and it got her to eat half of her eggs!! #momminainteasy #momlife #pickyeater #lifewithatoddler #breakfastgram

Isabeau has been dressing herself for months now. We previously stored all of her clothes in a solid wood chest of drawers. She was having trouble opening the drawers and more often than not would smash her fingers when closing them. I solved the problem by buying a small 3-drawer Sterilite chest and filling it with 1) dresses 2) tshirts and skirts 3) socks, underwear, bike shorts, swimsuit, pajamas. I moved the chest into her closet which has always been used as storage (packing materials/wood blinds/etc). Isabeau LOVES the new setup and while I wasn't keen on buying a piece of purple plastic, it has made all of our lives much easier. I still need a couple of hooks to hang on the wall beside her new chest to store her backpack and purses. I have come to terms with the fact that Isabeau loves all things red, pink, and purple and would cover her room in glitter if possible. #childhood #letthembelittle #lifewithatoddler #intentionalliving

I’ve been trapped inside with sick kids for the past ten days 😫#trapped #sendhelp #cabinfever #whatdayisit

T H E B E G I N N I N G 🖤

Where better to start than the beginning.
•Welcome to The Heart Of A Blog!•
Where memories are tied together by a lot of little squares.
I would describe this personal blog with a lot of truth, laughter and many picture retakes. (I mean I have a two old what more can you expect). Im completely new to the blog lifestyle but I hope you will revisit to read up on our upcoming post: Getting to know us.
#personalblog #beginnerblogger #mummaanddaughter #essex #seaside #lifewithatoddler #lifesytle #mamablog #documentyourdays #dailyparenting

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