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"We weren’t necessarily trying to have a baby, so our sweet Ruth took us by surprise in so many ways! Around my 25 week appointment, we found out my blood pressure was continuously spiking and that it would be best to be put on bed rest.

Well, when my blood pressure spiked to 220/130 and my liver enzymes became elevated just two weeks later, we knew it was time to deliver our precious girl. Although she was a mere 2lbs 6oz, we knew she was worth fighting for.

Right before delivery, one of the nurses even told my husband, 'you can always have another baby, but you may not always have another wife.'

As if my life mattered more than my child’s. We knew that wasn’t the case. Her life was precious to not only us, but her doctors and NICU nurses as well. When we looked at her tiny body and knew that people still made the choice to abort children of her size and gestational age, it left us speechless.

Today, Ruth is a strong and smart 3 1/2 year old with no medical complications from her prematurity. Because of her showing us the value of all lives, our family has become Cradle Care parents for other children whose mothers chose life for them through adoption. It isn’t enough to say you are Pro-Life, but you have to tangibly serve as well!" - Brooke #standforlife

Tässä on viikon sisällä käyty suru prosessin kaikki vaiheet - osan ihan pinta raapaisulta ja osan pintaa syvemmältä. 9 vuotta kuitenkin yhdessä kuljettiin. Kuluneet kolme päivää oon ollu saata*an kiukkuinen, en kenelläkään henkilökohtaisesti vaan yleisesti ottaen tälle tilanteelle. Mutta nyt on valoa tunnelin päässä, tai ainakin ulkona tai ei kyl sielläkää enää koska ilta mutta päivä päivältä illoistaki tulee valoisammat.
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“My granddaughter was almost aborted late in her birth mothers pregnancy. I look at her now and I can’t imagine not having her. I am a grandmother because both of my grandchildren are adopted.” - Nancy + Jim #standforlife

“I grew up in a broken home and was left with the feeling of abandonment.

I had a long time boyfriend, but when we went away to college our relationship ended and I did not handle it well. I fell deep into depression and at the same time was sorting through things from my childhood that I hadn’t emotionally worked through yet. I was a wreck.

The ‘put together’ girl I had once been was gone. I was sleeping around, drinking too much, and failing all my classes. I was looking for some kind of comfort or love in all the wrong places, from all the wrong men. About five months after I started seeing (sleeping with) a guy and I found out I was pregnant.

Looking back, I don’t think I was as scared as I should have been, and I truly believe it’s because God had His hand on this situation the whole time. However, the father and I decided to schedule an abortion.

I just didn’t feel like I could do this and I knew the father wouldn’t stick around long enough to find out. The day he came to pick me up for the procedure, I reached out to an old friend who was a teen mom and she spoke a truth to me that I will never forget. She told me that ALL babies are blessings.

Making the choice to cherish this child’s life was the single best decision I have ever made. He is joy, love, and life encompassed into one little human. My son loves me like no one else ever could and he is a constant reminder of Jesus’ love for me. I have been broken, alone, and scared, but God has given me the greatest gift I could ever possibly imagine. He gave me my sunshine boy. Because of him, my life will never be too dark again.

Liam is four now and his father stuck around, you guys. We are not together, but he is a good dad and we have come a long way since those dark college days.

Now I can see that there was a purpose for all of it - to bring us here, to this place, where our lives are filled with an overwhelming amount of love, life, and laughter. Our sunshine boy sure is a blessing.” - Jessica #standforlife

This is the longest my nails have ever been :) No nail biting has occurred this year thus far. Mani this week for sure! 💅🏽 #HappyLulu #LifeWins #HappyWins #NoAnxiousBiting #StoppedBadHabit #Nails #LongNails #Yay! #PositiveVibesYo

Yesterday, I hit the #trifecta of #lifewins - got to hit a #nia class, with my #bestfriend & #soulsister who lives much too far away, AND I got to peruse #traderjoes where I found this #amazing #ginger #tumeric #tea !! 💜🍵🌻 it's the #littlethings 😄🙃🤓

Yesterday, I hit the #trifecta of #lifewins - got to hit a #nia class, with my #bestfriend & #soulsister who lives much too far away, AND I got to peruse #traderjoes where I found this #amazing #ginger #tumeric #tea !! 💜🍵🌻 it's the #littlethings 😄🙃🤓

I am listening to: YOU ARE EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING IS YOU- as I post this! Because I know and feel exactly what it is you are going through, I stand with you, and with GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. We are going to make it through, the highest of heights, the unimaginable will soon be managed! THANK GOODNESS 🙏🏾❤️🌎♥️🌈✔️ #future #Love #bright #sunshine #dance 💃🏿🕺🏿 #children #beauty #LifeWins #universal #international #care #kindness #earth #believe #NewEarth #possibilities #infinite #TheStylistics

God's power and God's faithfulness are the issues that are of supreme importance to us in these critical times. Are we constantly cognizant of the fact that our salvation lies in His hands? As Hindus we are called to be bridges not walls.

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Kew Gardens Orchid Festival today and I feel wonderful and lucky and happy and superlicious!

Clean Treats. Peanut Butter Protein Yum yum. First of many flavours to try. Thanks @thecleantreatsfactory 😍😍 #cleantreats #peanutbutter #peanutbutterballs #cleaneating #proteinballs #gymfood #flavourful #yumyumyum #blissballs #balls #lifewins

This hits me in all the feels today! Credit to from @maddi_withan_i - Here is to sniffing your own Butt. Love yourself because no one else will love you as much as you need to love yourself!! Cheers to that?!! 🥂😏🙌 #loveyourself #unconditionallove #youarebeautiful #youareamazing #love #lovequotes #loveyou #lifewins #flynessonly #woo

Here is to sniffing your own Butt. Love yourself because no one else will love you as much as you need to love yourself!! Cheers to that?!! 🥂😏🙌 #loveyourself #unconditionallove #youarebeautiful #youareamazing #love #lovequotes #loveyou #lifewins #flynessonly #woo

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